Wrestling Universe

Raw 14

I do not own any of the characters, people, or events involved that are associated with either ROH, WWE, TNA, and independent rights. This series is a writing exercise for myself and posted for those that wish to read.

"Last week on Raw, John Cena took control of the Wrestling Universe and also promised a steel cage match against Triple H." Jim Ross opened the show, saying, "though the match occurred, the steel was not dropped and John Cena caused a lot more problems for other individuals like Undertaker."

"Thanks to John Cena taking Undertaker's place at Night of Hell, Undertaker is out for blood." Michael Cole continued, "and I think Cena knows he's in deep trouble, which is why he hired Kane as protection against the dead man."

"That's right, whatever protection Kane can give Cena, I don't know, but in doing so, Cena has promised Kane a steel cage match with Undertaker."

"What's this?" Cole commented as the lights dimmed to show a scene play out on the large screen.

"Undertaker." James stood in a black tuxedo in front of a black hearse. His arms resting behind his back and his chin up, looking as formal as he could. "You are a legend and the man that this business is built on."

"Much like Hogan, Flair, and Andre the Giant," added in his partner, Brandon Powers with the same type of formal wear.

"Also add Bret Hart and the Heart Fake Kid to the list of many stars of our past that we all grew up idolizing."


"But tonight, that past will be laid to rest." James slowly stepped to the back of the hearse and popped the lid to reveal a large wooden casket inside. "I know you remember this, it's the very casket you were buried in when you tried to take on Yokozuna."

"We're the enforcers of John Cena and with aid of Kai En Tai and Kane, you will finally be put to rest, 'Taker." Said Brandon as James closed the back of the hearse shut.

"Hey!" A red headed guy about 6'0" walked into the camera's view.

"What is going on?" James pulled his shades off, flabbergasted that someone would interrupt their promo.

"Hey guys, this is your new partner!" John Cena entered the scene and pattered the new guy on the back, saying, "he's my newest enforcer and I've decided you three would make a great trio."

"I don't trio." James pushed away the air, not wanting anything to do with this sudden intrusion of his partnership with Brandon Powers.

"You don't know about Chris yet?" Brandon turned to him.

"You met?"

"Yeah, he's alright."

"Where was I?" James looked around, more confused than he ever could be in any other moment.

"Show him the ropes when you take on D-X tonight, boys! I've got something to do." And with that, Cena left the scene and the three to stand awkwardly together.

"So, uh, what's up?" Said the new guy.

"Ugh, this is just great!" Exclaimed James, "the least we did was make Undertaker amused with our stupidity. I'm out of here!"

James stormed out of view, leaving the two and the scene to end as the screens within the arena changed to the entrance video of D-Generation X.

Shawn and Triple H entered the ring one after the other, each drawing the cheers of the crowds that filled the arena to near maximum. A quick display of green X-shaped pyro that exploded with their simultaneous crotch chop, and the entrance was cut short by a rocket exploding upon the stage.

Three men walked through the white sparks, one slouched with disinterest and the other two ready to get to work on the legendary faction in the ring.

Powers and Chris Fields were first to enter the ring. Brandon wore the black and white colors he and James had decided on for their tag, whilst the short-haired redhead wore his own green singlet, sticking out like the sorest thumb - unless he was on the side of their opponents, of course.

Being brought into the match, the newcomer had something to prove, not only to Degeneration-X, but to his new tag partners. If he was going to work under them and John Cena, he'd better fulfill that requirement of excellence.

With that pressure on his shoulders, James pushed him into the ring to fight first.

Triple H surveyed the fresh meat laid out before him with a cynical grin. The boy was just slightly shorter than Shawn Michaels and about as muscular, though his pale complexion was more apparent than that of Marilyn Manson's.

"It looks like the new athlete known as Chris Fields will be starting the match with the Cerebral Assassin," noted Jim Ross.

"This young guy has a lot to prove, not only for himself, but for his team." Cole added, dumbfounded at the thought, "I'm surprised Cena is throwing his weight around like this. Even to shove a third wheel on a solid tag team as James and Brandon, was flabbergasting at best."

"I hear ya, but it's a chance to learn with other youngsters about the business. Perhaps having someone looking up to them will guide these two troublemakers in the right direction."

"That's a stretch, Jim, but who knows."

They locked horns.

Each arm crossed over the opponent's shoulder until Triple H lifted his knee into the challenger's abdomen and pushed him away with a chortle. The newcomer charged into another grapple lock, but again was pushed by The Game.

