The Return

It was a stormy night in San Francisco. Prue, Piper, and Paige Halliwell were sitting in the kitchen talking over cups of hot chocolate.

"So anyone heard from Phoebe lately?" asked Piper casually.

"I got an e-mail about a week ago," replied Paige. Prue just stayed quiet, not having heard from her little sister.

"Well, she's coming home. She lost her job, she got evicted, and only has about two hundred dollars left," Piper quickly added seeing Prue's glare.

"And this is news?" she asked sarcastically. She wasn't really mad, just a bit unprepared.

"When does she arrive?" asked Paige excitedly. Just then, the doorbell rang. Piper got up and went to open it, smiling lightly as she saw the deep brown eyes of her younger sister, Phoebe. Her smile turned to a frown as her gaze shifted down. Phoebe had lost about 15 pounds. She had a few bags with her and a... baby carrier at her side. Piper's eyebrow shot up and she let the young woman in.

"You look.. horrible Phoebe. What happened?" Piper asked, gently taking a few of the light bags. The dark brunette attempted a smile but failed miserably. She set the carrier down in the Foyer, just in time as Paige attacked her with a hug. The lighter brunette almost knocked her older sister off her feet. Piper was frowning at Phoebe's weight drop. Paige let go and bent down to the baby carrier. Phoebe cautiously approached Prue, standing in front of her, staring at the floor and tense. The raven beauty tilted her head at this. She lifted one hand and winced when Phoebe flinched. She placed her fingers under her little sister's chin and lifted her head so she could stare her in the eyes. What she saw made her heart ache; fear, pride, determination, and acceptance. Prue wrapped her arms around Phoebe, letting her let her tears and fears go. Piper watched them with a smile and Paige cooed at the little one in the carrier. The two pulled back and Prue helped her carry her stuff upstairs to her old bedroom.

"So, where's the crib thing?" the oldest sister asked. Phoebe smiled lightly and pulled a shrunken crib out of her black bag. She whispered a spell and the thing enlarged to full size. She placed it next to her bed and fixed it up. She also pulled out 5 outfits, a few diapers, some wipes, a bib, and two bottles. She set them on her bed to deal with later. They went back downstairs.

A little while later, the four sisters were sitting downstairs. Phoebe had the carrier sitting in front of her. Piper and Prue had yet to see the little baby. She lifted the little one out, revealing a baby girl with dark brown hair and blue eyes. She had on a little pink sleeper and opened her eyes and stared at the women around her. Phoebe fed her a bottle of breast milk, burped her baby girl, and put the sleeping infant down in her carrier.

"What's her name?" Piper asked, already planning on things she could get the little baby. She smirked i her head, knowing Phoebe would object to half of it.

"Her name is Jessica Peyton Halliwell and she's 3 weeks old. And before you ask who her father is, I honestly don't know anything about him except that he was a whitelighter and he drugged me in an all ages club and raped me before I left," the second youngest replied. Piper's eye twitched like it does when she gets pissed off.

"She doesn't look like him at all, though. She has my hair, Prue's eyes, Piper's skin color, and Paige's freckles over her nose," she added hastily. That calmed her siblings down a little bit.

"Did you make any friends in New York?" Paige asked, twirling her hair around her finger in an innocent type way. Phoebe gave her a light smile and sipped on her hot chocolate.

"I made friends with the lady across the hall from me. Her name was Olivia Benson and she worked in the SVU in Manhatten. Through her, i met 3 ADA's and a few other detectives," came the reply. She thought for a few moments.

"Alex Cabot, one of the ADA's was about 9 months pregnant when I last saw her. I should call her tomorrow and tell her i'm ok," she muttered under her breath. They retired to bed for the night.

The next day, Phoebe woke up early. Not early enough because all three of her sisters were gone to work and/or school. She showered and dressed in black sweat pants and a white t-shirt, pulled her hair up into a bun, and put her glasses on. She dressed Jessie in a white onsie and some pink pants. She fed and changed her little rug-rat and put her in the carrier. Grabbing a diaper bag and a bagel on her way out, she put some items in the bag and got in the Silver Kia in the driveway. She drove carefully to P4, parking near the entrance. She got out and took Jessie inside, waving slightly at the workers inside. She sat Jessie's carrier on the table and smiled her thanks when Piper handed her an orange soda and breakfast burrito. Just as she was finishing, her cell phone rang. She checked the caller ID, smiled, and answered it.

"Hey Liv," she said in a happy voice.

"Hey Pheebs. Alex wanted me to call and tell you that she had a girl last night. She named her Eryn Hope Cabot. She said that she'll pop over later with her."

"Pop in?"

"Oh yea. Apparently, Alex's mother, Madelin, had bound Nicole, Michael, Alex, and Lauren's powers when Lauren was born. She'll be there in a tornado-type thing, except no wind. I'll be over there soon, seeing as I can shimmer and all that."

"Ok. I'll send you a message when all of us are home," they hung up. She turned to Piper's stare.

"Alex had her daughter last night. Her and Olivia will be over here later," she explained. The older brunette nodded slightly.

About three hours later, everyone was home and in the sitting room, when a large tornado appeared in the middle of the room, revealing a tall blond woman, a brunette woman, and a small wriggling bundle. Phoebe stood up, cradling Jessie, and hugged the two woman closely. She pulled back.

"Everyone, this is Alex Cabot and Olivia Benson, and Alex's daughter Eryn," she said, pointing out each of the women. They sat down. Alex pulled the blanket off the baby. Eryn had dark blond hair with natural lighter streaks and sky blue eyes. Her eyes scanned the room, settling on Jessie's blue eyes before both girls fell back asleep.

Alex and Olivia left with Eryn a little while later. The sisters plus Andy and Leo headed to bed, not fully aware of the changes to come.

A/N: I'm rewritting this whole story and I hope to be done in a few days.