"In The Heat Of Miami"

"In The Heat of Miami"

"It's a hot one out there today" the man's voice boomed over the hummer's radio as Horatio climbed out in front of Miami Dade.

He strolled across the parking lot placing on his sunglasses.

Horatio felt the air conditioning as he walked through the door making his way to the elevator.

He heard the thump of the elevator underneath his feet as it started to make its way to the floor to the CSI's.

Lately someone else has been on his mind, a certain blonde green eyed women.

He replayed the weekend in his mind.


Calliegh had been out drinking after a while; she had enough to call Horatio.

She was just going to say hello.

"Hi handsome" she spoke loudly watching people dancing in front of her.

"Calliegh" Horatio sat up on his couch in his apartment muting the television.

"yeah I thought I would say hello"

"Hello then" Horatio responded grinning.

"Hi" she giggled.

"Calliegh where are you?" Horatio asked concerned.

"I'm out at a bar, had a few drinks" she told him sipping on her rum and coke.

"How many is a few cal" he asked as he looked around his apartment for his car keys.

"Uh" she tried telling him but the words wouldn't come out.

"Calliegh?" he repeated himself.

"I don't know six or seven" she replied slurring her words.

"I'm coming to get you" he told her.

"Horatio no you don't have too" she begged him trying to get up the room started to spin. She sat back down.

"Whoa" she mumbled as she got a head rush.

"What bar are you at Calliegh" he asked as he briskly made his way to his car.

"At the seahorse tavern" she slurred.

"I'll be there in ten minutes, sweetheart" Horatio hung up with her and started his way to her.

Calliegh ordered up another drink while she waited.

Before she knew it Horatio was making his way towards her.

He was still wearing his suit pants and his blue stripe dress shirt he had on from work.

Horatio walked up to Calliegh as she was polishing off her drink.

"Hey" she looked up at him. Trying to get up she wobbled almost tripping over her chair.

Horatio steadied her balance by placing his hands around her waist.

Instinctively Calliegh cradled her over Horatio's warm touch hands.

"Let's go" she lead the way as Horatio held onto her hand.

The softness of her hands felt like silk between the roughness of his.

They walked out of the club. Horatio took notice to Calliegh's purple tank top and her white Capri pants, she was smiling to him she looked amazing.

He opened the door to the hummer. Helping her put on her seat belt, he closed the door, then climbing in beside her.

He turned on the ignition rolling down the windows. The night was hot and humid.

He reached down on the gear to put it in drive. He then realized Calliegh's hand was gently placed on his. Without removing it he put the car in gear as they turned down the road.

Calliegh placed his hand on her lap tracing her finger s along his, feeling the warmth. She flipped his hand over, palm side up tracing her finger along his palm.

The softness of her fingers gave Horatio a shiver. He looked over at her then looked down, seeing her gently slide her fingers between his he closed his palm connecting them together.

She placed her head against her seat and closed her eyes.

"I need you Horatio" she mumbled as she fell to sleep.