Wrestling Universe

Raw 7

Note: I do not own these characters and do not own the titles of the events or anything in this series. This is merely a writing exercise for myself and for any whom wish to read.

The air was crisp and energetic. The first show of a new season and the show after Wrestle Jam I, of all events. The crowds anticipated the start of the show as the owner, Nathan Black, stood silently with a microphone resting in his right hand. He waited for the noise to cease before the black microphone was spoken into. A small simmering of noise lingered, but the audience was attentive and silent as he spoke. They new what ever this man had to say before the show could began was going to make an impact on the series. No doubt, as a result of the Wrestlemania of the Wrestling Universe - Wrestle Jam.

He nodded when he was happy with the sound quality inside the oval arena. He said, "thank you. Welcome to Raw! During the show, I will host a roster roulette. People from Raw could move to iMPACT and visa versa. The roulette was spun prior to this announcement and the first switch was Natalya Neidhart switching places with Jeff Jarrett." He announced, "after each match, the roulette wheel will spin and reveal five slots that will switch brands. At the end of the night, there will be a match with the first two selections." He said, "if Natalya and Jarrett wish not to change brands, then two more individuals will be chosen to switch. Also because I'm an opportunist, I'll allow both Natalya and Jarrett to send one person two a different brand, if they so choose at the end of the night."

"The whole roster could shaken up after this night!" Commented Jim Ross.

"Right, J.R. We're used to this kind of change from WWE, but it seems that has transitions into the Wrestling Universe. From what I know is that there will be twelve slots where two wrestlers will switch places on their respective brands. We only know of Jarrett being moved to iMPACT, which will have Natalya Neidhart move to Raw." Michael Cole added, "We'll learn the next selection now."

"Folks, tonight we have a night of championship matches, roster switches, and action packed mayhem!" Jim Ross said as the show went to break.

Upon return, the masked luchador, Rey Mysterio popped out onto the stage from behind bright colored sparks. The crowd reaction was quite different than he had ever encountered in the WWE. He was booed as a heel in the Wrestling Universe for his lack of sportsmanship in a match with Marty Jannetty on the fifth edition of Raw. He quickly descended the steel mesh ramp and then climbed into the ring from the side steps. He didn't bother to pose for the fans. Ignoring kids sporting his trademark merchandise, instead Rey just prepped himself against the ropes and watched on as his opponent made his entrance to the European Championship Title match.

Santino Marella was defending his championship against Mystrio. He came out waving the flag of his home country. It was something he often did in title defenses for the European Championship. He handed off the flag very carefully after he entered the ring. He made a point to ensure the crew member placed it where it could be seen by all. The person instead just set it on the corner steps. Santino could only ignore it, he had a title defense to worry about. Mysterio was quick on his feet and could leap like a frog in the air. Santino could pump his muscles and make remarks that might confuse and or annoy Mysterio.

Santino charged like an angry, mindless bull. He knocked his shorter opponent down with a hard hitting battering ram, but Mysterio was quick to get back up onto his feet and fight back. He trapped Santino in a whirlpool of quick kicks, using the ropes to run at all sides and drop-kick, elbow, and then finally down his opponent with a reverse crossbody attack off the second rope. Santino thought of himself as the coyote that could never catch that road runner. He tried to counter, tried to retaliate, but Mysterio was swift and by the time Santino had managed to grab an arm or swing his fist, Mysterio was gone.

Mysterio was finally stopped dead in his tracks after he ran into Santino's hip toss. Santino then used a roll up to pin him, but it was quick and the height difference was in the favor of Rey. Santino held onto his opponent as they stood up slowly. He gave him a quick punch and then used a shoot kick to smack his boot into Mysterio's thigh. If he could injure that right leg of his, Santino might have a higher advantage in the match. He went for it. He let his boots scrape Mysterio's knee in another shoot kick and then he dropped down with a first toward the targeted leg. Mysterio caught on to the scheme and tried his best to escape the assault.