With his fingers running through his hair and an amused grin across his face, Triple mouthed something to Brandon and James, mocking their new partner though unheard by anyone not in the ring.

It was clear neither Triple H or Shawn were going to take him seriously as a competitor; a mouse in a lions den was the best thought he could think up for himself. He then slapped James on the shoulder to forcibly tag him into the match.

James untied the black ponytail behind his head to allow his mid-length hair to fall as he entered the ring with reluctance. He tossed the tie at Chris, but that moment of distraction gave Triple H the chance to use a knee lift that knocked the youngster off his feet.

Triple H followed up with a few hard stomps and then ran himself against the ropes to pummel his elbow into the back of James' knee as he began to rise up from the canvas.

Triple H covered!



Like a rocket, he bursted out of the cover and exploded onto his feet before Triple H could rise up himself. James slapped his black booted ankle into The Game's face and pulled him toward his corner where Brandon Powers was then tagged in.

Brandon kicked Triple H into the corner where each of his partners took turns punching with the referee's head turned toward an outraged Shawn Michaels. They stopped in time to seem innocent with their legal partner pushed down The Game for a pin.

"One!" Counted the referee, "Tw-"

Triple H kicked out!

His opponent wasn't amused, but the match would have to continue wether he liked it or not. He pulled up Triple H, only to find resilience in the form of a powerful spinebuster and the sudden tag in of Shawn Michaels. Shawn was ready to kick ass! Energetic, angered, and ready to rampage!

He knocked over Chris with a jabbing fist, then James with another, then knocked down the third and final member of the three enforcers with a Sweet Chin Music kick.

It wasn't over for Shawn there yet - not by a long shot! He wanted one more maneuver to seal the deal.

As triple H and Chyna handled James and Chris outside of the ring, Shawn ascended the upper turnbuckle with his back toward the fans near the entrance aisle.

He dotted a cross with his finger in quick prayer before leaping over the ring for that famed diving elbow drop.


Shawn crashed down onto the knees of his opponent, rolling onto his back and having to deal with the burning of his body from the impact.

James used a superkick to drop Triple H and then rushed to the corner for a tag. Their redheaded partner had as well.

"My god! Both men are down and reaching for a tag!" Jim Ross exclaimed. "Who's going to make it first?"

Brandon, closer to his corner, managed to make that tag. Triple H was tagged in soon after, but weakened by the kick from earlier. Chyna escorted Shawn to the side, tending to his wounded ego as the newcomer struck Triple H with a crescent kick and then a final neck breaker that sealed the fate of the match.

James glared down at his old partner, his hand still hanging out.

The lights blackened!

All tension that had built up in the ring suddenly released itself in a bundle of fear and alarm.

Undertaker was near!

As the lights brightened to normal, nothing had happened. No one other than Triple H had been laid out on the canvas and Team Rocket remained as fine as ever.

"Looks like Undertaker is playing mind games with Cena's lackeys." Ross pondered, "what can they be thinking?"

"They're probably thinking about getting the hell out of there before the Undertaker really does show up, J.R." Michael Cole added with a chuckle.

His assumption was correct. The three gathered themselves and retreated from the arena, leaving D-X to put themselves back together in the ring.

"Coming off that, we have two announcements," Jim Ross turned the attention toward the upcoming pay-per-view event. "At Ascension of Dissension, we'll see Chavo Guererro challenge for the International Championship Title, held by Rob Terry - formerly of TNA."

"And the second confirmed match we can relay is that after last week's events at iMPACT, we'll see Main Event Mafia versus Main Event Mafia!" Cole announced.

"That's right! It's going to be a slobber knocker, Cole. Sting will lead with Kevin Nash and Batista against Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, and Booker T."

"We'll also find out soon who will challenge for Orton's title now that Sting has already been booked for the event."

As the challenger, Miz waited in the ring for his opponent, whom was selected personally by John Cena to battle him. If the opponent would lose to The Miz, The Miz would be granted a title shot and more time in the ring, but would lose both if he could not prove himself worthy in the match.

The opponent chosen for Miz was a member of Kai-En-Tai - Taka Michinoku. He entered the arena with Funaki and Tajiri behind him as support, to the annoyance of his opponent. Kai En Tai was still on the top list for the Owner and Cena despite their drop in activity since James and Brandon took over as the enforcers. So as uncertainty set in after the past failures and minor victories of Kai En Tai, Cena threw Taka into the match to determine whether to continue using them, or to drop them entirely.

