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Ashayam: Beloved

When the song was over, Spock led Nyota back to their seats and ordered her another drink.

"Why, Commander, are you trying to get me drunk?" She laughed.

"No, I was merely concerned that you might be thirsty. Should I cancel the order?" His eyebrow shot up.

"No, I was teasing, sorry about that." Nyota picked up her drink and took a small sip. She didn't want to get drunk, she wanted to be perfectly cognizant of the entire time she had with Spock. "I wonder where Captain Pike is."

Spock looked over at the table where his contemporaries were seated and saw one wave him over.

"Nyota, please excuse me for a moment." He nodded at her.

"Of course." She followed him with her eyes to the group of officers.

"Ranson." Spock greeted the officer who had waved him over.

"Spock, Captain Pike came over while you were dancing and wanted me to let you know that he took off. Something about having to pick up his kids early tomorrow." He smiled up at the Vulcan. "You're more than welcome to join us."

"Thank you for the offer, however I really should leave as well. Have a pleasant evening, gentlemen." He nodded.

"You too, Spock." Ranson smiled again. He never realized what a romantic the captain was. He set up the Vulcan. Shaking his head in amusement, he turned back to his companions.

Spock returned to Nyota and sat next to her. "It would appear Captain Pike has retired for the evening. He had early morning plans." He fingered the glass of water he ordered as he considered his options. He should really just leave, return to his apartment and get some work done. However, he found himself reluctant to leave the company of Nyota Uhura.

"Hey, do you want to get out of here? It's so loud and crowded. I know of a small jazz club, it's not far and I think you'll like it." She held her breath, preparing herself for rejection.

"I would find this quite agreeable." He pushed his drink back and retrieved his credit disc and gave it to the bartender. The man waved him back.

"No need, the Captain took care of your order." He gave the couple a knowing nod.

"That was very kind of him." Nyota smiled at the bartender and slid off her stool. "Coming?" She turned to Spock.

"Yes, of course." He nodded back to the bartender and followed his assistant.

The jazz club was quite a contrast to the place they had left. The lights were low, the tables had generous space between them and the music wasn't too loud, just at the right volume for enjoyment yet still low enough to allow conversation at a decent decibel.

"Do you like it?" Nyota looked over at her companion, holding her breath for some unknown reason.

"It is quite pleasant. I prefer it to the dance club, although it was not as unacceptable as I had assumed it would be." He sipped at the Andorian brandy Nyota had ordered for them. Although he did not feel any of the effects from the alcohol, he found the flavor to be quite agreeable.

"I'm surprised. What did you like about that place?" She inquired.

He lifted one brow in her direction. "The company was exemplary."

"Oh." She was surprised at his answer and felt a blush spread up from her chest. "I thought it would've been the dance." She lightly laughed.

"That was most commendable, as well." He admitted.

Nyota looked down at her drink and smiled. She'd known Commander Spock for just over two years, one year as his student and one as his assistant and in her opinion they had developed a friendship in addition to their working relationship. She didn't know when it had happened, but one day she looked up at her professor and realized just how much he had come to mean to her. Just how strong her feelings were. Just how much she admired him, respected him and finally, just how deeply she had fallen in love with him. It had come on her quietly and slowly but that made it all that much more real.

The thing was, she had no idea how to broach the subject with him. If he were human, she'd know just how to handle these feelings, even though her experience with men was rather limited to her high school boyfriend and her college fling.

Once she was accepted to Star Fleet academy, she decided that any kind of relationship was out to the question. She had to concentrate on her career if she were going to be good enough to be considered for a star ship, and then she set her sites on the Enterprise. Any sacrifice was worth the Enterprise. And if she were totally honest with herself, being without a man in her life really didn't seem like all that much to forfeit.

She hadn't counted on Spock, she hadn't counted on this one man, whose honesty, integrity, brilliance, outshined any other person she had ever encountered. And she hadn't expected her reaction to him. It was as much physical as it was emotional. She wanted him and as far back as she could remember, she always got what she wanted. But he was an anomaly. And oh so special.

"Nyota?" Spock called her name again as she had not responded the first time. "Are you well?"

"Oh, yes, sorry. I have no idea where my head was." She shook her head to clear it.

"Well, from my vantage point it is still upon you shoulders." Spock countered.

She narrowed her eyes. "Was that a joke, Commander?"

"Merely an observation, Cadet." He responded.

They sat together in companionable silence while they attempted to listen to the jazz trio. Nyota only half listened as she had much of her attention on Spock. And Spock was too aware of the young woman sitting to his right to give the musicians his full notice. Her smell, her heat, her overall presence was almost overwhelming and he felt himself entrenched in all things Nyota.

"Nyota, the hour is late and I must to return to my apartment to complete some reports." Spock finally spoke.

"You're right. I have some translations that I should've been working on tonight as well." She smiled at him. "Thank you so much for coming here with me."

"Thank you for suggesting it. This was quite a pleasant departure from my usual Friday evenings." He paid their bill and rose, offering his hand to help her up. She took it and shivered as she felt a surge of electricity course through her body.

Once outside, Spock looked around for a shuttle.

"I'm afraid it's a little late for shuttle service. But it's a lovely night, we can walk." She held onto his arm and removed her shoes, wiggling her toes. "Ahh, that feels good." Nyota giggled at the look on Spock's face.

"Are you confident that this is a sanitary action?" Spock asked.

"Spock, really, I'm not that fragile as to pick up some disease from walking barefoot." She looped her arm in his and let him lead the way.

Her touch affected him in ways that could not be quantified. As a Vulcan, this contact with another person was quite undignified. Aside from the fact that he was empathic through touch, it was considered culturally inappropriate. However, throughout the whole of the evening, he relished, even sought out Nyota's touch.

Spock feelings were quite riotous and he was unsure what to do about this, which in and of itself was a cause of consternation. His body temperature was rising and he could feel his heart rate increase.

"Nyota…" He paused and turned to her. She looked into his eyes and caught her breath as she saw the passion burning deep within.

"Spock?" She asked, confusion showing in her face.

He shook his head and with a sound that was close to a growl, he pulled her into his arms, kissing her deeply.

"Nyota." He ran his mouth down her jaw line to her neck. "Ashayam."

Nyota quickly recovered her composer and returned his kisses. "Yes, Spock. Yes." She met him kiss for kiss, touch for touch.

"Nyota, would you please accompany me back to my apartment?" His query was so formal, so respectful, but his tone was filled with such unadulterated passion and desire, it made his request almost a demand.

"Yes." She simply answered.