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Zexion was on top of a roof about ready to jump. He heard the police yelling for him to get down and the siren a helicopter and fire fighters laying out a mat so he wouldn't hurt himself.

"get down!" the police yelled but nothing answered in the cold snow "get down"

"I'll get him down" the firefighter said as he ran to the ladder and then started climbing it

When the firefighter got up there zexion started backing away like a scared puppy then he put one foot off of the roof and ready to jump when the fire fighter tackled him. The firefighter tackled him at the wrong angle and in seconds the boy and the firefighter was off the building falling. The firefighter grabed zexion who was already unconcience and landed on the mat.

"is he okay?" paramedic asked looking for a pulse

"hes unconcience"

"lets get him in lets go" she said strapping zexion to the stretcher then putting him in the car and driving away

-2 days later-

Zexion wakes up and hears two people talking out side his door

"he tried to jump off a roof!" a doctor said

"yes but I just don't see why he has to go to a mental hospital" another doctor said

"listen his parents want him to go they think he is a threat and thinks that a house should be somewhere you feel safe and they don't feel that way when he is there"

"fine but hes only going to get worse"

"no he wont I promise."

"alright bye."


Doctor walks into the room and sees zexion awake

"glad to see you awake feeling better?"

"yeah"zexion mumbled

"listen we have no choice but to send you to a hospital where there is other people like you who have suicidal thoughts like you."


"because you jumped off a roof we have to send you there."

"no you don't!"

"well…. Listen your parents think that your dangerous and the house isn't that safe with you around."

"I feel the same way about her."

"…. Heres your jacket the cabs outside hurry"


Puts on jacket and walks outside

"listen its not that bad okay once they think that your…. Problem is fixed then you get out, its not like you are going to stay there for the rest of your life."

"you made it sound like its bad."

"well its not okay you better go they are waiting for you."

"what if I never get out?"

"you will"

"not if I end my life in there."

"well you cant because they watch over the people who needs to be watched and your one of them your on suicidal watch so go."

Drives away

After a few hours stuck in the car the driver finally announced that they were there

"here you go." Driver said putting his stuff next to him "go inside"

Right after he said that zexion took a run for it and the driver tackled him down in the middle of the street as a car screeched to a halt

"come on get in there they are waiting"

"fine get off of me"

Walks in and sees a blonde chick in the front counter

" hello you must be zexion is that right?"

"yes"zexion mumbled

"well my name is namine im going to be your new doctor,let me show you your room, come with me"

Knock knock

"marluxia your roommate is here!"

"yes finally it took him awhile!" malrluxia said happily

"this is zexion. Be nice kay?"


"alright bye"

"hi your bed is right there" marluxia said pointing to the bed with the white sheets "im marluxia"

"hi"zexion mumbled setting his stuff down on his bed

"your going to love it here! NOT!,this place is horrible they don't let you do anything"


"so why are you here?"

"umm….. I tried to commite suicide"


"jumping off a hotel building"

"oh nice"

"how did you get here?"

"well….. I stole from stores and I did drugs"


"so tell me about yourself!"

"okay well…. Im a cutter,my favorite color is black and purple, I LOVE it when it rains, and I have abusive parents"

"oh that must suck"

"yeah what about you?"

"well.. my favorite color is pink, I hate it when it rains, I have loving parents, and I hate the smell and sight of blood."


"how old are you?"

"16, im in high school, and in 10th grade"

"you don't talk much do you?"

"not really how did you know?"

"well you answer my questions directly and don't give an explanation, and you look like the type of person that keeps to himself, that doesn't tell anybody there problems keeps them to themselves"

"oh how old are you?"

"im 18, and im a dropout"

"I can see that you love to talk"

"yeah I do!"


"come on its time for lunch!" marluxia said grabbing zexions wrist "you need to meet the others!"

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