Ch. 4

Sara's captor roughly threw her into the back of a beat up Hummer and jumped into the drivers' seat. The car's engine roared to life and she was thrown about as the man wildly whipped around and accelerated away. Sara managed to sit up and look out the back window, trying to see the man who had come to her rescue. To her astonishment, the figure was keeping up with the car as it sped away from the scene. To an extent, it even seemed like he was gaining on the car.

Her captor seemed to notice this and Sara was jolted by another surge of the car as he accelerated again. Sara kept looking for her would-be savior as the car sped away; she was too scared to do anything else. After the second acceleration, the figure and the car seemed to be moving at the same speed. Tentatively, Sara peeked over the shoulder of her kidnapper to peer at the speedometer. It read approximately 50 miles an hour. Sara blinked. 'The man chasing after this car is moving at the same speed as the car and we're moving twice as fast as a person can run,' thought Sara though she quickly realized that nothing any of the men who had tried to assault her and her friends and the shadowy figure who had come to their rescue seemed human.

The former ringleader of the group cursed as he swerved around a tight corner throwing Sara into the side of the car. She groaned and held her head, looking up to see out the window searching for her savior. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw that the car was beginning to pull away from him. Hurtling around a few more turns, they car lost the figure completely. She heard her kidnapper breathe a sigh of relief and her heart crumbled. She was lost. She had been kidnapped by a man who was infinitely stronger than she was and who probably didn't feel pain, judging from what the reactions of his followers were when her friends tried defending themselves. And her only hope to be saved was gone now.

"What are you going to do to me?" she managed to whisper.

"You'll be useful for a few years," the man said, "I'll use you as a whore for a while. Though I wouldn't worry too much about being that for long, I'll get bored of you soon enough and your blood will make a good snack then."

He grinned at his last statement. Sara shrank away from the man.

'What does he mean by that?' she thought, 'vampires don't exist so why would he say that he'd drink my blood? God, what is happening to me?!' She then had to cover her head with her arms to shield herself as her captor swerved onto the freeway.

"Fuck!" the man cursed, "why can't this move faster!?"

Sara looked at the cars' speedometer: it read 69 miles per hour.

"Where are we going?" she asked, "Away from that son of a bitch," her kidnapper responded.

"You've already lost him," sobbed Sara, "why is it that you're still concerned in getting away from him?"

"Because I know he's still following me," the man said, "until I know…" he was cut off as something suddenly landed on top of the car.

"SHIT!" the man yelled, jerking the car around, swerving, trying to throw off whatever, or whoever, was on the car. The passenger side window suddenly shattered as the masked figure came in through it. He grabbed hold of the steering wheel, causing the car to veer off into the grassy median between the paved sections of the freeway.

It was difficult for Sara to tell what was happening in the front seat of the car. She realized that when the car stopped shuddering it meant that they were now in the opposing lanes of traffic and were now barreling down the wrong side of the highway at close to 70 miles an hour, with cars speeding toward them at even faster speeds. She was able to see her savior shove her captors' body out the car window, to be decapitated by a passing semi-truck. The car was close enough to the truck when this happened that the two vehicles collided with each other causing the car Sara and her savior were in to spin out of control. The figure jumped into the back seat of the car and wrapped his body around Sara.

'Is he trying to protect me?' Sara wondered, 'wait. Duh, Sara. What did you think he was doing?' she asked herself.

The car suddenly slammed into something causing the two of them to fly across the car and slam into the other side. Sara didn't feel anything, her rescuers' body absorbing the entire impact.

Sara lay there for a few minutes breathing hard. It was over. The masked man who had come to the rescue of her and her friends had killed all of the men in the group of assailants. She began to relax and her heart stopped beating so fast, only to beat faster again when she came to an astonishing realization. She knew who her savior was! She knew the feel of the strong arms around her, how they made her feel so safe and secure. And the smell of the man was undeniable. Her rescuer was none other than…


Kyle just sat there as he watched Sara reach up and peal the mask away from his face and look at him. 'Well, looks like the discussion of what I am came in a slightly different fashion than I envisioned,' he thought as he watched the emotions play over Sara's face.

