chapter 6: crush me

roxas panted having run two miles none stop, bursting into angels haven, zexion made a 'shhhh...' motioned, and pointed back stage, roxas nodded a thank you and rushed back stage, slowing down as he hit the stage, piano was playing softly, fira...

I hung up the phone tonight
Something happened for the first time deep inside
It was a rush, what a rush
'Cause the possibility
That you would ever feel the same way about me
It's just too much, just too much

roxas watched silently, waiting to hear more,

Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I've just got to know

roxas breathed softly, fira most likly knew he was there, but she didn't look away from the piano keys, she never did, she never had to...axels eyes were closed, and he started playing his guitar with the piano, if he thought he could dance, he should here himself sing...

Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, where this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?
Do you catch a breath when I look at you?
Are you holding back like the way I do?
'Cause I'm trying and trying to walk away
But I know this crush ain't goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy
Goin' away-ay-ay-ay-ayy

roxas eyes were wide "we've got company..." so she did know, axels eyes opened, and looked slightly horrified "roxas!" roxas came around the corner, un-able to meet those seafoam eyes, "i'm sorry..." "what?" "I said i'm sorry!" axels eyes softened "you don't have to appoligize, i get it, no big, right?" roxas scruched his eyes shut "axel..." axel shut up, "thats...not what i meant...i didn't mean to chase you away..." roxas stubbornly refused to look at those eyes...but he could feel the fire in them, "roxas, if you don't look at me, i'll walk away from here, and you will never see me again." roxas looked up immedeantly "i...sorry..."axel sighed, nearly missing fira sneaking away from the scene "hey, could i get everyones attention please? hello?" both paused hearing firas voice on stage "LOOK, IF YOU PEOPLE DON'T SHUT YER MOUTHS I'M GONNA KICK YOU ALL OUT!" everything grew dead quiet, "thank few days ago a friend came to me needing help with a relationship, and asked me to write him a song, and for those of you who know me, i said he had to write the lyrics, because it would be more heartfelt, but once again, if you know me, i did it anyway...and so, since they're both here being idiots, i think they need to hear this..." the violet curtains were drawn back and axel looked out at the crowd, roxas was standing like a dear in headlights, tears still painting his cheeks, soft piano and flittering violin, and firas voice filled the air

I know that you're hiding things
using gentle words to shelter me
your words were like a dream
but dreams could never fool me...
Not that easily

roxas smiled, tears pricking his eyes again, watching fira beckon him closer, he did as asked, "here..." she whispered away from the mic, handing him a music sheet, he cleared his throat

I acted so distant then
didn't say good-bye before you left
but I was listening
you fight your battles far from me
Far too easily

axel watched roxas smile singing with fira, he seemed different, music and dancing was his passion, and roxas was just a broken heart afraid to be smothered out like the wetted wick of a candle, and axel stared in awe as in shined through, the truth behind the lies, the boy under the ice, under the shy exterior, and the reallity in the challening dancer

'Save your tears 'Cause I'll come back'
I could hear that you whispered
as you walked through that door
but still I swore to hide that pain
when I turn back the pages
Shouting might've been the answer then
what if I cried my eyes out and begged you not to depart
but now I'm not afraid to say what's in my heart...

roxas was crying hard now, and axel could see riku stummble through the door of the bar gawking at the boy on stage, crying and singing at the same time struggling not to choke on his tears, riku met axels eyes, and the redhead watched the youngers shoulders slack, looking downward...he knew...he knew what was going on, he knew something else as well, something that axel didn't...and axel didn't like it

'Cause One Thousand words
Called out Through the Ages
They'll Fly to you
Even Though I can see
I Know That Reaching you
Suspended on Silver Wings

roxas was smiling pleasently now, fira obviously knew what the hell she was doing, as she lowered her mic and stepped over to axel, letting roxas take over "i gave you a chance, don't screw up ax, he's made of porcelin..." axel gawked a moment, and stummbled to catch the mic as she tossed it to him, "go get 'em pyro" axel caught up with the music fast, scaning the sheet she handed him

Oh One Thousand Words
One Thousand Embraces
Will Cradle You
Making all of Your Weary Days Seem Far Away
They'll Hold you Forever

fira shoved the guy on piano away, and she took over quickly, the difference was almost intimant, axel looked at the paper, 'you play echo here, so watch it' her spidery handwriting scrawled between the printed lines

Oh One Thousand Words {One Thousand Words}
Have Never been spoken {Oh Yeah}
They'll fly to you
they'll carry you home {carry you home}
Come back into my arms
Suspended on Silver Wings {On Silver Wings}

roxas didn't have to look at axel to know he was singing, nor did he have to look to know fira had taken over the piano, he smiled, looking at her words on the page 'hey, roxie, you wanted my opinon...and i think axel is worth it, riku can go jump off a cliff!, ha, kidding, you'd have a heart attack. not kidding there, listen, you get to be echo here, and i want you to just, listen to him sing it, and then, let him finish the song...' roxas shook his head, fira never changed, never

And One thousand words {oohh}
Called out through the ages {called through the ages}
They'll cradle you {oh yeah}
Making all of your lonely years to only days {only days}
They'll hold you forever

axel blinked, in a daze, as roxas lowered his mic, and smiled at him, a radiant, cloud breaking smile that brought the dawn of the deepest night to the horizon, it was breathtaking, and for a moment, axel, stuttered in the song, loosing his place...


One Thousand Words...

stunned silence, axels desprete gaze, and then the look in rikus eyes...

roxas ran away