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Chapter 1

"Oh, I wish it would just start!" Jenna said anxiously.

Sara White silently agreed with her friend. They were in the bleachers of Drake Stadium watching the Drake Relays. The boys distance medley was about to start but unlike Jenna, Sara knew that the race would be a few minutes before it started. The runners weren't even in the starting blocks yet.

"Explain to me what we're watching again," Jasmine said. Three pairs of eyes rolled at Jasmines words.

"Ok, Jasmine," Chloe said exasperatedly, "we're at the Drake Relays: One of the biggest high school track meets in the state of Iowa. The boys medley relay is about to start. It is a relay race where not all of the runners run the same distance, hence the word medley. The first two runners, that's Kevin, your boyfriend, and Jim, Jenna's boyfriend, run 200 meters, half a lap. The third runner runs 400 meters, an entire lap around the track. My boyfriend Alex runs this leg of the race. Finally, Alex hand off the button to Kyle, Sara's boyfriend, who runs 800 meters, two whole laps, and the race is over."

"Chloe be quiet the race is about to start!" Sara exclaimed.

The runners were in the blocks and she could see the starter raise the gun. A gunshot was heard over the entire stadium.

The race was on!

"Where are they?" Jasmine asked anxiously, "We're Green Valley, in the dark green and black, that's us in lane four," Sara explained to her friend, "That means we're favored to win."

"Who's winning?"

"Jasmine it's too early in the race to tell that just yet," Jenna said, "didn't Kevin explain any of this to you before now?"

"Yes," Jasmine said timidly, "but I was a little occupied at the time"

"I'm not even going to ask what that was," Sara said with a twinge of disgust in her voice, "anyway, Kev just handed off to Jimmy. It looks like they're in second place right now."

"It's so close," Jenna said, bouncing up and down in her seat, "It always is at the beginning Jenna," Chloe stated.

The girls watched as Jimmy handed off to Alex.

"Oh, if only Alex could run a faster time," Chloe groaned, "we're already losing ground on the leaders."

"Have you learned nothing from watching Alex run?" Sara looked at Chloe, "Alex runs a much stronger second 200 meters than all the other runners. See. He's already catching back up."

It was true. Alex was only a few strides behind the second place runner. He caught the leaders just as he gave the button to Kyle.

"C'mon Running God," Sara whispered, she knew that Kyle could always win the race for the team but that didn't mean she still couldn't feel nervous. What if he tripped? What if he pulled a muscle in the middle of the second lap? It never happened though. Kyle was already pulling away from the pack.

For once the girls we're silent. Sara smiled to herself; Kyle had that effect on people when he ran: It was mesmerizing to watch him. The way he held himself, the smooth, fluid motion of his limbs, the way he seemed to just glide over the surface he was running on. He was on his second lap now. The closest runner was ten meters behind him at least; the margin would increase over the second lap.

Sure enough, Kyle pulled farther ahead and won the race by close to twenty meters. The runner who had been in second place was now in third, he burned himself trying to catch up to Kyle.

"Damn that was exciting," breathed Jasmine, "now what?"

"Well," Jenna started, "the boys are done for a little while now so we can talk."

"Yeah," Sara said, "Jasmine, is there anything you do with Kevin that doesn't involve sex?"

"Don't knock it till you've tried it," Jasmine said with a mischievous grin.

"Yeah, right" Sara snorted, "I won't disagree with you when you say it's amazing, but that doesn't mean I'm interested in doing it just yet."

"Come now, Kyle! You only burned the guy by twenty meters. Is that the best you could do?"

Kyle Moor turned as he heard Kevin shout at him from a little ways away.

"I could have kicked it in harder, but…," he said, "I didn't want him to feel embarrassed."

"They probably feel embarrassed just by running against you," Kev joked.

"That felt like about one minute fifty seconds what do you think," Kyle said off hand, "shall we go ask Coach to see if I'm right?"

"We can, but you always seem to be able to guess what you just ran," Alex said in his low baritone voice. At six-foot-one and in the general area of 220 pounds, the great black runner was usually intimidating to anyone, except Kyle. Kyle was small in comparison to his teammates but the other boys could tell he could handle himself by looking at him. It wasn't difficult to see how ripped Kyle was through the thin track singlet.

The boys sifted their way through the crowd and back to the team camp. "The old man looks rather indifferent today," Jimmy said, "'course he's used to us doing this by now"

"Doing what?" Kevin asked with a smile.

"Baking a cake for him, no, what think Kev?" Kyle said.

"Run quickly?" Kev said innocently.

"You just hit it on the head there genius," said Alex, "c'mon, let's not keep him waiting." They walked down to the coach who causally turned to them.

"Well you boys just broke your own record," Coach Davis told them, "again."

"Kev, Jimmy that was the fastest you've run yet, but not quite fast enough we need to get Alex the button with just a little more lead."

"The other runners may need to run slower but we will work on that."

"Alex, the usual commentary: coming up from behind like that looks cool and it works, but…"

"Yes, Coach. I know I need to run a little faster in the first half but right now it is working just fine," Alex said in his calm voice.

"Anyway," the coach continued, "splits were 21.9, 21.6, 47.8, all very nice splits."