Mysterio used his thighs to wrap around Santino's head. Leaping up to grab him for a huricanrana. Santino held him in place, moving from the added weight toward the ropes. Rey gripped the top rope. Santino caught his eye. Rey grinned and then swung Santino over the top rope and used the second rope as a springboard to splash on top of his fallen opponent. He then raced into the ring and across to the ropes. Santina was just coming to when Rey leapt over the top rope like a cannon ball and blasted in between Santino's arms. Crashing head on into his opponent. Rey mustered his strength to pull Santino in to the ring and pin him. It wasn't after a 619, or a West Coast Pop, but it was enough to do the job.

"Rey Mysterio is the new European Champion!" Declared Jim Ross!

"Looks like Santino couldn't catch up with the speedy and super maneuverable Mysterio." Cole added.

"Nathan promised that after each match, we'd get results from the Roster Roulette. Let's see who is making the switch now." Ross said with anticipation.

Rey and Santino watched the large screen atop the stage as it scrolled through images and names of people from both brands. It looked like an animation from a slot machine, lining up the words "Raw/iMPACT" with a face from both Raw and iMPACT side by side. The five selections that were drawn saw Santino Marella conveniantly switching slots with the legendary Shawn Michaels. Female wrestler, Gail Kim, switching places with Jake "the Snake" Roberts. Christian with Outlaw B.G. James, AJ Styles with Jerry Lawler, and Melina with Kane.

"Wow!" Said Jim Ross, "wish Shawn Michaels, Jake Roberts, B.G. James, my good friend Lawler, and Kane coming to Raw, this could be a sign of something big. I can already picture the great matches to come.

"What is especially interesting is that Santino, now without a title, is moving to iMPACT! I can't imagine what would happen if he lost the European Title. Would we then gain the National Title?" Cole pondered to himself.

"Mysterio can still be switched over to iMPACT, but let's move on to the upcoming match between Beth Phoenix and Christy Hemme. Hemme was part of the pre-show roulette and leaving Raw to take her place on iMPACT is the dangerous Umaga!" Jim Ross announced.

"I think I prefer Hemme over Umaga. Hemme actually requested a title match with Raw's women's champion, Beth Phoenix. That match is now." Cole stated.

The challenger appeared. Dressed in red and black, she was energetic and ready to start her first Raw with a title match. Hemme stepped into the ring with the crowds on her side. Cheering and waving their signs for her. Being a pre-show selectee did not gaurentee her ability to switch brands at her choice. The first selections being Neidhart and Jarrett were given that lone opportunity. Hemme was still excited to be in a different location where the women's division was stronger and could go further with her abilities instead of scattered matches to let the audience know that women did show up on iMPACT.

Beth Phoenix seemed to be in a good mood as well. She had rid the Wrestling Universe of Santina during Wrestle Jam and Santino was no longer going to be able to bother her on Raw. The perk of that was him losing the European Title as well whilst she was the champion of her division. Beth was happy, for once. She walked down to the ring with her title in hand and then stepped in to show it off atop the turn-post. Hemme watched on, anticipating the first moves of the match. When Beth lowered herself from the turn post, she handed off the title and the match began.

Hemme was thrown off guard - quite literally, actually. Beth Phoenix pushed her opponent to the canvas below and then towered over her. Beth pulled Hemme to the corner and began a series of punched and chops that lead to the fiery redhead to fall flat on her face after the brutal attack. Beth tore Christy off the canvas and then threw her opponent over the ropes. Hemme toppled onto the matted floor like a boulder tumbling down a steep mountain side. Beth Phoenix followed her out to continue inflicting as much direct damage as possible. She wasn't going to lose her title on the first Raw of the season, nor to the first bimbo that challenged her.

Hemme's skull smacked into the top steel step with aid from the clutches of Beth Phoenix. She was then rolled into the ring for a pin, but Beth could not hold her down long enough for a full three count. Hemme held onto the bottom rope to escape. She then used it to pull herself out and recuperate whilst Phoenix backed away to come at her with a different approach. Phoenix followed Hemme outside of the ring, but she met the fierce redhead - actually, Beth met the matted floor thanks to strong Snap DDT. Hemme pushed Beth into the ring for a pin, but she too was unsuccessful.

