Harry was with his dads in the infirmary the day his dad went into labour, the only one allowed into the room It was Christmas eve, two days short of their one year anniversary, and the baby was the perfect Christmas and anniversary gift They knew this would be their last child, but hoped since Harry and Charlie had been dating for a few months and moving on, for grandkids down the road. It would be a few years likely, Harry was not ready to more than date but the day would come.

An hour after the bath Draco and his parents came into the room, all anxious to see the baby. The couple had kept to their original plan not to learn the sex, and while Narcissa had continued to try and bribe Poppy she had failed. With Harry and no plans for a third, the men secretly hoped for a daughter, to have one of both.

Lucius smiled when he saw the men had their wish "She is sure to have her Papa eating out of her hands."

Severus smirked when he looked up from his daughter. "I am sure she will have her godfather just as enamoured."

The couple had decided to repay the Malfoys and name them godparents to their daughter. Harry was the big brother, and considering Severus was for Draco and all the help the Malfoys had been for Harry, they thought it was a fitting choice Lucius would have likely been Harry's, if not for Albus keeping Severus from his son Severus loved Harry so much, but this time was so different, he was here from day one Severus was even looking forward to dirty diapers and midnight feeds.

The little princess was such a perfect addition to the family, and a beautiful mix of her dads. She had Severus' raven locks and Remus' amber eyes, Severus' forehead, cheekbones and long fingers, and Remus' mouth. She also thankfully had the Lupin nose.

Even Harry had no idea what name his dads had chosen for his little sister. "So spill it already, what is her name?"

Remus did the honours for his husband. "We have decided to name your little sister Allegra Lily Snape."

They had drawn from the fact she was born minutes before Christmas, but hadn't wanted anything obvious like Holly. Allegra meant joy in Latin, both Remus and Severus' names came from Latin, and they thought it a link to the holiday. Lily may have been Severus' first wife, but she was like a sister to Remus, and had given them their wonderful son. They had wanted to include her, and Harry had known his mom would have been honoured, and happy for the men too.

Harry kissed his little sister on the head before handing her back to his dad. "Ally's name suits her, she is definitely a perfect little Christmas joy."

Severus kissed his son on the head."Our family is complete, this precious little girl, and our incredible son. Well until one day you add to the family."

They had once worried about talking to him about the future romance wise, but no longer. Harry knew there was a future out there for him, and he could see a marriage to Charlie down the road. He had comeback from France a week before where Andre's namesake and nephew was born, Harry having been named his godfather. Paul who was now two and baby Andre would never know their Uncle, but their dad and Harry would tell them a lot of stories.

Remus motioned Harry to join them on the bed when a photo was to be taken. "I want a photo of our entire family."


Charlie had been incredibly patient, and a year and a half later he had proposed to Harry, who accepted Harry was almost twenty one, a full professor of charms with Filius teaching history of magic now, and Harry was ready for the next step. The couple decided to marry that summer, Charlie becoming a Snape as Harry had no brothers and Charlie had five. The Deveraux were among the French guest list, and they had been happy to come for it. Francois was not the only who approved right away, they would always care about Harry, and could see Charlie was good for him.

Harry was escorted down the aisle in the Malfoy gardens by both his dads, Ally had been flower girl. Draco was of course best man, but Oliver, Neville and Michel stood for him. Bill was for Charlie, with Percy and the twins at his side. Ron and his wife were there, Harry had not protested them invited, but Ron was not involved. Their sister had been invited as well, but she opted not to come home for it.

Lucius was honoured to marry them and took such pride. "I now pronounce you husbands. Charles you may kiss your husband.'

Charlie smiled as he drew Harry into his arms. "Finally."

As they kissed every one was so happy for them, Harry had suffered so much, and if any one deserved this happiness it was him. Harry and Charlie would be spending three weeks on a honeymoon in the Caribbean and hoped to soon tell their families they were pregnant. Harry was more than ready to be a dad finally.

Ron came over to them before the reception "I hope you know I am happy for the two of you. I can see how happy you make my brother."

Harry and Ron were now family and Harry had been trying to make real peace with him. "I am happy you and Hermione came."

They would never be friends, Harry could not forget the realization they had never been his friends, but Ron would be an Uncle to any children he had He wanted to be able to take their kids to the Burrow and celebrate holidays with the whole family, and their kids would be cousins. Perhaps even their kids would be friends.

Harry cut Charlie off when he tried to thank Harry for inviting them "No matter our history, he is still your little brother."

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