Severus sat in his study, the book lined sitting room to his private home, reading a book. He had become Lord Prince, and had a manor house out there, but he had always preferred his own home. He was looking forward to a quiet summer, other then his godson; he had closed off the wards to all. The war was over, won in a battle that spring in Hogsmeade, by a sixteen year old Harry Potter, and those like he and Lucius had been spies since teens, were free. No missions, no Albus calling for him to do anything, he could spend the summer reading, working on potions, and to the shock of anyone who knew him, was going on vacation.

He heard footsteps coming down, and the bookcase which hid the stairs to the bedrooms, swung open, and Draco appeared. Draco had spent a lot of his childhood with him, Draco's parents were both spies, and could never be real parents to him, but even as a spy, Severus could. His parents were away on business, and while he had turned seventeen a few weeks before, Draco had opted to come stay with him.

Draco was about to say something when a house elf popped up. "Whose elf is that? It does not look like a school elf."

The only elves who usually could come were Malfoy or school, besides his own, but he knew "It belongs to the bank. That is a goblin symbol on his sash."

The little elf had no pieces of rags to wear as most, only a clean sash across him, and a badge pinned to it. Bank and ministry elves were like the school elves, they could come through his wards, but he had no idea what this one was doing here now. The last time he had business with the bank, had been when his Uncle died, and he was informed to his shock he had been in the family will, and inherited an estate. He was not as rich as the Malfoys, or heaven forbid someone like Harry who was the heir of not one but two old blood families, but he was rich.

The elf bowed to him. "Is it you I be seeking, Severus Tobias of the House of Prince?"

Severus was surprised at how he was addressed."I am."

The elf handed him a letter. "A letter for you from the estate of James William of the House of Potter, to be delivered July 30th of the year of the defeat of Voldemort"

Severus stared at the elf, for it was that day, but surely he got his orders mixed up, for there was no way James Potter would have included him in a will. He had never heard the will was read but assumed since Sirius had been the boy's guardian and known, it may never have been made public.

He waved the elf off. "Surely you mean their son Harold James of the Houses of Potter and Black, or even the wolf Remus Lupin. The school can deal with all this."

The elf shook his head. "I under direct orders to give this to Lord of Prince. It to be delivered this very day. Head goblin demands it."

Sharing a look with his godson, Severus took the letter and looked at it, wondering if James would have known how many years it would be taken to be read He noticed though while it may have come from the house of Potter, it was written in the beautiful flowy script of his beloved Lily.


My love. If you are reading this several conditions must have been met. First Voldemort has been destroyed, and it is the eve of Harry's birthday. I pray this never need be read, for the third condition stood that Harry was never made known to his true father, and that Sirius was dead. I had told Albus, and he swore if myself and James were killed, he would see Harry returned to his true sire, but I fear he will not remain true to his word. If you are reading this, know that Harry while blood adopted by James, is not his son, but yours.

I know you likely hate the child, believing I broke our vows, but please believe me, I thought you dead. The night Albus came to me and told me you were killed with the Prewett brothers, my world shattered. I found out not much later I was pregnant, with your child, and knew your family and Voldemort would seek him. I wed James to protect our son, and only learned you were alive when Harry was a year. Albus claim he never knew you were alive, you slid deep under cover, but I fear he knew. Harry is our son, James and I were wed in only name, we never shared a bed.

I pray Sirius is alive when the war ends, and this letter is not needed, for he promised to return Harry to you. I know you never liked him, but he is loyal and would see Harry back with his sire. Remus does not know, he was away on a mission for months, and the fewer who knew, the safer, as none knew of our marriage.

I pray it has been but few years my love, and that our son is still young and you two can be reunited. I never stopped loving you Sev, you were my husband, my soul mate. I pray you and our precious son are together, and this letter is burned without reading, but I write to make sure any rights are wronged.

Your loving and always true wife, Lily Elizabeth Evans-Snape

Severus stare at the papers and proof of Harry's paternity before blood adoption, his son. Albus had come to him the night the Prewett twin were killed, and had forced him to go under ground, claiming the ministry thought him a double agent, and would have him kissed. He was told Lily would know the truth, but he had learned she wed and had Harry, Albus presenting him with papers his wife had him declared dead two days after the attack, and he was devastated. His son would be seventeen tomorrow, a grown man, and kept from him all these years by a manipulative bastard he had once looked at as a father.

He stood."That old man will pay for keeping my son from me, damn him, he will pay."