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Chapter Seven

Louisa could hear the concerned doctors talking in hushed tones and quiet whispers just outside the cubicle where she lay. The curtains surrounding her offered some privacy from the all seeing eyes of others, but sadly offered her no protection against outside sounds and noise. Their voices sounded like a low hum over all the other drone of the bustling, bleeding ER, but were still perfectly audible even though they did their best to hide their concerns.

"Her injuries aren't consistent with a hit and run, Walker and you know it." The young doctor paced the floor of the corridor, the expression on his face frustrated and slightly frantic, almost to the point of agitation.

"I know, but what can we do? We can only go on what she tells us, we can't force it outta her." Doctor Walker replied. He admired his young colleague's eagerness for detective work and desire to do the 'right thing', but he had been in this job too long to know that such attentions rarely yielded the desired outcome.

"For Christ's sake, the woman has a two inch deep bite mark on her breast and eight huge claw marks down to her abdomen…you're telling me that those came from being hit by a goddamn car?!" Doctor Moore pointed to the cubicle that Louisa was waiting in.

"There's nothing we can do Moore, she says she's been hit by a car and the driver fled, we treat it as a hit and run. If she's covering for some abusive asshole of a boyfriend then that's her bad luck…we just treat it as she tells it and do the best we can."

"But the…"

"Drop it Moore. Just go in there and give her the pain meds and tell her she can leave when she's ready." Doctor Walker called as he turned on his heel and headed off down the corridor to the next patient, his white coat fluttering behind him in a hurry as he patted his inner coat pocket with a cheerful smile.

Louisa cast her saddened gaze to the white painted wall as she tried to shut out the negative thoughts that were creeping into her mind as she lay waiting for the doctor to discharge her. She was in agony, insumountable amounts of pain wracked her entire body from crown to toe. She was very uncomfortable as she lay, gleaning neither rest nor relief from any position she shuffled her way into on the bed. She considered trying to wriggle to comfort once more when suddenly the flowery cubicle curtain swept back and in buzzed the young and intense Doctor Moore, holding multiple brown tubes of pills in his skinny hand. He stopped by the side of the bed, looking despondent and annoyed as hell, his annoyance rolling from in him in strong waves. Had Louisa felt better she might have attempted to calm him a little, but her current state lent her no strength for tampering with minds and emotions. Doctor Moore quickly flipped through the wad of notes he was carrying in his other hand; with a brief glance, he scanned the dog eared papers, then cast his eyes to Louisa's face with a disapproving look.

"Okay Miss Miller, the stitches I've put in the wound in your breast are dissolvable ones and should disappear in a few weeks, everyone's body react differently to them, but if they're still there in five weeks, come see us and we'll take them out for you."

He shuffled the notes some more before continuing.

"We're sending you home with three types of meds. The Thyamoxicillin is an anti-biotic and will help to keep your wounds free from infection; these need to be taken four times a day at meal times for two weeks, you need to finish the full course. The Co-phamadol is an analgesic and can be taken whenever the pain is bothering you, but for the first four days we recommend you take this three times a day so it stockpiles in your system. And the Pruodium is a mild sedative that you can use to help you sleep at night; we've only given you a few of these as they're not designed to be used long term, but for the first couple of days as you might find sleeping a bit uncomfortable. Do you have any questions?"

"Yeah, do any of the meds affect birth control pills?" Louisa asked meekly.

"Which one are you on?"


"No, none them affect the efficiency of the pill you're taking, you can carry on as normal." Doctor Moore said in a highly disapproving tone.

"Anyway, everything else here looks good Miss Miller, you're good to go as soon as you feel ready."

Louisa swung her legs over the side of the bed and began to stand slowly, her aching muscles screamed uncooperation at her but she forced them to move anyway. Blood rushed thick and fast to her head, making her feel dizzy and airy; she steadied herself lest the young doctor deem her unfit to be released. Collecting her handbag from the chair next to where she previously lay, she shot a crooked half smile at the doctor beside her and she made her way to leave. Doctor Moore fidgeted uncomfortably and intensely behind her as Louisa shuffled her way out of the curtained cubicle. He had to ask her one last question one final time; it was bugging the hell out of him and he knew he ought not to ask, but he couldn't help himself.