She raised up the Glamazon and prepared her for her finishing maneuver. With it, she could win the women's title and become the champion on her first night of a new season on a new brand. She hopped onto the turnbuckles in the upper right corner and dove down onto Beth Phoenix. With her right leg held high, she dropped it down onto Beth's chest like a guillotine blade. Beth, at the last second, had avoided the finisher. Christy, instead, landed in a split position. Beth took advantage of the failure to pin her opponent and successfully retain her title. A good night had just gotten better for the Glamazon.

Backstage, as shown by the large screen on the stage was Paul Bearer. He stood with the bruised and burnt Kane. Kane even had worn a long black sleeve over his arm and shoulder that had been scorched by the fires of the inferno match. Paul looked disappointed, as a father would at a child that had done something wrong. "Kane," his voice was more disciplinal than bitter, "you lost to your brother! He burnt you for the third time, Kane! He stole the urn from both of us. Knowing Undertaker, it is in a place where no human soul could travel."

Kane just stared at him, at a loss for words. In the short time of a week, Kane was reduced to once again hiding in the shadows. He didn't want anyone to see him at such a low point. The burns were minimal and would heal, but the mask served a higher purpose for Kane and it represented a point in time when he hid from the world. He hid from his brother. Even when they feuded, he dared not show Undertaker the very face that made him the monster he was today. So he stared as Paul continued to scold him.

"You and I, Kane, have had differences that may still linger, but I think for just this point in time we can rise above that against a common enemy. You and I, Kane, we're going to join forces once again and take on your brother, The Undertaker!" Paul squeeled and grinned. "Oh yes! Together, Kane, we will take back that urn and we will succeed in destroying your brother."

Kane didn't respond, he stared off into the darkness as the screen returned to normal and the next match began. Accompanied by other members of the newly reformed faction: Kai En Tai. Partners Taka Michinoku and newcomer, Sun Xun, came out to the stage. Tajiri followed behind them with Funaki. Funaki had been added at last minute to the Raw roster thanks to Kai En Tai paying off Jeff Jarrett to use his one roster switch on their friend. It meant that Natalya and Jeff Jarrett agreed to stay on their respective brands, but only if they could win the main event match. If they lost, they would be forced to switch and Funaki would return to iMPACT as well.

They entered the ring and together decided that the new comer, Sun Xun, would headline the match first. He had short black hair and black colored pads on his elbows and knees. His long wrestling tights and shiny boots were colored purple, with streaks of black to match the color scheme. He was just a head taller than Taka Michinoku, but just as light footed and quick-witted. He was certain that being a newcomer to the Wrestling Universe would give him the one-up on the competition. They would not know much about this man and underestimate his abilities. The team's first opponents also happened to be the holders of the World Tag Titles. Jeff and Matt Hardy.

Jeff and Matt entered the arena quickly and energetically. They both rushed to the ring and posed for the crowds with their titles. The gold glistening across their waists. Matt Hardy started the match and the two opponents were quick to get into conflict. The Hardy Boys were defending their titles against Kai En Tai. Matt threw a clothesline to Sun, but his opponent eagerly ducked under and ran up to the ropes. Hardy turned to find a missile kicking him down to the canvas. Sun Xun followed the dropkick with a jumping elbow drop. He pinned Hardy, ending in a quick kick out.

Sun Xun tagged in Taka Michinoku. Taka leapt off the second rope with a moonsault that landed him into an innovated neckbreaker from Matt Hardy. Matt then used his own moonsault that connected with its target. The pace of the match picked up once again after an irish whip. Taka leapt over Hardy. Hardy ducked under Taka and then leapt over him. The the impact echoed the arena with Taka hooking an arm around Hardy's head and turning around his body in mid-air for a DDT. Taka dragged his opponent to his corner and tagged in the newcomer, Sun Xun.

Sun pulled at Hardy's hair to get him into the corner. There, he could not reach Jeff even if he was desperate to. The situation was bad for the Hardys. Sun ran his knee into Matt at the corner turn-post, then stepped up onto the ropes for a punch count. After ten, he wrapped his thighs around Hardy and swung him into the canvas with a swift huricanrana. Hardy was beaten and barely able to crawl a foot, let alone across the ring to his brother. Jeff was shaking with anticipation. He needed the tag, but with the swiftness and teamwork of Kai En Tai, it seemed like the tag was far off. Still, he held out his arm for Matt.

