Prologue: Decision

"What the hell are you doing?" He growled. She spun around, dropping the object in her hand.

"You don't want to interfere with this." She stated boldly. Probably more boldly then she felt.

"Herm-Rose what the hell is going on?" He said, almost saying her name. She turned to him, her face flushed. She could not lie to him, after what they had become, after all that they had gone through. But there was no other way. His face looked smooth, but beyond that she could see desperation, the want to know, fear, pride…

"I-I…" She couldn't even say it. "The ending needs to change." She knew it sounded stupid, but it was the only way she could say it. The ending did need to change.

"But you said-" He started.

"I lied." She said smoothly.

"Why?" He said, his eyes growing dark.

"I wasn't ever supposed to tell you. We were meant to be sent back. It's our destiny." She knew how cheesy it sounded, but like before, it was the only thing she could say. And it was true. It was their destiny.

Ch1: Wish

"Promise me, Rose, and never let go of that promise."

"I'll never let go, I promise." She detached his frozen fingers from his and let him sink down… down to the depths of the ocean… to the place that would be his watery grave forever.

Hermione sat, engrossed in her favorite movie, Titanic. She let a salty, sticky tear escape her eyes and roll down her face as she watched Jack sink into the water. The saddest part in the whole movie… and she always had to cry at it. She watched as the rest of the movie flashed on the screen before her and suddenly came to an ending and the credits rolled up. She sighed and turned off the VCR. As she layed down to sleep parts of the movie replayed in her head. The first sight scene, the flying scene, the drawing scene, the car scene, and so many others…

Wouldn't that be cool if I could go back to that time and be on the Titanic? I wish I could… She thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Her dreams were very confusing and dark. A loud, scraping sound greeted her ears, was also met by the sound of splintering wood. Then, suddenly, without warning icy cold water was around her. It was so cold that she hardly could breathe, and she couldn't think of anything but the pain, just like he had said.

Several times a flash of platinum blonde hair and a pair of ice blue eyes swam before her. And suddenly she couldn't breathe, her lungs were screaming for air, her throat closing in on her… and then she was suddenly woken up by a woman calling her.

"ROSE! Get up NOW!" Screamed a woman's voice. Bleary-eyed, Hermione opened her eyes. Her eyes traced the intricate wood ceiling, and next trailed down to the elegant room with a vanity mirror and expensive furniture. Where am I? She thought.

"ROSE! Up!" Called the woman. What does Mom want? And why is she calling me Rose? Sure, Rose was Hermione's middle name. But her mother never called her by it. Never in her life hand Hermione heard her mother call her by her middle name. Sitting up in bed, she took another look around the room. It was decorated with strange objects that looked like they would be in style around the 1900's. Confused, she got out of bed, and inched towards the vanity mirror, afraid to find out whom would be on the other side of the mirror.

"Rose! I shall not call you again!" Startled, Hermione turned towards the door. Now that her mind was given a total wake up, she noticed that it was not her mother's voice that called her's. Who is it? Thought her attention towards the mirror, she gasped when she saw the reflection.

A beautiful creature stood on the other side of the mirror, staring back at her, open mouthed, and awe-struck. The tangled mess of curls that usually surrounded Hermione's face was gone, replaced instead with soft, luminescent curls that framed her face. Her eyes roamed over her face. It was even more beautiful then before. The luster of her pale-white skin made it glow radiantly. Her lips were shaped in a perfect curve and were just the right shade of pink. Not a blemish, or a freckle, or a mole disfigured her perfect face. Hermione stared open-mouthed at the figure. Surely it couldn't be her…

Reaching up a perfectly curved pale hand she touched her face, tracing the features of it. What was this? Was it a dream? Was it a hallucination? Had she really woken up? Her train of confused questions was interrupted.

"ROSE JEAN DEWITT BUKATER!" Yelled the woman. Hermione jumped at the sound of the voice. Definitely not her mother's voice. And what was up with the 'Rose Jean DeWitt Bukater'? Sure, Jean was her other middle name, but-?

Hermione's eyes widened as she realized. Rose DeWitt Bukater She was the girl from Titanic. No…it wasn't possible… surely she couldn't… She felt her face again. Absentmindedly looking back to last night, and remembering something… a flash of light across the midnight blue sky… A shooting star. Did it really work if you wished on them? She remembered the words she had whispered that night, almost like an uttered prayer.

"Wouldn't that be cool if I could go back to that time and be on the Titanic? I wish I could…" She remembered thinking. The beautiful reflection's eyes widened, mimicking her expression as she thought of what could have happened. Could she have gone back in time that night she had wished? The night there was a shooting star? Was that possible? Did that kind of magic exist? Or was it an accident of some sort? Maybe a time paradox…

No, she was being stupid. There wasn't a time paradox. But could she have been sent back in time? What if she had been kidnapped? Possibilities raced around in her head, each of them sounding more and more bizarre.

"We need to hurry up so we can get there in time to board the ship!" Yelled the woman again. Startled out of her reverie, Hermione jumped, and walked over to the closet. She wondered what the woman meant by the ship? Did she mean the Titanic, perhaps? Hermione was distracted from her thoughts by the sounds of her footsteps on the wooden floor. Light, weightless, almost no motion to stir the dust motes on the floor. So graceful…

Thinking back to the movie, Hermione wondered what Rose had worn on the day of the boarding. Hadn't she worn a white suit with a over-sized violet hat? Hermione opened the closet and the first thing she laid eyes on was an over-sized elegant violet hat and a white suit with purple trimming. It was the exact suit from the movie.

She took out the dress open-mouthed, aware that she was holding the same dress as Kate Winslet had in the film. Or even Rose DeWitt Bukater, if she had been real (which she was skeptical of.). She dressed into the clothes and entered the room next to her's to find a woman dabbing makeup onto her pale, round face. The woman glanced up from the mirror, saw Hermione, and glowered at her. Hermione's heart leapt as she realized that this was Ruth, Rose's mother.

"Good morning, Sweet Pea. What took you so long?" Came a rough voice from behind her. She turned around, almost falling down when she saw the man behind her. An elegantly dressed man with brown hair. Hermione could only guess who this man was. Cal, Rose's annoying, fiancé who always failed in seducing her. She almost rolled her eyes at the sight of him.

"I suppose I was just tired." She lied smoothly.

"I see." He said, looking at her suspiciously.

"Well, I suppose we'd better get our things ready to go." Said Ruth. She called a couple servants and they started loading their trunks into some automobiles. She knew what was going to happen now; she had the whole movie memorized, even though this wasn't part of it. She assumed that they would go to Southampton, the dock where the Titanic was waiting. Waiting for everyone to board her.

With her heart pounding she followed Cal, Ruth, and the servants out to the automobiles.