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Chapter 3

Sonic, despite having been given a tour of the place, decided to do some exploring. He wanted to see if there were any secret passageways he could hide in.

As he wandered the hallways, he came across one of the rooms Shadow said not to go in. Naturally, he wanted to, and there was no better time than now, seeing as Shadow left to run some errands.

He wondered what the ebony hedgehog was hiding from him.

'Whatever secret you're hiding, I'm going to find out what it is,' he thought determinedly.

He tried turning the knob, only to find out it was locked.

He tried kicking the door down, but all that got him was an aching foot.

Trying to bash it open with his head…he just might have a concussion now.

His sunglasses also flew off, but he didn't care at the moment.

'Damn it, nothing's working! How am I supposed to get this door open? Wait a minute…' He reached into his quills, a convenient storage, and pulled out a pocketknife, which his mom gave to him, saying that it was from his dad. 'I knew this thing would come in handy someday.'

He tried using the small blade to pick the lock, and he was close to succeeding, when…

"What are you doing?!" a familiar voice yelled, startling him enough to drop the knife.

He spun around, his dual-colored eyes as wide as a deer's in the headlights, and sure enough, there was Shadow, who looked a little pissed off.

"I was just, um…"

"Didn't I say that room was off-limits?"


"And you still tried to get in?"

"Yes." He was strongly reminded of the times he got in trouble with his mom. He squirmed uncomfortably under Shadow's gaze. 'How is he making me feel like I'm a little kid again?'

'He should be feeling guilty. He could've found out who I am to him. He doesn't need to know that now,' Shadow thought. His gaze travelled to the knife on the floor, and his eyes widened.

"Where did you get this?" he asked, picking it up.

His gloved finger traced the words he carved himself on the blade. Keep this at your side, and I will always be with you.

"My mom…she gave it to me before she died…and she said that it was from my dad."

"How did she…?"

"Die? She had a rare type of cancer. It had gone undetected for years."

It was unexpected for the both of them when Shadow suddenly hugged him.

This was an awkward moment.


"Right. Sorry," Shadow said, releasing Sonic.

"Why were you interested in the knife? It doesn't mean much to you…does it?"

'He's getting suspicious, but he still doesn't have enough evidence,' Shadow thought, before saying aloud, "It does have some meaning to me. I helped your father make it."

"You did? That means…you know who my dad is. Shadow, please, tell me who he is. What was he like?"

Shadow looked at him. "Is that why you were trying to open this door?"

"No, it's just…I want to know who my dad is. What he's like, his hobbies, favorite food, anything."

Shadow's mind raced, trying to think of a valid excuse quickly. "He didn't really tell me much. He liked to keep things to himself, but he did like talking about you."

Sonic wasn't fooled; he saw that Shadow looked panicked.

"You're hiding something from me. Why won't you tell me the truth?" Sonic asked, hurt evident in his voice.


"No! I don't want to hear anymore of your lies!" Sonic shouted, before running off, but Shadow expected this kind of reaction, and grabbed Sonic's wrist.

"Listen to me, Sonic. I will tell you the truth, but I can't right now." Shadow was worried. He didn't want Sonic to lose the trust that was still forming between them.

"How do I know you aren't lying right now?!"

"When I last met with your mother, she figured out who I was. Since I was suffering from amnesia, she told me who I was. We were both shocked, but she said that if anything happened to her, I had to find you. She made me promise not to reveal who I am to you until you're at least 15."

"…You had amnesia?"

"Yes. I was in an accident which gave me my amnesia. I didn't regain my memories until a year later, which was actually a few months after I made the promise to her."

Sonic had been looking at Shadow, looking for any signs of dishonesty, but he found none. He was telling the truth this time.

"Wait, did you say you can't tell me anything until I'm 15?"

"Yes, didn't you her me the first time?"

Sonic grinned. "I only have to wait a couple of weeks, then."

Shadow felt a pang in his heart. He'd missed 9 of his son's birthdays.

Without realizing it, Shadow let go of Sonic's wrist and walked away, leaving behind a confused Sonic.

'What's up with him? I tell when my birthday is, and he goes all silent on me. What is he hiding?'

He felt even more curious about the room he tried to break-in to. He suddenly wished he was in that room, and no sooner had he wished, that he found himself in a semi-dark room.

"Okay…where am I?"

Shadow had suddenly felt a surge of energy coming from behind him, and when he turned around, Sonic was gone.

'Did he just…?'


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