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The figure stepped out and walked up to Raven. Raven sensed the strange aura and turned around to see a man with black hair and tanned skin. He had a patch over his eye but the rest of his face seemed handsome.

"Well, hello there. You must be Raven Roth. I'm an associate of Kane's. My name is John Wilson."

"Pleased to meet you Mr. Wilson," said Raven.

Mr. Wilson says, "I was wondering have you seen Kane around. I was told he was here."

"Yes, he was going to get my mother"

"What is your mother's name?" he asked out of curiosity.


"Really", he said surprised. "Well, I'll make sure to greet her as well if I can. Well, if I don't see him here, I'll just catch him later. Oh, and Happy Birthday."

"Thank You sir," said Raven. 'That was odd. I sensed a strong dark aura in him.'

Beastboy, "Come on Raven. It's time to cut your cake."

Raven walked over to a table full of food and saw a big cake. It was almost like a wedding cake. It had blue icing and 16 candles with the words in purple saying 'Sweet Sixteen'. She blew out the candles and everyone started to eat. While everyone was eating Raven's mother Arella, Came to the front of the room.

"Everyone, listen up. It's time for the gifts so if you'd all come outside!"

Immediately, everyone started to run out the door leaving no room for anyone to squeeze through. Some shouted 'what is it?' or 'I think it's a car.' 'I bet it's a space ship'. Raven on the other hand was like 'What's going on? What is it?' When everyone including Raven was outside all you heard were screams and shouts.

"OMG!" screams Raven. A sliver car pulls up and everyone is just in awe.

After all the surprises and excitement was over. Everyone left the party leaving Raven and friends to clean up the mess.

"You go on head home Raven," said Arella. "We'll clean this place up."

"Are you sure? I don't want to trouble you."

Kane pipes up, "Nah, kiddo. We've got it."

"Well alright. You guys are the best. Hey Beastboy! Want to ride in my car?" (Author's note: she has her license)

"Do I ever," yelled Beastboy as he ran out the door.

"Don't forget us Rae!" Kid flash, Terra, and Jinx ran after them.

~15 minutes later~

Arella and Kane finished cleaning the room where Raven's party was held. As Arella closed the door she turned to see Kane standing behind her with a serious face.

"So, are prepared for the next phase?"

Arella sighs. "I guess now's not the time to quit. This is going to be hard telling her this. I am prepared for what happens to me, but I don't know if she will be able to accept this."

"Well we can tell her the good news first, to give her hope that she can do this because of what awaits when all of this is over." Kane was saying this to reassure her that everything would be alright, but in reality, he was saying so that by some miracle it would come true.

Arella smiles and says, "Ok. Thanks for being here with me. I don't know where I'd be without you."

Then they hugged and grin. Kane holds Arella and chants a spell that teleported them to the front door of Arella's house. Raven's car was parked in the garage and the house lights were off. All except for the living room TV.

Arella said, "Looks like she invited her friends in. Maybe we should wait till they leave. "

"Time is running out. We can't hold off much longer. They'll just have to go."


Kane gave Arella a rub and her back then opened the door as quietly as possible. You could see all the teens watching some kind of horror/adventure movie very intensely. Terra and Beastboy sat on the couch together. You could tell that Beastboy was scared but was trying to put up a front that he wasn't. Kane shouted "BOO!" and everybody jumped out of their skins. The boys jumped into the girls lap. Beastboy screamed the loudest. Raven did not seem fazed by the sudden outburst.

"Hi, Kane," said Raven.

Beastboy shouted, "You knew he was there Raven? That's not fair."

"Yeah, Rae. You can sense people, so you were prepared."

"Well, now that that's over, we need to tell Raven something. You don't have to leave for this through."

(Lights come on and the movie was paused by this time.)

Kane spoke. "Raven, in all my life of knowing you and your mother, you guys have made me happy. You guys brighten up my life and I love you very much. (Raven then smiles) So, I was wondering, would you like for me to be your dad?

Raven was shocked and happy at the same time. She didn't know what to say.

Raven stuttered, "S-s-so….does this mean…

"Yes, He asked me to marry him, "Arella said with joy, but there was a hint of sadness in it. No one but Kane seemed to notice. Everyone started cheering and congratulating the new family. For Raven, this was the best birthday present ever. She was going to have a father; she already thought of him as her father, but now it would be legal.

Beastboy chimes in, "Well it's getting late and mom's gonna have a fit if I'm not in before 12:30. SO see ya and congrats again.

"Yea, we all better get going. See ya raven"

"Bye Rae."


"Bye guys. I'll call yall tomorrow," raven said and she closed the door. She turned around and hugged her now whole family.

"I'm so happy. My wish came true."

Arella smiled, "You've always wanted a father Raven. I could tell. Kane and I have loved each other for so long; we thought it was time to settle down with each other. We thought it would be best to announce the engagement after your birthday. We didn't want to take the spotlight."

"I totally understand."

"Well, daughter, there is also some other news we must tell you. This however will not be as happy as the other."

"Ok, dad."

Kane just smiled and hugged Raven again.

"I hope she is prepared for this." Arella thought as they all sat down. Either way, they were running out of time.