Quickly, Snoopy and Mr. Kat jumped on the spaceship, fastened their belts and wore security helmets. The beagle was the pilot and Kat sat behind his back.

"All right Mr. Kat, next stop: Cat Nebula!"

Snoopy pushed some buttons and pulled a lever and the vehicle started vibrating. "It should take off immediately..." Snoopy said, but the spaceship kept vibrating at a weird frequency.

"Uh-oh!" Snoopy exclaimed. "Oh, no!" Mr. Kat cried "You said two of the most disturbing words ever! Now please, don't say those even more disturbing words!" "Something's wrong." "You said them! Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no!"

Suddenly, the spaceship stopped vibrating and it made no movement anymore.

"Oh, great!" Kat yelled "The spaceship is destroyed, we're never gonna leave this horrible planet!" "Could you please calm down, kitty?" Snoopy said "Now let's go outside and see if there's something broken."

The two aliens went out and noticed an incredibly strange thing: they weren't in Charlie Brown's garden anymore! In front of their eyes there was the gate to a Gothic looking building that read "Barkham Asylum".

To be continued in another story.