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Its been a year since zexion came back to live with his parents. It went well until one day when zexion got pushed over the edge.

"zexion!…..zexion!"vexen yelled

"yeah?"zexion asked drowsily

"today is your first day of school come on!"

"okay."zexion said walking to his closet

"oh you don't need to go there…"

"why I cant go in my pajamas."

"well….you have school uniform"


"yeah its navy blue with a tie it looks just like this."

Zexion looks up and down his poorly dressed friend and sighs.

"fine give me it."

"here, they didn't have a size small enough for you so your going to have to wear a X-small."

"its going to be too big though."

"sorry this is the only size."



"class we have a new student today!" the teach enounced "his name Is zexion. Zexion go ahead and sit in the far back."


Zexion walks down the aisle seeing that everyone is staring at him until this guy in a leather jacket which was obviously a jock/football player tripped him and he fell on the ground all his papers scattering everywhere.

"riku!"the teacher yelled helping zexion up "go to the principles office now!"

"okay"riku said walking off


In this school you had to attend gym so in his class zexion was dressing out when riku and his gang came and whipped him hard with a wet towel.

"hey look!"riku said "he's even skinnier naked!" riku yelled whipping him again

A few minutes later zexion came out with a group of people limping.

"hmmmmmm…." the coach said examinating zexion up and down "well It seems that you need some meat and some muscle on your bones. So go ahead and run a few laps around the track."

"okay"zexion said running to the track


"hey emo!" riku yelled

Zexion turned to be face to face with riku and his gang

"what are you having for lunch?"


Riku took his head and slammed it on the table making him fall unconsciously to the floor.

"I'll take him to the nurse." riku said with a grin on his face

-nurses office-

"nurse?" riku asked walking in

"yes?" nurse asked

"he fell down the stairs and I found him."

"oh no okay well put him down on the bed."


Riku leaves

-2 hours later-

"hhhhmmmmm" zexion groaned sitting up holding his head.

"stay down kay"the nurse said gently pushing him down "put this ice on your head" the nurse said putting some ice on his head.

"what happened?"zexion asked in a low voice

"riku bring you in, you fell down the stairs"

"I did?"

"yeah that's what he said"

"my head hurts really bad."

"its okay take this." the nurse said handing him a Tylenol with some water.

-swallows pill-

"you can go to sleep if you would like you have about an hour left of school."

"okay" zexion said drifting off to sleep.


"get out! Get out!" his old mom said pushing him

"mom please stop!"

"I hate you! Go away!"

His mom came out of the kitchen with a steak knife stabbing zexion in the arm

"get out!"

"fine alright!" zexion said getting a gauge packet and running out

That night zexion slept on the bus bench,having people throw stuff at him all night then having hobos ' come up to him asking for money.

-end flashback-

"zexion!…..zexion! Hey its time to go home vexen is waiting for you!"

Zexion turned his head to see vexen sitting beside him waiting anxiously

"oh okay"

-walk home-

"so don't mind riku and his gang, they like to cause trouble then lie about it."


"they like to pick on the new kids or the nerds."


"yeah, sora seems happy that riku isnt picking on him anymore"

"whos sora?"

"hes this really smart boy, known as the school nerd."


"hey isnt it a bit hot for you to be wearing a jacket?"vexen asked pulling it off to reveal cuts all the way down his arm.

"what is this?"

"they are nothing."

"they look new! They are still red!"

"im sorry"

"why did you do this?"

"I was upset I promised myself I wouldn't do it ever again but those guys just made me mad!"

"I cant believe it!"

"im sorry just promise me that you wont tell kairi, kay?"

"only if you promise you wont do it ever again!"

"alright I wont promise!"

"fine I wont tell."

"thank you"

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