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My idea for this story came from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I made some of the characters a little occ but they still have their powers like in the TEEN TITANS show.

Summary: A dark power is trying to rise and take control of the universe. The only way it will succeed is to have the ring of power and Raven as it's portal into the world. Can Raven stop these events from happening? With a little help from her friends she might.

2 ½ Thousand years

Many centuries ago, when there was peace in the universe, there was an alliance of three worlds: Tamarians, Humans, and Technorians. They formed this alliance to ensure the safety of its people in exchange for imported goods. However, peace did not last long for this alliance, for a great evil know as Trigon soon made his presents know. Trigon was a powerful demon who controlled all of the underworld and darkness in the hearts of living beings. His goal was to enslave the entire universe and beyond. He started his assault on earth. (Because all the bad things happen to earth.)

Nations fell at an alarming rate. All became his slaves. The people of earth thought that there was no more hope. The leaders of the nations left on earth called out to their brethren in space for help. Both parties agreed to help out of kindness and fear of their own homes being destroyed by Trigon. And so the universal war against Trigon commenced.

Decade after decade the battles for peace raged on and millions of beings from all armies fell. They people still alive on earth fled to the neighboring planets and earth was left as the battle ground. The battle seemed to be endless until one day. One this day, the war would come to its end. One of the leaders of earth, King Bodan, and his son Prince Fadon soon joined the battle; both being very skilled with weapons of all sorts. (This is during a time when guns were not known on earth.)

As they battled on it seemed they had the advantage until Trigon himself came onto the battle field. Trigon annihilated most of the troops with one blast from his hand- and a swipe of his sword. King Bodan attempted to destroy Trigon with the spell sword given to him by the the gate keepers of dimensions. But was that was not enough to stop the demon for he was able to stopped the king; he was struck down by Trigon's sword. It was in this moment when all hope had faded and Fadon son of the King took up his father's sword. He fought Trigon and defeated him sending his soul and army down to the pits of the underworld where he would stay for all eternity.

Prince Fadon, known now as King, found a stone that appeared to have been a part of Trigon's sword; no doubt holding most of his power. The council considered destroying it, but King Fadon wanted to keep the stone for his own as a trophy. In doing so he sealed his fate, for his greed out weighed his better judgement. One year later King Fadon was assassinated in his bedroom while sleeping and was robbed of everything he had including the stone. The assassins were later caught and put to death but had already gotten rid of the stolen goods. No one knows where the loot was then and the stone was lost forever.

Centuries later the stone was found by a boy of 15 years. From that moment on the stone corrupted the boy and turned him into Kid Wicked. He committed high crimes everywhere he went and was a notorious thief for 2 decades. During one of his heists, Kid Wicked lost the stone of power. The stone's power had already been absorbed by him, which made him strong, but he was greedy and wanted more. The stone was found by a woman named Arella of Azarath. Unknown to her a plot was being formed from that point on. She had no idea of how her finding of the stone would shape the future.

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