It started quickly!

Taka charged and nearly kicked Miz out of his senses with a Shining Wizard kick that landed square across the man's cheek. Miz recovered quickly, and also quickly, he was able to show that Taka could not be anymore a match for him than a beetle to Hornswoggle. He hoisted the smaller Japanese wrestler up into a backbreaker and dropped him harder than the man's spine had ever encountered.

He stomped vigorously down at his opponent until the referee was forced to break Miz off from the attack.

Like a cat on a mouse, Miz toyed with the Japanese man, but in the end the games needed to end. With a Skull Crushing Finale, Miz draped himself over Taka for a full pinfall victory. He rolled off in time before the once quick witted Michinoku had pulled out, but a second too late during the cover. He climbed to his knees to find Miz standing outside victorious with not only the victory under his belt, but the eyes of the manager of the brands. John Cena.

"He was given the spot light tonight and has certainly held up his end of the bargain!" Jim Ross commented on Miz's request for more ring time.

"That he did. He's an up-and-coming talent in WWE and now here, but will John Cena allow him any further success?" Cole recalled the bitter personality of their current manager, saying, "Cena is a grade A kiss ass when someone is higher than him. He will stop at nothing to push everyone else down so that only he comes out on top. Will he truly allow Miz to continue the path he's on despite their personal issues?"

"I certainly hope so, it would be professional of John Cena. The first act of professionalism I'd ever see out of him." Jim Ross replied.

Steam hissed at the humid air around it from rusted steel pipes. They navigated across the room like aimless metal snakes with only one job: To hide the demon that lurked behind all the steam, pipes, and machinery that only one man could call such a dark, blistering, and yet chilling place home.

He was Kane.

He hunched over with one arm braced against the moist wall with only his thoughts to keep him company. None could tell what was truly inside the mind of such a monster, but one would suspect that he was dwelling upon the upcoming cage match with his brother. The Undertaker.

Something inside him suddenly burst as Kane broke away from the wall and turned quickly around. He brought his forearm down on a rusted pipe, smashing it like it was merely a brittle stick. He continued out of the Boiler Room with hard steps and a fearsome face plastered with resolve.

Inside the ring, Ted DiBiase Jr had just entered the ring, when suddenly a fiery plume of hot yellow flames and billowing smoke exploded out from the stage. It immediately caught the attention of the former member of Legacy, allowing the devious William Regal to roll him up for a quick pin.

Regal knew what what to come and he didn't want to leave the ring without some form of closure to his own insanity. Immediately after stealing the win, Regal rushed himself out and chased on through the crowd for whatever safe haven he could find.

Ted Dibiase wasn't so lucky.

A black figure stepped through the flames that emitted from the depths of the stage's steel mesh. Kane's face poked through first, a truly demonic expression carved across the scarred flesh of the monster.

Kane didn't care who came first, he wanted the match now. He wanted to destroy Undertaker before John Cena could even get a chance.

And so, with the Big Red Machine stepping into the ring, the younger DiBiase finally caught sight of what had interrupted his match. Like Regal before him, he too made as swift an exit as his legs could allow. A banquet of scurrying prey filled Kane's vision, but none of it mattered to him like the man he waited for.

"Well, I guess Kane doesn't want to wait for Undertaker." Jim Ross commented.

"Things cou-" Cole was interrupted by the blackest arena he had ever seen.

The lights had ceased and even the flashing lights of the audience seemed dead for several moments until the bell tolled and life slowly sparkled back into the arena.

Light flickered in the form of flashes, lighters, and glow sticks, but none would reach the pitch black ring. It had been cloaked in a darkness no light would dare penetrate. Whether it was the darkness of the Undertaker making a surprise attack on Kane, or the sheer monstrosity standing in the ring spreading fear even to the brightest light in the arena.

Another bell tolled.

The lights turned to a dim, dark blue, lit no further but the whiteness of the eerie fog that soon began to choke the arena.

"Here we go!" Exclaimed Jim Ross as a single lightning bolt struck the stage and the shadowy figure of Kane's brother emerged from the dense fog.

Undertaker, dressed in his black coat and hat, his usual attire, stepped slowly ahead of a short and portly man that held the urn the two brothers knew well.

Paul Bearer payed no attention to the betrayer of their small family. He watched proudly as Undertaker turned for the steps and then slowly made his ascent to the rim of the ring in the luminous blue light.