Sun Xun let loose with an unexpected maneuver from a light-footed japanese high flyer. He hoisted up Matt Hardy and then with a devasting thud, slammed him down in an innovated piledriver that ended with his legs locked tight onto Hardy's head like thick scissor blades. The submission hold was enough to force the Hardy boy to tap and relinquish their tag titles to Kai En Tai. Jeff rushed in, no longer bound by the rules of the match, and cleared the ring of all the Japanese wrestlers. He helped his brother up to his feet and together they walked out of the arena as the Japanese faction celebrated their first major victory on the Raw Brand.

The screen returned to the slot machine-like graphic. Revealing names and faces that could end up being switched into separate brands. The the next two individuals that would trade places was a new blonde new female named Amy Vapor switching places with the bizarre Goldust. The screen had initially shown Santina in place of the new female, but being that Santina was no longer being used, they had decided to introduce a new wrestler through the roulette in place of Santina's selection if she was to be chosen. James was the next selection. He had badmouthed iMPACT in previous Raw shows, but now he was trading places with female wrestler, Starr. He would soon find out wether his statements about the brand were true or not. The next switches included: Tyson Kidd switching with Triple H, Sting with Mickie James, and Matt Hardy being moved to iMPACT with Matt Striker taking his place on Raw.

"We have gained Triple H!" Exclaimed Jim Ross. "The Game has come to Raw and he has brought his title with him."

"The Universal Championship Title is now on Raw whereas Sting has been moved to iMPACT with the World Heavyweight Championship Title." Cole explained.

"I'm also excited to see talents such as the fierce Mickie James and Matt Striker coming to Raw and a good riddance to that arrogant S.O.B." Ross said, "James!"

"A kid with great talent, but a bad attitude. He'll soon find out where his words get him on the brand he trashed." Cole agreed. "We'll find out the last roulette switch after the next match and then who Natalya will bring over to iMPACT assuming she and Jeff Jarrett can defeat, get this, Triple H and Mickie James during the main event."

"That's going to be one hell of a slobber-knocker, Michael Cole. Speaking of hell, Undertaker returns in his first match non-Pay Per View match when he faces Scott Steiner. That's next!" Jim Ross announced as the show went to break.

With the return from break, Scott Steiner was already making his entrance. He passed the black curtains and posed with his muscles on the stage. He wore a mesh of metal that covered his head like midevil armor. He would need armor as tough as steel going into a match with Undertaker. He was confident though. He walked to the ring, ignoring the hands that reached out to tag his. As he stepped into the ring, the lights flickered off. He had not even gotten into the ring when the mind games began. He quickly stepped in and watched a single bolt of lightning strike the stage as fog curled over the surface and into the crowds.

A dark figure emerged from the cold dense blue fog. The Undertaker. He slowly broke through the thick shroud and stepped down the aisle. The only light that was allowed to pierce the darkness was the scattered flashing of cameras that savored the suspenseful entrance of the Dead Man with a single frame of time. He approached the ring like the grim reaper of darkness, come to take Steiner for his last ride. He entered the ring from the side after signaling the lights to brighten the arena once again. After the removal of his long black trench coat and his hat, he was ready to fight.

Steiner wasn't scared. He saw Undertaker as the most over rated wrestler next to Triple H. He could defeat him. Steiner closed in on his opponent and powered him into a fallaway slam. Undertaker connected with the canvas, but immediately sat up. Steiner pulled him up and this time tried a suplex. The same results occurred. This time, forget the maneuvers. Steiner bashed his axe-handled fists over the back of his opponent and then turned to face him. Letting his fists do the talking instead of the slams, drops, and presses. He eventually backed Undertaker in the lower left corner where he then whipped him diagonally across the ring.

Undertaker's back smacked into the turnbuckles and he braced himself for the coming collision. Steiner pressed his full weight into Undertaker. Undertaker stumbled away, using the upper rope like it was a railing to guide him across the ring. Steiner smirked. This match is mine, he thought and clotheslined Undertaker over the top rope. Little did Steiner expect the large man to land on his feet on the rim of the ring and grasp him by the throat. Steiner was pulled out to the rim with Undertaker and then a harsh, strong chokeslam smashed his body into the floor below. Undertaker backed a few steps and jumped down onto his opponent with a classic Undertaker styled leg drop.

