Chapter 1

Returning planes crowded the deck of the U.S.S. Roosevelt. Mechanics ministered to them while medical personnel moved among the marines who had been brought aboard for treatment. Under Ratchet's supervision, human technicians worked to repair the damage that had been done to a number of the Autobots.

Two individuals stood aloe on the bow, gazing out across the desert sea as the battle group steamed south toward more open water and, eventually, home. One figure was small, slight, and all too human. The other was huge, powerful, and as different from human as different could be.

Or maybe not quite so much.

"The symbols in my head." Sam sucked in a deep lungful of the bracing sea air. "Their gone."

"Not gone." Looming beside him, Optimus shooed away a seagull that sought to perch on his shoulder. "Absorbed within the substance of the Matrix." Dropping his gaze, he regarded that precious- and dangerous- relic of a distant past that was now attached to his hip.

"Peaceful." Sam nodded at the water sliding past beneath the great ship's keel. "Hope it lasts." He grinned to himself. "I've got a lot of classwork to make up."

"Hope, as you have proven, Sam, is all that's required." The leader of the Autobots paused for just an instant. "Thank you for saving my life."

Tilting his head back, Sam peered up at his massive friend. "Thanks for believing in me."

They stood quietly like that for some time before he spoke again. "The Primes- if they weren't a dream, or a hallucination- said I didn't know the truth about my future. Do you?"

Optimus considered. "I know one thing. Whatever it may hold, it is a future we'll meet together. Our planets, our races, united by a history long forgotten, yet to be discovered." Tilting back his head, he peered up at the sky and through it, to the stars beyond.

Turning to look behind him Sam noticed Mikaela, Leo, Simmons, his parents, and Bumblebee standing not that far off watching him and Optimus. Mikaela noticing that that Sam was looking at her gave him an encouraging, loving smile. Sam smiled and nodded in return understanding what she wanted him to do.

Turning back around, he tilted his gaze upward and focused his attention on Optimus' faceplate. "Optimus, there's uh… there's something that I've uh- been meaning to tell you."

Looking down Optimus fixed his optics on the human that stood beside him. "Yes, what is it Sam?"

Sam looked down off the edge of the carrier and stared at the waves that slammed against the unrelenting power of the ship, remembering his conversation with Prime in the graveyard; and how different things may have been if his answer had been different. He thought of Mikaela's reassuring words as they hid in the prison and her words just hours ago.

Sam looked back up and saw that Optimus was still looking back down at him, patiently waiting for his response. Putting a smile on is face that he did not have to force Sam said, "I want to help you. If your offer still stands, I want to speak for you, stand with you guys."

Sam's smile began to waver as Optimus continued to quietly stare down at him. Then when he began to feel that Optimus may not respond to him the mech knelled down next to him so that they could look each other straight in the eye and optic. "I thank you Samuel Witwicky. But as you stated in our previous conversation you do deserve a life of normalcy. You deserve what any human your age desires, an education. And among us you can not achieve that goal."

Sam laughed. "Optimus last week, before any of this started I think I may have stuck with what I said. But now, after everything that I went through I realized that normalcy is overrated. I mean yeah, I'd love to go to college, and perhaps I can do both. But more than that I want to help you, I want to help my friends."

Optimus seemed to be giving this some thought before he finally nodded his massive head in the positive. "I thank you Sam. After everything that has recently occurred these times will be tough for all, as will convincing the leaders of this planet that we are here to protect them from harm. But as always we will stand by you, as you have us." With that Optimus turned and made his way to the other end of the Carrier where Ratchet and members of NEST were working together to repair the Arcee sisters.

"I always will." Sam said quietly as he turned to watch Optimus walk away. Out of the corner of his eye he saw that Mikaela was slowly making her way over to him, a light smile gracing her lips making her already beautiful face that much more gorgeous and breathtaking.

Placing her arms around him and resting her head against his chest and his against her shoulder she sighed. "I love you. I don't know if I've said that enough."

Sam chuckled and smiled he remembered watching her say that, hearing her say that from where ever he had been with the Primes. "I could say the same."

"Then why don't you?" She joked.

"I thought I already had." Sam smirked as she lightly hit the back of his head. "I love you too."

Inclining her head so that she could look her boyfriend in the eye her grin had turned into a full fledged smile "Optimus seemed to be pretty happy about what you had to say."

Looking over the top of her head Sam glimpsed Prime as he was conversing with Ratchet as the medic reattached Chromia's Energon gun and arm to her main body. "Yeah he did." Looking back down at her Sam released himself from their embrace and placed his hands on her shoulders. "I'm sorry 'kaela."

Looking him in the eye Mikaela gave him a questioning look. "For what."

"For almost leaving you. I should have kept running with you, Will, and Epp's instead of making a break for Optimus." Sam said, as he took on a pained expression.

Mikaela looked understanding as she softened her words. "I understand why you did it Sam. I don't hate you for it, I never could. But I did mean what I said." Placing her hand on his check she quietly said "I can't live without you. I love you so much. When I saw you lying there in the sand dead, I felt like a piece of me had died."

Sam looked down at her sadly knowing what he had put her through, what he had put everyone that he was close to through. He had placed everything on the line, lost it all, and then miraculously gained it all back in an instant "I never wanted to put you through that, I'd never want to make you feel like that."

"I know, but it did and I did. But you know what," and here she slightly raised her voice and Sam noticed the little sparkle in her eyes that he loved so much. "It made me realize how much I really, truly love you. I realized that you mean everything to me." By the time that she had finished she had taken Sam's hands off of her shoulder and now held them in both of her hands.

Looking down at their interlocked hands, and then up into her beautiful face, the determination and courage that Sam had felt as he ran towards Optimus' body coursed through him once again. Taking a deep breath and opening his mouth to do something that he had been trying to gain the nerve to do for so long now he looked down into her blue eyes that always seemed to make him feel that he was looking into the most amazing body of water that he had ever seen. "Mik, I need to ask you something."

Looking up at him, her eyes questioning, his determined. She nodded.

Sam began to kneel, their hands still connected, and suddenly Mikaela knew what was coming. Sam's mother must have figured it out as well as she shrieked a joyful cry gaining the attention of those on the deck, those that were not injured or had the ability who had heard the noise looked over in their direction and wanting to know what had caused it began to move closer, the Autobots that could got as close as they dared but stayed a distance as they tried to process what was going on. Mikaela took no notice of her surroundings, so intent she was on the man kneeling at her feet.

Sam smiled up at her and wet his lips "Mik, we might be young, but I love you. I love you more than anyone; this whole mess has finally made me see that. I've been stupid this past year, heck I've been stupid most of my life. I mean yeah, maybe not as dumb as Trent was, I don't think anyone could be any denser than him. I mean seriously how could anyone act the way he did when he's got someone as great as you, I know I couldn't, I haven't. At least I don't think I have, have I?"

Mikaela laughed lightly at his rambling, and she watched as the determination that had been in his eyes only a moment before had slowly turned into nervousness. Fighting alien robots he could do without a second thought, but anything else, anything that had to do with the next level in anything that happened in his life he could easily become a nervous wreak. It was one of his many qualities that she loved about him. He wasn't like the other boy's that she had known most of her life that were sure about everything that they did to an annoying level, Sam was a perfect blend of male ego and male nervousness.

Noticing what he was doing Sam laughed nervously. "Right, rambling sorry." Taking a breath he calmed himself, and the determination that had just evaded him returned in full force. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to share everything with you. Most of all, above anything else, more than saving the world I want to be with you." Taking a calming breath, he went on. "Mikaela will you marry me?"

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