It was late night. All diurnal animals were sleeping in the small town in Minnesota where our story begins. But a very special animal was still awake. He was a dog, a beagle, his name was Snoopy.

After years of hard work he finally made it: his airplane-doghouse was turned into a spaceship-doghouse! Snoopy wiped the sweat away from his head and he went to drink some water. He didn't know that a mysterious figure was looking at him from behind a bush... the strange guy smiled evilly and silently walked towards the starship-doghouse.

Suddenly, Snoopy heard a noise behind him. He turned around and saw a weird hairless cat with purple skin and black eyes trying to turn the spaceship on to drive it!

"Sorry kitty" Snoopy said in cat language "That cannot fly yet! It still needs its fuel!" "Who taught you my language?" the cat asked with a very surprised voice. "It's none of your business!" Snoopy answered "Now get off your claws from my spaceship!" "OK... but you're gonna beg me to get off my claws from your dog butt!" And the cat showed incredibly long, wolverine-style claws!

Snoopy was freaked out... "Oh my goodness! What kind of cat are you?" The purple animal laughed wickedly and said "You'll never see cats like me around here!" Then he jumped towards Snoopy with a ferocious expression on his muzzle, but Snoopy avoided him with unexpected agility!

"So you want war" Snoopy whispered "Then you'll have it!" And he took a strange little tool from beneath the flying ace helmet he wore, he pushed a button and a laser jedi sword came out!

Snoopy made several stunts with his sword, enjoying the astonished expression on the cat's face.

The stranger looked at the beagle with anger and took a sort of Samurai sword from behind his back. "What's your name, pesky doggy?" "They call me Snoopy. Who are you?" "They call me Mr. Kat. Now it's time to fight for real! Prepare to die!"

The two animals started to run towards each other, shouting with anger...