'Interesting,' he thought, 'I expected her to be shocked and possibly afraid, she's shocked, yes, but she looks more…relieved than afraid. I don't think I have time to find out why though.'

"Hey there," Kyle said, "it's in your best interest that you not be associated with this crash. We need to get out of here."

"But, Kyle! Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal!" Sara protested.

"I know it is," Kyle calmly stated, "however, since the reason why the car suddenly drove over the thirty foot grass median between the lanes of traffic and drove head on into opposing traffic at 70 miles an hour now resembles ash explaining what happened will get a little tricky. Besides," he added, "I know some people who can make this thing appear to never have happened."

"Ok, but how do we get out…?" Sara didn't manage to finish her question before Kyle released her and punched a hole in the roof of the car, climbing out of it and reaching back inside for her.

"Oh," Sara said, her eyes widening. It appeared that she had temporarily forgotten that Kyle was much stronger than a normal human. Kyle hoisted her out and set her on the ground. He then reached into his coat and pulled out his cell phone, quickly dialing a number.

"Who are you calling?" he faintly heard Sara ask while listening to the phone ring.


"Hey there Godfredson, took me a bit longer than I expected but we are ready for clean up now. You'll find the scene in the usual manner."

Kyle flipped the phone shut and tossed it back into the wreckage of the car.

"Ok, that's the easy part," he said, turning to Sara, "the tricky part is getting you back to your friends."

"How is that tricky?" asked Sara, "do you have some sort of device that will transport me back to the mall? And why did you throw your phone back into the car?"

"I threw the phone into the car because there is a tracking device implanted in the phone that will lead the 'clean-up crew' to the scene of the accident." Kyle said, "And no I don't have a teleporter if that's what you're asking. The reason why it's tricky is I have to keep you on my back while I run."

With that he tossed her into the air, spun around, caught her on his back, a wrapped her arms securely around his neck.

"Feel free to hold as tightly as you like," he said as he wrapped her legs around his waist, "trust me when I say it won't affect me."

And with that he took off.

Sara had been unsure what Kyle was implying when he told her that he would be carrying her on his back and be running at the same time. However when he tossed her eight feet into the air like she was nothing and took off through the trees she understood why it would be tricky. Kyle had to keep someone on his back that might pass out from fright or shock as he whipped through the trees and fields at speeds that were probably faster than any normal human could possibly run at.

'What did he mean when he said me squeezing him wouldn't affect him,' she thought as she increased her death grip on Kyle's neck, 'and how is he able to do all these things.'

She wasn't able to focus on these thoughts for long as the shadows of the night flew past her as Kyle ran on.

Kyle stopped about a block away from where Sara's friends were. They hadn't moved far from where they were attacked, not that they had had a chance to really it had only taken Kyle around nine minutes round trip to rescue Sara and bring her back. He expected that they were still in a good deal of shock from the event.

'Well, it's a good thing they won't be remembering the exact details of it then,' Kyle thought to himself.

Gently, Kyle unwrapped Sara's arms and legs from around him and put her down, turning to look at her as her feet touched the ground. Her eyes were still wide open, she was breathing hard, and her heart was racing.

'What were you expecting, Kyle,' he asked himself, 'she just got off the back of her probably soon to be ex-boyfriend who took her running through the woods at close to one-hundred miles an hour.'

"Alright," he said out loud, "here are your friends. They'll be wanting to know that you're alright."

Sara looked at Kyle as he said this to her. She figured he wouldn't want Jenna, Jasmine, and Chloe to know that it was him that rescued them, but it seemed like he was thinking something else too.

"Go on," Kyle prodded, gently pushing her in the direction of the girls, 'There's a sadness to his actions,' Sara realized.

She was still trying to wrap her mind around what had just happened, what Kyle had just done, and now Kyle seemed to be saying…good bye? But she wasn't able to dwell on her last thought properly, for as she walked toward her friends they spotted her and sprinted for her, each with a cry of relief in their voices.

"SARA!" Jasmine screamed as she slammed into Sara, enclosing her in a death grip, "what happened? And where's that masked person?"

"Let her breathe Jas," Jenna said, "but still, what happened?"

"Our rescuer didn't catch my captor before he got the his getaway car," Sara started to say, "but our rescuer had a motorcycle and gave chase eventually catching up and managed to get into the car and caused a crash."

