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"First we need to ascertain how your relationship differs from a traditional Vulcan marriage. And from Sarek and Amanda's bonding." Spock Prime defined.

"Okay, so ask away." Nyota smiled at the two Vulcan men who were now her family. She wasn't sure what her relationship with Spock Prime was, but she felt a connection to him. He felt like family.

Spock Prime nodded and opened his PADD. "When did you both begin your physical relationship?"

"One year, one month and five days ago." Spock answered for them.

"I see." Spock Prime entered the information. "And how often do you engage in sexual intercourse?"

Nyota blinked, attempting to keep the flush from her face. This was necessary, this wasn't about titillation. This was all scientific. "Umm, quite a lot."

"An average of 4.73 times per week." Spock answered again.

"Yeah, I was gonna say 4 to 5 times a week. But during the course of the day we, umm, we may do it several times. I mean, we hardly ever…this is really difficult for me." Her voice trailed off.

"Oh, I see what you are referring to." Spock nodded. "Yes, we engage in vaginal intercourse 2 to 3 times during the course of an evening. And we engage in oral sex several times during the course of a week." Spock was staring straight ahead, but his thumb drew small, comforting circles on the hand he was holding.

To his credit, Sarek remained unmoved, although both Spock and Spock Prime could see his eyebrow slightly rise. "Indeed."

Spock Prime continued to input the findings. "Now, regarding your neuro-pressure treatments," he looked up from the table, "how long have you been administering these to each other and once again, for how long.

"Since the destruction of Vulcan." Spock answered. "I was having difficulty sleeping and suggested it. I received further instruction from the elders to be certain there would be no ill effects on Nyota." Spock explained.

"And the elders felt there would be no issues regarding treatments between you and Uhura?" Spock Prime asked.

"They felt that as I was half human there would be no problems." Spock supplied.

"Hmm, interesting." The elder Spock responded. "And during the treatments, did you have any adverse reactions?" He held Uhura's eyes.

"No, actually it was the exact opposite. I've never felt so relaxed or centered in my life. And the closeness I felt towards Spock," Nyota smiled and looked at her husband, "I can't imagine not having this sort of bond; I would feel like I was dying."

Spock entwined his hand in Nyota's and she was filled with his love for her.

Spock Prime looked at his younger self and felt a moment of envy. To see him with his Nyota…was there ever anything there with Uhura from his timeline? Was he so concerned with maintaining his Vulcaness, for lack of a better word, that he missed an opportunity to experience love, the deep love this couple obviously felt for each other?

"As would I, Nyota." Spock softly spoke to her, but both Sarek and Spock Prime heard.

"Yes, as with the members of the original Enterprise, Sub Commander T'Pol and Commander Tucker, it seemed plausible that the sustained physical intimacies between the two of you over the past year have altered Lt Uhura's neural cortex and metabolic functions as well." Sarek spoke.

Nyota looked over at him. "But why would this happen to me? Why not Lady Amanda?" She bit her lower lip before continuing. "Has it to do with the…frequency of Spock and my…physical intimacy?" She rushed out the last few words.

"Possibly. Although Amanda and I were sexually active outside of Pon Farr, we did not engage as often as you and Spock." Sarek's voice held no censure, just point of fact.

"I feel we are over looking a major determining factor." Spock Prime interjected.

"And what would that be?" Spock asked.

"The destruction of Vulcan and a large section of our female population. This Dr Phlox, hypothesized that due to our warring nature, large numbers of Vulcans were killed off. Thusly, the females were able to convert the biological chemistry of a potential mate for the purpose of procreation. It seems that our male population may have the same ability." Spock Prime concluded.

"Wow, so Spock was able to change me so we could have babies?" Nyota was astonished, a small smile lifting the corners of her mouth.

"The ramifications of your altered physiology would be perfect fodder for cross-mating." Sarek stated. "If we can present this to the high council in a way that does not insult their need for racial purity, we may be able to solve our race's extinction." Sarek added.

"Father, I see your point, but Nyota and I, we built a relationship. We fell in love. We became bonded before any ceremony took place. I am half human and I was raised by a human mother, someone who expressed love to me, taught me what love is. To expect a full blooded Vulcan to…" Spock was at a loss for words.

"What Spock is trying to say is that to expect a Vulcan to court a Terran woman, well, it's a tall order, at best." Nyota finished.

"Hmm, I comprehend your concerns, however, we are not a race that does not love, that does not feel emotions. But one that has repelled them as a way to avoid the destruction of our society. I believe that we are at a point in our evolution where we can make the decision to live with certain…sentiments that may allow our younger males to attempt mating outside the realm of race." Sarek calmly stated. As he had already made that leap with his Amanda, he saw no reason why a dying people would not attempt to save themselves. It was the logical course of action.

"Father, you married outside of your race, but I feel that most, if not all, may consider it beneath them." Spock Prime quickly looked to Uhura. "No insult is intended towards you, Lt, but you must see this from Spock and my experiences on Vulcan. We were always the outsiders, always the bastard produced from the unholy union of the Vulcan traitor and the Terran whore." His voice held no malice but both Sarek and Nyota felt the pain in both Spocks.

Nyota took her Spock's hand in hers and looked over at the elder Vulcans. "I think that it would be best to give the people of Vulcan this information and let them decide if it's an avenue they might with to pursue."

"It was always intended that we present our findings to the high council once we determined if this was a viable pursuit." Sarek stated.

"But there is no guarantee that they will allow this information to be released to the Vulcan population." Spock responded. "If Dr McCoy were to write a paper on this occurrence there is no doubt that it will be published in all the pertinent journals and that all of new Vulcan will have access to it."

Spock Prime steepled his hands and regarded his younger self. "Indeed, this seems the most…logical course of action." He almost smiled.

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