A _Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta_ alternate universe story
by Suika Roberts

Camille Bidan glares at the wall of his cabin on the Argama, running through the debacle in Hong Kong again.

*Bzzt* the door buzzes.


'Lieutenant Emma.'

Camille sighs, then opens the door and lets her in.

'Have a seat,' he says, gesturing vaugely.

Emma nods, then sits on the bed. She pats the surface next to her.

Camille gingerly perches on the bed next to her.

Emma looks down for a moment, then starts bluntly, 'You like that artificial Newtype, don't you?'

'Um,' Camille tries to equivocate, but stops at the sharp look she gives him, 'Yes. I thought she liked me too, we had a lot of fun in Hong Kong, until the Psycho Gundam showed up again. After that, it was like she was a different person.'

'She might have been. Artificial Newtypes are subjected to some pretty horrible things to bring out their abilities. Many of the early subjects just broke, multiple personality disorder, sociopathy, plain paranoid psychotic, with just minor Newtype abilities, just enough that the scientists kept trying,' Emma gives his hand a squeeze.

'What can I do?'

Emma closes her eyes for a moment, then pulls a flatish leather object from her pocket. It's almost rectangular, with rounded ends, a strap on one end and a bulge in the other. Her hand is tucked through the strap and wrapped around the body of the weapon, 'This is a sap, or cosh, or blackjack. There's a lead weight sewn inside,' she taps her leg with it.

'And?' Camille asks.

'It is used used to hit someone. Supposedly they were used to shanghai sailors by hitting them in the head and kocking them out.'

Camille blinks, 'What?'

'Not the best thing in most relationships, but . . . ' Emma trails off.

'When she's headed towards a mobile suit to try and kill you,' Camille blinks shining eyes and nods.

'It is a dangerous weapon, but.'

'Far safer than trying to disable the Psycho Gundam in combat.'

Emma hands him the sap, and he makes a few experimental swings with it, 'Thank you.'

'You're welcome,' Emma squeezes his shoulder, then leans over and plants a quick kiss on his temple.

After the door closes Camille's hand slips slowly up to touch the spot she kissed.

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