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So here I am back with ANOTHER story. I felt bad for not getting out anything for my other stories so until I can get out of my writers block, I'm going to be working on this story. So PLEASE review. This is my first all human story. The couples are canon except for Jacob and Angela.

I never imagined that we would go our separate ways.

We had been the best of friends since the day I moved to Forks, Washington with my braces and frizzy brown hair.

It was the winter of 1995. I was an eleven year old, wishing to fit in, only to be called metal mouth by my arch nemesis, Lauren Mallory.

I remember her making me cry and getting nothing but satisfaction out of it on my first day of school. But later I found my own satisfaction when I looked up through blurry eyes to see Lauren take a fall.

"Quit being such a bitch," a tall and beautiful blonde girl had hissed. My mouth hung open in shock. Never in my life had I heard anyone but adults swear. Yet there this girl was, towering over a fallen Lauren. The blonde was not alone either. Next to her was a girl with long black curls, only half the blonde's height. She seemed to be trying to stifle her laughter.

For the first time that day, Lauren was left speechless. Seeming pleased with themselves, the two girls turned and approached me. Quickly I wiped my tears away in an attempt to make myself seem more presentable.

"Hi!" the short girl said. Her eyes were a piercing gray but she didn't appear unfriendly. "I'm Alice." She turned to the blonde. "And this is Rosalie. Are you okay?"

All I was capable of doing was nodding. I wasn't outgoing at all. I barely had any friends because of it and I'm sure my braces and the bush called hair was a part of that.

That day I also met Alice's brothers, Edward and Emmett. Along with them was Rosalie's brother, Jasper. I had learned that Alice and Edward were twins and so were Rosalie and Jasper. Emmett was also in our grade. Alice had insisted that Emmett was nothing but dumb as he should've been in the seventh grade but had failed and ended up in the sixth grade with us.

Emmett defended himself, claiming that he wasn't stupid. He was smart but he simply chose not to do the work. He didn't care because he was going to play football in the NFL.

In the words of Emmett…

"Who needs school when you can be a superstar?"

From that day on, we were inseparable. Nothing could go wrong as long as we had each other.

We started high school together where we met Jacob Black and Angela Weber. I had found out that Jacob's father was best friends with my father and the reason that Jacob hadn't gone to middle school with us was because at the time he was living in Hawaii with his older sister. He had lost his mother the summer before sixth grade and couldn't deal with it. He decided to come back for high school.

Angela was a new student from Seattle. She clung to Jacob as if he was her life support. Alice always said that they'd end up together. She claimed that she "just knew".

We were there when Tyler Crowley decided it'd be funny to cut off Alice's hair freshman year, resulting in an ass kicking from Emmett.

We attended dances together, applied for jobs together and took drivers ed together.

When junior year rolled around, Alice decided that enough was enough. She wanted Jasper and she was going to make him hers. It didn't take much convincing. Jasper instantly said yes when Alice asked him out. Rosalie followed pursuit and she had her eye on Emmett. Like Jasper, Emmett was putty. With a big goofy grin and googly eyes, he nodded.

Jacob and Angela were the next ones to pair off. Just like Alice had predicted and not only that but Emmett was now out fifty bucks.

And of course Edward had to be a smartass. "Never bet against Alice," he had laughed.

Now it was just me and Edward. We were closer to each other than to anyone else. We formed a bond because we were single. He was my very best friend and I thought that's all we would ever be.

When the summer of 2001 rolled around, just before senior year, I received news that my mother and stepfather had been killed in a car accident in Jacksonville, Florida. I didn't know how to take it.

I had moved to Forks to give my mother time with her new husband all those years ago. We had talked nightly and outside of Forks, she was my very best friend. She consoled me when I got my period and was the one who told me about sex.

Then all of a sudden she was gone.

That night I ran away and for nearly a week no one could find me. I didn't want to be found. I wanted to be left alone.

I was gone for five days until Edward found me. He found me deep in the woods, covered in dirt and wearing torn clothes. My face was red from crying and I could barely form a coherent sentence from exhaustion.

He didn't say anything to me as he approached me. All he did was take a seat on the log where I was and pull me into his side. An hour passed before he spoke.

"It'll be okay."

That was all he said to me and from those three words, I knew it would be okay. I had the greatest father a girl could ever ask for and the best friends who would stick by me through thick and thin.

But the lives Edward and I lived had been changed. That weekend I knew they had. I was beginning to realize the feelings I held for Edward and on September 13, my birthday, two months after I had run away, Edward admitted that he had been in love with me since the eighth grade. I told him I loved him too.

Now here I was, sitting in the dark, staring out my bedroom window the night before graduation. In just 48 hours, Edward would be on his way to Dartmouth to study medicine with a minor in music. Rosalie and Alice were off to New York. Alice for fashion. Rosalie for modeling. Jasper was heading to the University of Texas in Austin as a history major. Emmett, believe it or not, would be heading to college too. He was going to be attending the University of Tennessee for football. NFL scouts were already watching him. Mainly the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Tennessee Titans.

Me? I'd be traveling to the windy city, Chicago, Illinois to attend the Chicago Culinary Institute. It seemed like we were all following are dreams. It just wasn't together.

So where would we end up five years from now? Ten years? Thirty years?

Only time would tell…