With the two fighting outside of the ring and only seconds to enter, the arena went red. Kane and Paul Bearer walked out from behind the curtains. They were coming for Undertaker. Undertaker turned his back away from Steiner to see his brother walking slowly down the aisle, tightening the black glove around his covered arm. Steiner slid into the ring. He made it! Just before the count of ten. Winner by count out, but it didn't matter to Undertaker that he lost. He stood their watching his brother until the two were face to face. Kane's eyes glared through his red and black mask toward his older brother.

Kane struck first. The speed and energy that came out of his attack was like that of a sudden bolt of lightning. He punched Undertaker and absorbed the punch that was returned to him. He then gripped fists full of his brother's hair and smacked his head into the side barricade. Undertaker was dazed for a moment, the impact forcing him back against the side of the ring. Steiner took his leave during the attack. This was one quarrel he did not want to get involved in. Kane then used a heavy haymaker punch to keep his brother at bay. Soon Undertaker found himself being whipped into the steel turn-post. He crashed down to floor like a falling tree and turned onto his stomach.

The color read was beginning to smear across the matted floor. Undertaker was cut. Paul Bearer encouraged Kane in his burtal assault. Ordering him to destroy Undertaker. To annihilate his brother once and for all. Kane happily obliged to these requests. He pulled Undertaker up to gaze down at his blood-splattered face and then hoised him up for a Tombstone Piledriver. The sound of Undertaker's skull hitting the bare floor disturbed the fans that crowded the barricades. They could hardly believe the brutality of Kane's assault. They screamed at him, some even threw cups at the big red machine. Trying desperately to stop his rampage.

Content with the destruction that lay before him. Paul Bearer ordered Kane back and they slowly retreated up the aisle. Undertaker was decimated. It took a team of medics to carry him backstage. He could barely walk, barely see beyond the film of blood that blinded his eyes, but he still had some will in him to move. Undertaker was a strong man and a strong willed individual. Even in destruction, he'd find a way to fight back and soon Kane would see that resolve in action, first hand.

"I'm speechless," said Jim Ross. "I don't know what to say about what has just occurred. Kane, with Paul Bearer, has just come down and completely and brutally ravaged The Undertaker. His own brother."

"It is clear the war between these two is not over yet. We'll be wishing Undertaker well, but something tells me he'll come back from this attack." Cole said.

"I hope so, Michael Cole. During that awful incident, we have learned that Natalya has decided that if she and Jeff Jarrett can win their match tonight to remain on their respective brands, she's going to bring David Hart Smith over to iMPACT with her."

"That will reform the whole Hart Dynasty once again. Of course if they lose, Funaki will stay on iMPACT where Jeff Jarrett will be moved." Cole said, "and Natalya will be moved to Raw where Smith would have to remain."

"The question remains, can Jarrett and Natalya co-exist?" Jim Ross asked as Jarrett made his entrance.

It may have seemed like overkill, but considering her opponent and partner, they justified it in their minds to come together. Natalya Neidhart walked onto the stage with the entirety of the Hart Foundation: Bret, Jimmy, David Hart Smith, and Tyson Kidd. They followed behind her down to the ring and Tyson had even lowered the rope for her so she may enter the ring easily. They mostly remained outside and nearest to the commentary tables where her corner with Jarrett would be. Natalya signaled to the crowds and they cheered. Hart signs and fans waved for her and the other members of the Dynasty.

The cheers then ceased when Jarrett arrived. All that accompanied him was his signature guitar. He stepped down the aisle. His face was made of bland features, keeping in the zone of trying to remain on Raw and not caring that Natalya had lead an entire Hart army, just to protect her from him. He didn't care. He didn't see her as a threat or anything else. She was nothing to him. It was Triple H he wanted. He handed the guitar to a crew member and entered the ring. Together, they decided it would be Jarrett starting the match with Triple H.