"Miss Miller, I have to ask you…" He paused and drew breath lightly, "...were you really the victim of a hit and run? Or is there something, someone else that caused your injuries?"

Louisa stopped still and turned ever so slightly to glance over her shoulder; Doctor Moore stood statuesque with his arms folded across his chest, on his face a knowing look played across his unconventionally handsome features. She could almost feel the concern in his grave voice, it was endearing really, it warmed her to think that someone actually cared, maybe not directly about her, but at least about her situation. She thought it was a great shame that she had to meet Doctor Moore like this; she actually liked him and might have liked to have gotten to know him better had the circumstances been different and more accommodating.

"I've told you everything doctor, and that's just as it happened. There really is nothing more I can tell you." Louisa sighed, trying to sound as if she were exasperated by his probing questions. Doctor Moore shook his head and bowed it slightly; he reluctantly handed the bottle of pills to Louisa and stepped back from the bed, allowing her to stand freely. He knew she was lying and it angered him deeply to know that she was holding back the truth, but just as the more senior Doctor Walker had explained...there really was nothing he could do about it.

"Okay Miss Miller, have it your way. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon." His tone was a little bitter but certainly not intentionally hurtful; Louisa sensed his intentions were sincere and only served to mirror his underlying concern. A ghostly but palpable smile formed on her sore and split lips in spite of herself and her pain; she was appreciative of his kindness and kept his name and face to memory, saving it so she might remember it fondly in her more lonely and bleak times.

A brief silence filled empty space between them. Dr. Moore's eyes held hers, long enough so she caught the longing, yearning look that lingered between them. The attraction had been immediate on his part, and had developed rapidly in Louisa. A quiet and barely audible sigh escaped her lips; she would have liked to have taken their brief, if somewhat overly professional encounter beyond the situation they were in. Had she possessed a semi normal life that she was able to maintain without Victor, she might have known him romantically, maybe even intimately. She might have known the tender touch of loving, kind hands roaming over her body, one that she knew took the skill of a practiced and thoughtful lover...

She turned from him then, breaking their quiet reverie and whatever unspoken thoughts that lingered between them, her thoughts dancing swiftly to the carnage that would ensue if Victor ever caught wind of her little 'fancy'. No amount of antibiotics or painkillers would repair the handsome Doctor Moore if Victor had his way.

"I'm very grateful for your help Doctor Moore. You're very...caring." She held back from saying anything further, lest she ruin the moment.

Dr. Moore watched her parting footsteps fall silently onto the lino floor, he studied her pained movements with some kind of reverence until she disappeared from his sight. He was sad to see her leave. Namely because he knew that no car could have caused her injuries, he desperately wanted to know what had really happened and nail the bastard that had caused her so much pain. But also because he felt a desire to know her, and might have liked to take her out for a drink sometime.

Maybe more.

Shame really.

Louisa shifted subconsciously as she felt something rough and harsh brush across the stinging wound on her breast; she wriggled her achingly painful body slightly as she tried to move herself away from the cause of the suffering, her legs beginning to flail as she became increasingly uncomfortable.

"Hold still goddamn it." His voice hissed fatally in the darkness of the stifling bedroom. He was desperately trying to resist the temptation to lunge his large hand towards her brittle neck and hold her far too firmly in place, crushing her windpipe.

"Stupid fuckin frail." His voice spat malignantly, as he shook terrible thoughts that were stained with her blood from his mind. He placed a monstrous clawed hand on her delicate upper arm and pinned her with a surprising light touch to the mattress, her fragility and brittleness stirring something deep within him. He marveled gloatingly at how wondrous her thin, glass like bones felt beneath his touch; his god complex swelled immensely inside him and railed violently against the peaceful afterglow he continued to bask in.

The afterglow was winning…for now.

Victor really didn't want to help Louisa, he had absolutely no desire to tend to her wounds like some kind of fucked up fiend nurse from some hellish nightmare; playing nice was never what Victor was about, it wasn't something that ever even crossed his complex, twisted mind. His entire world, his whole life and very existence was summed up with causing multiple wounds, unimaginable pain, profuse suffering and severe hurt; it was certainly not his usual way to actively work against such things. Doing anything that one could class as compassionate, caring or benevolent made Victor's blood boil in all the wrong ways and a dangerous anger dance and rage behind his eyes of stone; he detested all forms of human weakness and he viewed the afore mentioned states as just that…weaknesses; sickening faults and failings that were confined to humans and lesser mutants.


