Yay, another story! I'm creating a lot of new strories, aren't I?

To be honest, I thought up this story months ago after a dream I had.

Summary: Sonic is a runaway orphan trying to find his purpose in life, when he is taken off the streets by someone who will change his life forever.

Note: this will be an AU, so there might be some OOCness, and I have slightly changed Sonic's appearance. Also, in the chapters, it may switch between the main characters' perspectives, that's why I have the lines, so don't get confused. I will reveal the 2nd main character's identity next chapter, but until then, I'll leave hints as to who he is.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except this story.

Chapter 1

It was cold out on the streets, but he knew it was better than living in that Chaos-forsaken orphanage. As snow fell, he looked around, huddled in an alleyway. As he looked, he made sure that no one near him saw his eyes. If they did, they'd hate him, and call him a freak, just like the other kids in the orphanage. He had bi-colored eyes, one a bright emerald green, and the other was a fiery ruby red. He had managed to steal a pair of sunglasses, but they didn't fit quite right, as they were a little loose and could slip off at any time.

His stomach growled, and it was then that he wondered what he could do for food. Sighing, he stood up and started walking around the area, looking for scraps out of garbage cans, still making sure that his eyes were covered.


He hated the cold, but as he made his way through the city, looking at the homeless beggars, most of them children, he couldn't help wonder what he could do to make sure they could get some food. Maybe donate to the soup kitchens? Yes, that could work. Then everyone who couldn't afford food would have something in their stomachs.

Stuck in his thoughts, he collided with a young boy, who…was wearing sunglasses? Only they were knocked off when they both fell to the ground, and as soon as he saw the youth's eyes, he heart nearly stopped.


Oh, no! His sunglasses! Searching desperately for them, he really hoped the man hadn't seen his eyes. He was scared the male ebony hedgehog would run away from him, yell that he was a freak, or even hit him. His search was stopped when 1, he saw that the male's eyes matched his own ruby eye, and 2, said hedgehog was looking at him strangely, like he'd seen a ghost.

"It can't be…." was what he heard.


"It can't be…." that was the only thing he could say. Could it really be? After all these years? The proof was right in front of him. No one had eyes like that, except for…

His son!


He watched as the older male's expressions changed from shock, to hope, then to happiness.

Now he was really getting scared. What if this man was a sicko who only wanted to use his body? He'd seen that happen plenty of times. But luckily his odd eyes were good for something after all, because they kept everyone away. But that wouldn't explain the happiness he saw…would it?

What was going on?

He was shocked when the stranger suddenly hugged him.


Overcome with joy at the fact that he found his son, he gave into the urge to hug him. He felt the navy blue colored youth tense slightly, but he thought it was just surprise. It was then that he let go of the boy.

"I can't believe it. After all this time, I've finally found you."


Now he was confused. What did the older male mean by that? After 2 years of living on the streets, at first he thought this man really was a sicko, one who had been stalking him. But that still didn't explain the happiness he'd seen moments ago. He was getting frustrated. What the heck was going on?!

Finally, he had enough sense to ask, "Who are you?" and his frustration was evident in his voice.


He wasn't surprised that was the first question he was asked. Still, he wanted his son to be more comfortable with him before he revealed who he really was.

Instead, he carefully replied, "I am…a friend of your mother's."


At the mention of his mother, he looked away, sorrow in his eyes. Even though it had been years since his mother's death, it was still painful to think about.

He closed his eyes in the hopes that he would be able to push the memories away.


He felt a pang in his heart at making the youth so sad. He wanted to help ease his pain.

But how could he do that without giving away who he was to the child?


It took him awhile, but he was able to keep the memories at bay for now. Still, he wondered…

"What do you want from me? Why were you searching for me?"


He could practically feel the distrust coming off him. Obviously, the boy had been through so much, that it was only natural he'd be wary of others.

"I want you to come live with me. I spent a long time looking for you, Sonic."


His eyes narrowed. He still didn't trust this man.

"How do you know my name?" he asked.


It wasn't going to be easy to gain the boy's trust. He knew that from the beginning. He still had to try.

"As I said, I am a friend of your mother's. We met in secret for quite some time, and she told me about you," he lied. It would hurt the youth if he knew the truth so soon.


The man was lying. He could tell by the careful way he was choosing his words. But the offer of living in a decent house for the first time in two years was tempting. He figured if the older male hurt him in any way, then he'd leave immediately without looking back.

"…I accept your offer. It would be good to finally have a home," he said, giving a small smile.


At those words, he felt pure joy coursing through him. He finally had his son back! He could teach him all that he knows, care for him. All the things he wasn't able to do before.

They could finally be a family.

Smiling back, he said, "I'm glad you took my offer. I'm sure you're tired of living in the streets, am I right?"


"It wasn't too bad, as long as no one saw my eyes…" Looking at the ground, he finally found his sunglasses, picked them up, and put them back on, once again covering his bi-colored eyes. "People took one look at them, and they'd scorn me, sometimes even beat me. After a while, I couldn't beg for food or money anymore, so I had to take to digging in bins and stealing."

Looking back at the older hedgehog, he saw his fists were clenched, and there was anger in his expression. His ears folded back abit. Did he say something wrong?


He tried to contain his anger as he listened to the tale. How dare those people hurt his son! His only son! Noting the worried look on the younger male's face, he forced himself to calm down.

Once he was sure he was fully calm, he said, "You won't have to worry about that anymore. Trust me."


Surprisingly, he did trust this stranger. He seemed familiar, but he didn't know why. What was it about this older male that made him feel like he could trust his words? And what about his expression? He looked like a protective parent about to defend his child. Why was that?

"Alright, I'll trust you. Now where-"

He was about to ask where the ebony hedgehog lived, when his stomach growled loudly. He had been so focused on the situation, he forgot about his hunger. Embarrassed, he blushed and ducked his head. This got a chuckle out of the elder male.


"Feeling hungry, eh? Well, since you agreed to live with me, I'll make sure you get fed."

Standing, he helped blue boy to his feet, noticing that though he wasn't emaciated, he was indeed thin. That was easily remedied.

"Now, are you ready to come to my home?" he asked.


Ready? Of course he was ready! This was probably the only chance he'd get at a real home!

"Yes, I'm ready," he said, nodding.


"Well, then, brace yourself," he replied, taking Sonic's arm. "Chaos Control!"

1 nanosecond later…

They arrived at their destination, a large, but still homely-looking house. To say that Sonic was shocked would be an understatement. Again, this got a chuckle from him.

"Impressed by the size of my house? Or are you wondering how we got here so quickly?"


"…both…" That was the only thing that came out of his mouth.

Holy crap, this place was huge! He did also wonder how the heck they got there so fast. Did it have to with those words, what were they? …oh, yeah! Chaos Control. Maybe the older male had some sort of speed ability, like he did.

"What was…?"


"That was a little move I like to call Chaos Control. It allows me to warp through time and space."

He started heading towards the house. When he noticed the younger hedgehog wasn't following him after a while, he turned back to him.

"Are you coming?"


He was right. This stranger did have a speed ability. But to be able to travel through time and space? That was impossible. There's no way anyone could do that!

He was jerked out of his thoughts when he heard the older male ask him something. He noticed that he hadn't followed him.

"Yes, I'm coming!" He quickly caught up in a matter of seconds.


He was impressed by Sonic's speed. Looks like they already have something in common. He smiled at the thought of finally being able to be with his son.

Turning back towards the house, he continued to walk to it, making sure now and then that the youth didn't space out again.

When they arrived at the front door, he opened it and allowed the navy blue male to go inside first.

'Welcome home, my son.'

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