Healing the Heart, Strengthening the Soul

Summary: A story about the growing relationship between Soi Fon and a certain member of Squad 4.

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Prologue: A Task Given, A Target Revealed.

"Could you repeat that one more time, Lady Yoruichi?"

Yoruichi Shihouin sighed. A century later, during which she's become my near equal in strength, she still insists on referring to me as Lady Yoruichi. Yoruichi's last day in Soul Society before she left for a month had just come to a close and she had only just recently acquired a piece of information that required immediate action, as it was capable of aiding them in the upcoming war with Aizen. Fortunately, Yoruichi had someone she trusted to handle it while she was gone. A brief Flash Step to the Second Squad building was all it took to find her.

"I've already told you, Soi Fon. I want you to study this Squad Four member for me."

"I understand that Lady Yoruichi," Soi Fon replied. "My question is why."

"I believe that this person is capable of far greater power and skill than he currently exhibits." Soi Fon's eyes widened "Unfortunately, I have to go back to the human world and can't study him myself. That's where you come in," Yoruichi said, grinning at her former subordinate. "After all, for someone with your skill at stealth, studying someone you don't have to hide from should be a piece of cake."

"What exactly do you mean by 'study'?" responded Soi Fon, her eyes narrowing.

Yoruichi quirked an eyebrow at her former subordinate. "What do you mean, 'what do I mean'? Study him, learn about him, and discover all you can about him."

"What about my squad duties?" Soi Fon replied, a slightly haggard look crossing her features. "Training new recruits for the Stealth Force while keeping the Second Squad in line is no easy task, so I might not have time for this one"

"Don't worry. I've managed to convince little Byakuya to take care of your squad, at least temporarily," Yoruichi said with another grin. "He owed me a favor. Since I trained him as well as I trained you, he should be more than capable of your tasks. "

Soi Fon nodded. "Whatever my lady wills shall be done."

"Good," Yoruichi responded. "There's just one more thing that I have to do before heading back." With that, the Goddess of Flash left Soi Fon's office, leaving Soi Fon to her thoughts.

I wonder why she left so suddenly. Oh, well it is unimportant as long as I accomplish the task set to me. I just need to study this one person. This... Hanataro Yamada.

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