Victor shook his head violently to the left and suddenly felt the overwhelming need to purge himself of the sentimental tripe surrounding his actions; he felt like he needed to kill someone, like he needed to wash his hands in the blood of another and feel their flesh and brains splatter against his harsh face. This thought alone pleased him greatly and he smiled as his eyes ghosted across Louisa's outline through the flimsy top sheet cloaking her form; his yearning for violence simmering just below his skin.

But this time, it was in Victor's best interest to keep Louisa in some semblance to a state of living; he couldn't let her go just yet, he needed her too badly, although it enraged him to admit it even to himself. He needed to keep her brittle body free from infection and any other nasty unseen force that might steal her energy and strength. He needed her mind to be as alert and as healthy as it could possibly be in order that she might serve his needs to the very best of her wondrous ability. His reasons for tending to her, although easily misconstrued as good willed and even Samaritan like, were far from being near any such description. His actions were very selfish and centered solely around fulfilling his own needs and deadly desires. Victor was certianly no fool, he knew that Louisa was good, very good infact, possibly the best and definately the easiest to control; her power was extremely strong and she controlled it better and with more force than any other empath he had ever encountered. Finding another mutant of her magnitude and ability would be damn near impossible; it would take him literally years to find anyone that came close to a comparrison with Louisa...it was time that he just did not possess. In between basking in the glorious afterglow and the semi-peaceful haze that accompanied it, Victor knew he would have to try his best and play nicely with Louisa till she was fully healed. He would have to check on her regularly and employ all his skills and know how in order to keep her body in it's current state of recovery. He would have to tend to her the only ways he knew how, and if that failed him, he would seek out the products required to keep her on track and alive.

He had thought about leaving her in the hospital, where she could be tended to be an array of skilled doctors and flappable nurses with their wondrous drugs and fantastic instruments; but he knew their attention to detail, no matter how great, could never be as meticulous as his was. Of course the trained hospital staff could easily identify infection in a patient, but it was usually only after the infliction had surpassed an acceptable level, by which time damage was almost certainly being done to the body. Victor could smell infection from a mile away, hell he could damn well sense it; there was no body else on this earth that could detect it as quickly and accurately as he could. He ensured in his own rather underhanded way, that Louisa was discharged and declared fit to go home, where he could monitor her condition much more effectively. He hadn't found it very hard to bribe one of the older doctors into fudging some of her medical notes and charts so that they looked a bit more favorable; humans could be bought so cheaply it was almost laughable, they cast aside their better judgment and instincts and replaced it with cold hard dollar bills. Even the medically untrained such as Victor would have seen that Louisa was in absolutely no fit state to leave the hospital and should have stayed there for at least three to four days for further treatment and observation. But as it was, his little plan had fallen beautifully into place and Louisa now lay in his more than capable and lethal hands.

As he bent his head to her breast once more, Victor ruminated on the delicious question; had the doctor known what type of man he was effectively 'selling' Louisa to, would he have laid aside his Hippocratic oath oh so easily and let her go?

Louisa felt the stitches that bound the skin of the wound, pull and sting as the saliva from a flattened tongue swept over her injury and then seep into the warm and tingling wound.

"Victor…" Louisa rasped sleepily, her voice all but a wisp of words that disappeared into the black of the dark.

"Get some sleep, frail…hell knows you're gonna need it." He growled, seething and hovering somewhere above her. His eyes glowed dark grey as a slither of amber street-light illuminated that darkness of her stifling bedroom; they were filled with an arrogant indifference to her pain and discomfort, he truly cared not.

Louisa's eyes fluttered open for a second or two before closing again, her lashes batting as lightly as butterfly wings against her rounded cheeks. The furrow in her brow was relaxing and easing away as she drifted deeper into her medically induced slumber once again.

Medication is a wonder, was Louisa's last coherent thought before she fell into the glorious arms of sleep.