The cage began to lower.

Paul stepped back. The last thing he desired would be to find himself in the caged ring with the likes of Kane. Two titans clashing against one another in great war was one a mere mortal like Paul could not survive.

Kane watched as his brother lifted the lights. Eyes whitened and arms raised in his usual ritualistic fashion. Each entrance made by his Brother was as fearful as the last one, but he ignored that feeling within his near blackened heart. No butterfly could live within the stomach of a man made of hell's fire, nor the cold depths of Undertaker's tortured soul.

Both brother gave one another a glare before Undertaker continues his ritual of entering the ring from the ropes and removing the excess of his attire.

The cage then entombed them inside of the ring.

"Yo, yo, yo!" Cena's words pierced the dense atmosphere like a spear through a thousand banshees. Only one, however, would be needed to tear his soul apart.

That very entity slowly turned his head and glared at Cena. The man standing safely at the stage of the arena whilst the two demons looked back at him.

"Since this is my show, the champ's show, I'm going to add another stipulation to this match." Cena announced, "if Undertaker loses to Kane tonight, he will be fired from the Wrestling Universe!"

The cold eyes of Undertaker did not register the depth of Cena's statement as they glared through is soul. Undertaker was confident in his chances as he had defeated Kane many times, but so had he lost to Kane.

Kane seized the moment!

He struck his brother across the face with a big boot kick. It served only to further anger the deadman.

Undertaker sat up.

Kane knew this position. He had done it millions of times as well, and to ensure Undertaker could not retaliate, he booted his brother back down onto the canvas. Cena watched, a smug smirk painted across his lips.

"My god, if Undertaker loses, he could be fired from the entire Wrestling Universe," said Jim Ross with horror.

"What is Raw without Undertaker? What is the Wrestling Universe without Undertaker," asked Michael Cole, equally perplexed at the idea and horrified by the thought.

"I wonder what happens if Undertaker wins."

That was something Undertaker already knew. He wasn't confident just because he had beaten his brother so many times, but because he knew he would be sticking around to take the title from Cena. And if that chance could not come, and he truly was fired from the Wrestling Universe, he'd still destroy the man that ruined his title shot.

Kane struck first!

He knocked his forearm against the back of his brother's back, dropping Undertaker to his knees. Undertaker reached out for the middle rope, keeping himself wedged against it and the cage as his brother continued the wild assault.

Stomps, hard punches, and bitter grunts all poured down onto the Deadman. He could find no escape, the cage now aiding as a means for Kane to pin his brother down. From afar, Cena watched on approvingly, but his cocky smile soon faded as Undertaker began to rebel toward his brother's violent actions.

One strike at first. Then another came soon after. Suddenly, Kane found himself backing off with each strike his brother's cold hands flung toward him. Like a tornado, pummeling the Big Red Machine into submission, Undertaker's fists finally reared back and struck it's target with as hefty a blow as the deadman could muster. Kane fell to the canvas, all but unconscious. Undertaker then gave Cena one last glare before continuing business in the ring.

Kane sat up.

Undertaker kicked him back down!

The large gloved hand of Undertaker coiled tightly like a boa constricter wrapping itself snug around Kane's throat, then recoiled to pull the man up onto his feet.

Kane kicked away, but Undertaker wrapped that deathly grip around his brother one more time. Kane wrapped his own around his brother's neck.

"Who will prevail? Both men are trying to put the other in a chokeslam, but only one will succeed," Ross said in commentary.

"It looks like Undertaker has done it here! The sound of Kane coming down on that ring was deafening." Cole added.

Undertaker glared down at his brother, one hand moving to free his hard breathing chest from the restraints of the singlet straps over his arms, the other reaching back down to grasp his brother.

Soon both hands positioned Kane for the Tombstone Piledriver, a move that rarely ended pleasantly for the victims of the Undertaker. This time was no different and with the count in favor of the Deadman this night, Undertaker raised up onto his knee to celebrate. His tongue out, eyes white, and hand raised up in victory as the lights dimmed back to an ominous blue shade.

Though he could have exited the cage, Undertaker preferred to pin his brother as a personal message to John Cena that he didn't need to escape his problems to deal with them. Cena knew he would soon have to face Undertaker and defending his Championship Title doing so.

The show ended as the eyes of the Deadman locked on to that of John Cena far across the arena, but yet seeming so close they could reach out and strike.