Another one to watch out for, Mickie James, came to the ring in her hopping step of excitement. A new brand to spread her wings in sounded like a grand adventure. There was no women's title on iMPACT and now she would be able to compete for it. She stepped into the ring under the heavy shroud of rejection from the crowd. They despised her heel turn and her previous attempts to destroy Natalya did not go over too well with fans either. Ignoring them, she turned to the stage where her partner would soon arrive and he indeed did.

Triple H stepped out from behind the curtain after the famous power chords of his theme song echoed the arena. Triple H walked out past the plumes of multicolored steam lined across the stage. Jarrett brought down his guitar, so Triple H found it equally right that he bring down his signature sledgehammer. He stepped down with a menacing glare and entered the ring. He hadn't had time to use his infamous bottle spray for the crowds, but he was going to fight first and that was all he needed to make the impact he wanted on his first show on the new Raw.

He reluctantly handed off his sledgehammer and the bell signaled the two to go at it. Triple H burst out with energy and grappled onto Jarrett. He kneed his opponent and tossed him over his hip. Triple H then locked in a sleeper hold on Jarrett. His opponent couldn't quickly escape it. It was locked in time. Air tight. In an unlikely situation, Natalya found herself trying to cheer on the heel. She did not want to lose as much as Jarrett and knew he couldn't win if he was asleep on the canvas. His arms began to stir.

They pulled themselves up. Jarrett's fingers clutched Triple H's forearm and tried to tear him off. Triple H refused to let go, but as Jarrett reached for the nearest set of ropes, he was forced to back off. Jarrett was free, but not for long. Triple H followed up the attack with a knee strike. Knocking Jeff onto the canvas and nearly kicking him out of the ring. Triple H then jumped up and landed on Jarrett's head with a knee drop that echoed the arena. It was replied to with cheers and chants.

Triple H was on a roll. He was even being cheered for not tagging in the female heel, Mickie James, but it was forced on him when Jarrett fled the ring to roll in from the sides and tag in Natalya. Jarrett caught him by surprise when Triple H was posing for the fans. He was forced to step behind the ropes so that Mickie James may enter. Triple H wasn't in the business of attacking females, especially Natalya. He knew he was on thin ice with the Harts. Triple H tagged in Mickie James peacefully. The collision between the girls, however, was not peaceful.

Mickie used a lariat takedown to drop Natalya to the canvas. She then crossed her thighs over Natalya like a pair of scissors, but the hold was quickly countered. Natalya was quick to try and convert the maneuver into a sharpshooter, but Mickie caught on fast. She scrambled away and used the ropes to gain momentum. Natalya countered with a german suplex. Unfortunately, she had released Mickie James before reaching for another german suplex. She tried to position her opponent for it, but failed. Mickie side swiped her with a reverse roundhouse kick that knocked Mickie into the lower right turn-post.

Jarrett took the opportunity to tag himself in when the female hit the turnbuckles. He then pummeled Mickie James with a hard right first. Mickie was devastated from the punch. She was pulled up quickly where she was stood in place so that Jarrett may run up the ropes to use a Running DDT on her and seal the fate of his opponent. He pinned Mickie, but backed off as soon as he saw Triple H rampage toward him. How dare he do that? Even if Mickie was a heel. It wasn't right, Triple H thought. Jarrett scurried out of the way, but pulled Mickie with him so that Triple H could net drag her away to safety.

Jarrett ignored the complaints of the Harts and the booing of the crowds. He pinned Mickie one last time and the three count was successful. He and Natalya would remain on their respective brands, whilst carrying over a person of their choice. In this case, it would be David Hart Smith moving to iMPACT and Funaki moving to Raw. Jarrett scrambled out to avoid the backlash from both sides of the ring. He didn't need all of the Harts attacking him and certainly did not want to meet Hunter's sledgehammer. He took the win and left. Racing past the owner on the stage.

"Congratulations Natalya and Jarrett. With your vastly unorthodox victory, you will remain on your brands and the roulette results will not be inked into your contracts. As promised, I must switch another two individuals." He wondered to himself, tapping his chin. "I will bring William Regal to Raw and Chris Jericho to iMPACT." Nathan announced. "All of the results are effective immediately. See you all on iMPACT!" With that, the show ended.