Calliegh was nervous about what Horatio wanted to talk to her about. She stared to worry at the thought that maybe Horatio was having second thoughts about what happened over the weekend.

But she knew that Horatio was the type of person to always know what he wanted or how he wanted things. Even though he had said he wanted to be with her was he really sure this was something he wanted for the both of them?

As Calliegh got out of her hummer, picked up the evidence to bring to trace. She stopped and looked towards MDPD. "Maybe I'm the one who's having seconds thoughts" she mumbled to herself as she locked the hummer and made her way inside.

Calliegh walked off to the elevator meeting Valera in the hall passing off a couple envelopes for her to work on.

She continued to walk towards her office to work on some evidence. A bright smile came across her face as she saw Eric walking towards her.

"Hey Cal" he greeted with a small smile on his face. "Hey sunshine" she responded making him giggle.

"Ryan, Natalia and I are going out for dinner and drinks tonight, want to come?" he asked her shifting in his stance.

"I have plans with a friend..." she started to saw as she saw Horatio talking to frank a couple feet away down the hall.

"if it doesn't run late, I'll give you a call see where you guys are at and join you guys for drinks okay?" she picked at a piece of fuzz off his shirt "alright" he nodded "talk to you later" he gently put his hand on her shoulder as he walked away.

Horatio looked over from talking to frank. He noticed Calliegh; smiling bright he wondered what she could be thinking about. He excused himself from frank and started to male his way to her.

Just then Calliegh was paged to go see Valera, and turned to the opposite direction. Horatio stopped as he saw Calliegh walking away.

He put his head down nodding in disappointment. "Horatio" franked called down the hall. "There's another murder" Horatio made his way towards him, placed on his sunglasses.

"Let's, go frank" he pressed the button and stepped inside with frank.

Fade to black

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