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Chapter One: A day at a hot spring.

At the next morning's light, Soi Fon began her hunt. Having been informed by her subordinates of her prey's location at a hot spring on the outskirts of the Rukongai, she set out to study him.

It was not often Hanataro Yamada caught a break in life. Performing exhausting healing procedures on mostly ungrateful Soul Reapers while being tormented by said Soul Reapers was no one's idea of a dream job. However, when he did catch a break, he tried his hardest to enjoy it.

"Ah, this is wonderful! I have to remember to thank Captain Unohana for giving me the day off and telling me about this spring," Hanataro moaned contentedly, the water bubbling softly around him. "Nothing could ruin this day! Not even…"

"Hello Yamada-san."

"Ahh! C-C-Captain Soi Fon! W-W-What brings you to these parts?" whimpered Hanataro with a low bow causing him to cough and splutter as his head sank beneath the water. Soi Fon grimaced, partly at the sulfur smell wafting from the spring but mostly at his reaction. He startled far too easily for her tastes. Were he in her squad or the Stealth Force she would have forced that behavior out of him as soon as he walked in the door.

"I am merely here for an observational mission, Yamada-san," Soi Fon replied tersely.

"Oh, I see. Well don't allow me to keep you. I-I'll just be going!" Hanataro muttered as he dashed for the edge of the spring, only to be stopped by a glaring Soi Fon.


"Y-Y-Y-Yes Captain!" Hanataro chirped, terrified, as he slid back into the water, stealing only fleeting glances at the woman who had used a Flash Step and was now staring down intently at him from a nearby rock outcropping.

They stayed that way for several hours, Hanataro occasionally opening his mouth as if to start a conversation before thinking better of it. However, there was one question he had always wanted to ask Soi Fon, and, noting the fact that it was almost evening due to the setting of the sun and the pruning of his skin, this would probably be his last chance.

"Um, C-Captain Soi Fon?" Hanataro began with noticeable hesitance, the water gurgling in the background.

"Yes," she replied icily.

"Well, I-I was just wondering and if it's too inappropriate of me to ask just tell me and I'll stop but um."

Growing quickly annoyed, Soi Fon replied. "Yamada-san, if you aren't going to speak then be quiet."

At this point, Hanataro decided to just blurt out his question lest she become further annoyed with him.

"Why do you keep your hair wrapped?"

Soi Fon's eyes widened and a light blush flew across her face. Stay calm. You know you can't tell him. She quickly schooled her face back into impassiveness.

"Why is it important, Yamada-san?"

"It's not important," Hanataro began, trembling and pale. "I'm j-j-just personally curious." A tense silence followed.

"It is none of your concern, Yamada-san. I have to go," Soi Fon said, breaking the tension. With a Flash Step, she was gone, leaving behind a scared and thoroughly confused Hanataro.

"The target you gave me is approximately 5 ft. tall with black hair and eyes," Soi Fon began, thankful for the communication screen that connected her office with the Urahara Shop. "His Spiritual Energy and Pressure are incredibly low. According to the information Captain Unohana gave me, the only notable talent he possesses is for healing kidou. What are your new orders for me?"

"I'm afraid you never completed my original orders." Yoruichi said with a sigh while Soi Fon looked at her with wide eyes. "My orders were to learn about him," she said authoritatively. "Mentally and emotionally as well as physically; until you know him as well as you know yourself, I have no further orders for you." With that, Yoruichi cut the link, grinning widely. Ah, Soi Fon, soon you'll understand but for now, I must keep you in the dark. It's for the best though, for you, for him, and for Soul Society.

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