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Dawn leaped off the ferry and jumped up into the air happily. She had finally made it to Kanto to compete in the Pokemon Contests there. Piplup let out a squeak of happiness with its trainer. Dawn had changed her wardrobe before heading out on her own. In the place of her old pink and black mini-dress she was wearing tight, black Capri's, a red sweater and had traded out her boots for regular tennis shoes.

"Let's get going!" Dawn cried happily as she tossed her Pokeballs into the air. A Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu, Mamoswine and a Houndour leaped gracefully out of their Pokeballs. "Okay, you guys we need to train if we plan on winning the contests hear. Zoey and Kenny haven't gotten any weaker and we need to train hard if we want to win especially since Ash and Brock aren't going to be with us anymore." Dawn's voice cracked at the end with sadness.

"What are you doing here troublesome?" asked Paul rudely.

"I am here to enter the Kanto Region contests! What about you?" asked Dawn looking at Paul. Oh my Arceus, he looks so cute! Thought Dawn, blushing a bit at the thought, don't think about him like that, he is the rival of one of your best friends! Although she had to admit he looked very hot in his knee-length shorts and a muscle shirt that showed off his abs.

"Checking me out again I see," laughed Paul as Dawn blushed furiously. "Well, if you must know I am here to compete in the Kanto Battle Frontier. If that loser won this thing it should be easy for me! Well I must be off."

Dawn waved at Paul as he walked off, hands buried deep in his pockets.

"His attitude hasn't approved much has it?" asked Dawn turning back to her Pokemon. "Let's get training!"

"So he's still acting the same, isn't he?" said Misty looking at her friend sadly. When Dawn had called to tell her she had arrived in Kanto she had told her about meeting up with Paul again. Misty knew that Dawn had secretly had a crush on Paul since they had first met, but she had not admitted it yet.

"Hey, my first Contest is in Cerulean City so I am going to come and visit you!" screamed Dawn happily to her friend. Misty shrieked back.

"Great and you can come watch one of my gym battles!"

"That would be awesome!" sighed Dawn again looking at her friend. "Have you told Ash yet?" asked Dawn looking slyly at her friend.

"What do you mean by that!" asked Misty her face going a deep red.

"You don't want to hold it in too long Misty. You saw what happened to May!"

"Oh yeah," sighed Misty thinking about their friend. May had tried to tell Drew but ended up telling him they were friends instead. "Poor May."

"Tell Ash!" commanded Dawn as she hung up. Dawn began to feel lonely as she walked outside. "I know what will help, I will train! Go Houndour!"

Dawn's Houndour leaped out of its Pokeball and began to chase his tail excitedly.

"Now Houndour fire spin then shadow ball," commanded Dawn as she watched her Houndour attempt their new combination. The fire spin shot out and then Houndour fired his shadow ball through the middle before it blew up.

Houndour turned to look at Dawn sadly. "Don't worry you will get it," said Dawn scratching her Pokemon affectionately.

"Your Pokemon are looking great Dawn!" said a voice behind her.

"Oh, hi Kenny," said Dawn glaring at him secretly. She wished Kenny would get over his stupid little crush and leave her alone.

"Are you here to compete in the Kanto Contest?" asked Kenny.

Obviously, thought Dawn. Instead she said, "Of course and I bet you are too!"

"How did you know?" asked Kenny.

Because I am a freakin genius, thought Dawn. "Well I have to train so see you around!" said Dawn running off.

Dawn walked back into the Pokemon Center after three grueling hours of training. As her newest Pokemon Houndour still had a way to go, but he was getting better every day.

"And our great Gym Leader Misty has just won the Whirl Cup!" shouted the announcer. Dawn looked up happily. Her friend hadn't told her that she was doing that well.

"Man she may be tougher to beat than I thought!" said a young boy behind her.

"She is awesomely strong," Dawn told the young boy. "So you're going to have to train hard."

"You know her?" asked the boy.

"Yes, she is one of my best friends," said Dawn. "By the way my name is Dawn."

"Mine is Tommy. Are you a trainer to?"

"Nope, I am a coordinator. This will be my third region."

"Well you must not be very good considering I have never heard of you before."

Dawn gave him the glare that made Paul shut up and Tommy ran away.

"Now, I am going to start towards Cerulean City tomorrow!" said Dawn determinedly as she walked back to her room.

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