Title: Fermata
Pairing: Hermione/Pansy, background Hermione/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 200
Warnings: reverse narrative, infidelity
Summary: Adjusting to being Mrs Malfoy took some time.
Notes: Done for latex_muffins' drabble meme. Length limits on drabbles are both a fun challenge and the bane of my existence; this might be too short to entirely make sense. :P

In their drawing room is a piano.

Hermione lingers by it for a moment, trailing her fingers over the keys. She presses one, not hard enough to make a sound, and moves on.

"I told Draco today," Hermione says.

"You didn't," hisses Pansy, as if her denial is a veto.

"We can't keep doing this," Hermione insists.

Pansy tuts. "Everyone says that; they never mean it. Come back to bed? It's still twenty minutes before lunch is over."

"I should tell Draco," Hermione muses. "This just doesn't feel right."

"This doesn't feel right?" Pansy kisses Hermione's thigh; her fingers creep still higher.

"What are we doing?" Hermione asks, amazed and slightly giddy.

Pansy grabs Hermione's hand and drags it lower, grinning. "Just what it looks like, I'd imagine."

"The thing is, I've really no idea how to be a socialite. I should go back out there, but..." Hermione sighs. "It's nice in here with you."

"I could make it nicer if you'd like." Pansy grins, and suddenly it's no longer a joke.

In the drawing room is a piano, and Pansy plays it late into the night when the Malfoys hold parties.

Hermione gravitates toward the music and sits by Pansy, rapt.