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A voice called out, wispy and ethereal, feminine, and at the same time deep and echoing with untold power.

'Can you hear me, Uzumaki Naruto?'

'What? W-Who are you?'

'All in time, Uzumaki Naruto. First, you must awaken, and open your eyes.'

And so Uzumaki Naruto awoke, opened his eyes, and gazed upon Darkness.

"Well well, this was definitely unexpected, I can tell you that much," the voice mused. "Not only did the Darkness not take you, but apparently I get formed as a result. It appears your unique circumstances have once again come to your aid."

Naruto frowned, confused by the voices choice of words. "My unique circumstances? What the hell does that mean?"

The voice seemed to chuckle. "Child, you do remember that fact that you were the Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Youko, also known as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, correct?"

He nodded. "Yeah of course I remember that, after all it was…," his eyes widened suddenly. He looked at his stomach, where for the past 2 years, due to various tweaking, the seal had been constantly visible. It was gone! The bane of his existence, the thing that made him unable to fulfill his first dream, that had been part of him never experiencing a normal childhood! Finally he was free! "Well," he snorted to himself, "if I'M happy about, I can only imagine how happy the fox is."

Frowning as the last bit of that thought struck him, he pondered its significance for the moment. Did something go wrong with the seal? It was highly possible, as always with experimental seals, that indeed something had and he was experiencing the aftereffects. He decided to ask the voice. After all, it had been pretty helpful so far and it wasn't like it mattered if it lied, since he probably wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyway.

"Yo, creepy voice thingy, what happened anyway? One moment I was in extreme agony from the sealing process, next thing I know, bam! Darkness. Am I dead?"

He didn't know how he knew, but he got the impression that if this voice had a physical presence, it would be rolling its eyes at him.

"It truly has been a long time since any called on me, and still that is one of the first they ask. You think they would realize that if they were dead, they'd be dead, no if ands or buts about it," the voice muttered. It then made that sound like someone clearing their throat. "Yes child, in a way, you have died." It cut him off before he could protest. "Now listen, there is a reason for the 'in a way' part. You see, what you really did was create an opening in your world for me, there, but at the same time, not. Before, your world, your universe had no place for me. But you created one. However, you lost your Heart in doing so, and thus are here. What happens next is up to you."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, the only reason I can speak to you so easily is because you're here, within me, for I am just Darkness given a voice. Right now, your technically hovering between life and death. But I can offer you a third option: give yourself to me, and I will remake you, give you life, so to speak; life without a Heart, but life nonetheless. Once upon a time there were others like this, existing here and there, but that was then, and this is now. Will you give yourself to me, give me your Heart, become Nobody to become somebody again? The choice is yours, Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto was stunned, and for good reason he thought. This was a HELL of a lot of information to take in all at once. "Losing my heart? No, it placed emphasis on it, Heart…what does it mean?" "What do you mean give you my Heart? Like romantically, 'cause we need to see each other, you know, physically, and just so you know, I'm not into guys."

The voice didn't reply, but it seemed more like a stunned silence than an awkward one. Then, it's voice filled with laughter, it replied back, "You know, I think you're the first to react that way. You just can't do things the normal way, can you? Nonetheless, lay yours odd ideas to rest, cause what I am asking for you give is both far more and less important than the romanticized version of your heart. What I mean by Heart is that which makes you, you, in a sense. What I'm asking for is a part of you, a part that defines you, that you may start anew, as one of mine."

Naruto blanched a little at that. Give up a part that defined who he was? But he LIKED who he was…

Didn't he?

It dawned on him almost hesitantly, creeping up as he slowly realized what his last few years, no, his WHOLE LIFE had been made of. What it had made of him. He grimaced as he thought about how needy he had been after his graduation, almost asking for someone to kick his ass into the grass and laugh. He grinned a maniac grin as he stared into the Darkness.

"I accept," he roared.

"Very well! But know this! I will be sending you back to your world, but," it continued, cutting him off as he made to protest, "I will not be sending you to your own time. Instead, I will attempt to send you back to the time of the Third Shinobi War. There you may attain a reputation as my avatar. I ask only three things: One, never retreat from the field of battle. Fight unto your last breath, and when, if, you pass away, you shall be forever in MY embrace, at one with me and yet not. Secondly, If you come across others like yourself, those who have been cast out, that you give some of them the option to become like you, as I know you, and know your craving for company. I shall always be with you, but there is the possibility of others. And lastly, live without regret, do not forget your past, but do not lt it unduly influence your decisions."

His grin turned serious as he listened to the decree's of Darkness. He inclined his head. "I accept, and understand. Thank you for this chance," he whispered softly as the tendrils of Power began to wrap around his body.

As his vision faded out he heard the words echo faintly. "No, Nar-no, Kaien Shiba, as you will be called. For thanks to you, it seems I shall once again be allowed to experience the world. For though I may allow you to make others, there will always and forever only be one YOU."

The world faded to black.

'Wake dear heart, wake,' whispered through his head as he stirred.

Kaien stirred sleepily, before he shot up, remembering all that had recently unfolded. 'Yes, dear Dark?'

He could feel warmth spread through his connection to the Darkness. 'Remember dear one, I did say that you wouldn't be lonely, but,' there was a hesitation, 'I shall not be able to speak so clearly for a long time again, if ever. The energy it took to make you mine and send you back was great, so I fear that for a long while you will only hear me as a soft murmur in the confines of your soul. Unless, of course, you give another the gift of your existence. For now, dear heart, I leave you with these parting words and advice: take a look at yourself, and concentrate as hard as you can on what you believe to be the weapon that best suits you. It should materialize, to be yours till the end of days Also, I believe that that ritual you conducted had an interesting effect on your eyes. For now, farewell.'

'Farewell, dear Dark.' He sighed to himself, knowing that it might suck, but hey, she was still present in him. For now, might as well follow her advice. He smirked, bemused with himself. Not too long ago, 'or was it?' he would have laughed at the thought of anyone of thing helping him. But it seemed that the Darkness had a special place in his heart.

He stopped that train of thought, realizing the absurdity and irony inherent in that statement. Darkness had a place in everyone's heart.

He sighed and stood up, rubbing his eyes as he did so. 'Might as well open them up and get my first look of my world. I'll need to do some recon and figure out where and when I've been set.'

He opened his eyes and gasped, for his world had changed.

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