"What did Kyle run? C'mon, Coach don't leave us hanging like this!" exclaimed Jimmy.

"Keep your shirt on Jimmy I'm getting there," Coach Davis said, "and last but certainly not the least Kyle you ran a 1:48.98 for your 800," Coach Davis calmly said, "total time was 3:21.37. That breaks last meet's record by about one second and that's a new state record too."

"Shit, man. We're doing good," Jimmy exclaimed.

"Kyle, any idea on what you're doing once you graduate," the coach asked.

"I haven't thought too much about that," Kyle replied, but he wasn't focused on his coach's words. He was looking at a figure standing in the shadow of an overhang a little ways off. It looked familiar to him, "If you'll excuse me," he walked off toward the figure.

Behind him the coach sighed.

"Boys," he said, "you have some of the greatest potential out of all the boys I've coached, especially Kyle, but…"

"But what Coach," Kevin asked, frowning.

"But from what I can tell he has no interest in continuing this after he graduates later this year."

As Kyle walked toward the figure he started to laugh to himself. "Well, well, I thought that shadow looked awfully familiar," he said.

As he neared, his older brother James looked up and saw him. "Nice race there," James said, "but do you have to run so slow?"

"You know me, James," said Kyle, "always trying not to embarrass my opponents to much."

"Yeah, but I know you and you could have burned everybody by half the straight-away easily."

"Oh, so the person who chose not to participate in all this is criticizing the person who knows what he's doing." Kyle said, "Do you realize that if you decided to do this you could have slaughtered the competition just by showing up at the event?"

"Kyle, you know that this thing would have been wasted on me," James said patiently. "But enough about track, how are things going for you? You haven't been in as close of contact as you used to in the past few months."

Kyle sighed, "It's Sara. I don't know how I'm going to deal with this after this year."

"Hey, you've got time left to deal with that," James said sympathetically, "in the mean time," he said changing subjects, "what else does Green Valley have running?"

"We have the 4x100 meter relay coming up. I'm not sure when that will be but you might be interested in watching that. It's a race that you might have enjoyed running. Kev and Jimmy are the second and anchor runners on it so we should do well."

"How well do you think, Kyle?" James asked absently.

"Let's see…Kev and Jimmy aren't the fastest hundred runners out there, and they're our fastest, so I think we'll probably get third in that."

"Either of those two in an individual event?"

"Kevin is in the open two hundred meters and should do well in that. Oh yeah, Alex is in the open 400 as well, like Kev he should also do well. Once again I don't know what times those will be run at so check a schedule if you want to stick around for a while."

"We'll see," James said as he turned to go, "remember to keep in touch more often little brother, I don't feel like coming all the way down here just to find out what's on your mind every time you have a lapse in communication."

"I'll try," Kyle responded also turning to return to the team camp, "I have to get back to my team now so I'll talk to you later."

"Likewise," said the retreating back of his brother.

"Hey," breathed Sara as Kyle walked up to her in the stands.

"Hey to you," responded her boyfriend as he bent down to kiss her. Sara returned the kiss fervently. She loved kissing Kyle. Scratch that: she was half in love with Kyle. Kyle was, as usual, the one who broke the kiss; Sara couldn't get enough of the kiss and so would always be light headed whenever she broke the kiss because she couldn't hold her breath any longer.

As Sara looked at Kyle she couldn't help but giggle slightly, "You don't look tired at all. You should at least look winded; Jimmy just told me that you ran a sub one-fifty for your 800."

"I recover quickly," was his response.

"No, you don't recover quickly," Sara snorted, "you just don't get tired. I've been to enough of your track meets to know that. You run three 800's per meet: all within two seconds of each other, one of which is right after one of the others, and you still aren't tired."

"I guess high school track just isn't very challenging for me," Kyle shrugged, "but you should see me when I go to bed at night. I fall asleep almost the instant I hit the bed and sometimes it takes something just short of an earthquake to wake me."

"Speaking of high school track not being enough of a challenge for you," Sara started to say, "do you still plan to go and work at your brothers company after high school or have you decided to go to college and run?"

Kyle sighed. "Yes, I'm still planning to go and work for my brother. Since he knows what I can do I shouldn't have a difficult time getting a job. All I need to do is fill out the job application and have some good references."

Sara bit back her tears. She didn't know if James Moor had gone to college but she doubted it. She also doubted that Kyle's twin sister, Ann, would be going on to college as well. Everyone in the Moor family just seemed to go and work for the family business. Though that wasn't all bad since the business was one of the largest research and development companies in the nation.

"How about you, Sara," Kyle asked, "are you planning to go on to college right after high school?"

"My dad doesn't have enough money to pay for college right away," Sara said sadly, "our current plan is to have me work for a year and then go to community college."

"James could lend you some financial aid you know," Kyle stated, "but that's all up to you."

"Thanks for the offer," Sara smiled, "I'll keep it in mind." "Hey, why are we trying to depress each other right now?" asked Kyle, "come here."

He opened his arms to Sara and she moved into him. Smiling, she closed her eyes in contentment. Even though she didn't know where the future was going to take Kyle and her she was happy to rest in Kyle's strong arms for the moment at hand.

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