"HE WHAT?!" Chloe said wide-eyed, "and how did you escape with hardly a scratch on you?"

"My rescuer managed to grab me and jump from the car, using his body to shield me from the full force of the impact," Sara explained, "my captor was killed in the crash."

"Whoa," all three girls said.

"Where is this guy?" asked Jasmine. Sara looked back over to where Kyle had just been. He was gone.

"I don't know," she said, 'for sure, anyway,' she thought to herself, 'but I think I have an idea where I can find him in a little bit.'

Kyle had watched the entire exchange between Sara and her friends from the roof of a nearby building. He was intrigued by the fact that she had changed the story so that it seemed like she didn't know who her savior was and that the rescue hadn't been quite as dramatic as it really had been.

'All the easier for the memory re-writers to do their jobs I guess,' he thought as he jumped from roof to roof on the way back to his apartment. As he neared he gave one final leap, catapulting him through the air, and finally landing on the side of the building just next to his window. He stayed there for a moment to see if anyone had seen his recent display of acrobatics, after all he had just jumped the sixty foot gap between two buildings and was now clinging, or rather sticking, to the side of a building upside-down. He saw no one and proceeded to open his window and slip inside.

Once inside he took off his coat and shirt, placing them along with the mask that he had grabbed as he ran Sara back to her friends into the washing machine. Removing the rest of his clothes, placing them into the washer and starting it, he grabbed a towel and headed for his bathroom. He needed a shower, bad.

The hot water felt good as he stood under it. Hot showers were always good when he needed to think about something. Kyle had dealt with many problems by taking a hot shower to relax him into a state of meditation. The last time he had really used one for a purpose like this had been in 1973 after the war in Vietnam. That had been one of the more stressful times in his life. James had warned him against going into another war like that saying that the stress on Kyle's mind would begin to build up after seeing so many close friends die. Kyle knew James had been right but he also couldn't just sit by and watch something like this happen. He had seen it too many times before and felt that it would be more stressful on him if he did nothing. He was glad he did in the end.

Turning his thoughts back to the present issue, Kyle thought about what might be happening to Sara at that moment. It had been a while since he had left the shopping area and Sara might not even really remember what happened any more. Kyle smiled to himself, knowing that Godfredson was doing the job of clean up. 'He loves that position,' Kyle reminisced, 'there was that one time when he re-wrote twelve memories at the same time. Since then everyone has been trying to beat that record, rather unsuccessfully too.' He chuckled to himself softly. After the last attempt to break twelve James had put a stop to the competition saying that they were spending too much time re-re-writing memories because there were so many errors in the new memories when the workers tried that many people at once.

"Anyways," Kyle said out loud shutting off the water, "Sara won't be remembering this incident. But since the memory re-write doesn't go very deep she'll probably be a little uneasy with me from now on."

He sighed, toweling himself off and reaching for a pair of boxers and sweatpants, "Well, that just makes things a bit easier to break things off with her."

Kyle sat down on his couch. He didn't really know what was going on with himself. He knew that it was probably for the best that things ended between him and Sara, especially since he was, well…different to put it lightly. But, damn he didn't like that fact. The more he tried to convince himself that this new turn of events would benefit him the more he came to realize how much he didn't want to leave Sara.

"Dad," Kyle asked to the air, "is this what you felt when you met Mom?"

He had observed his parents for a while after James, Ann, and himself had to leave them. Their mother was distraught over their disappearance and their father comforted her, endlessly.

Other than that he didn't remember much of what his parents were like, it had been too long ago and some of the memories were a little too painful and were difficult to bring to the surface. And then there was that other factor…

"If I decide to try and keep the relationship going how would I go about doing it," Kyle mused to himself. He would definitely need to tell her just about everything, he had been planning on that to begin with but then he had to rescue her and her friends and had been discovered. That had put a few changes into how he was going to need to go about things. Kyle was unsure how those changes would take place but he definitely knew that it was going to happen.

Kyle started planning how he could tell Sara about himself. He could do several things, but none of them really seemed to work out in his mind. He could think of all sorts of physical displays that he could do, but all of them still ended in a broken relationship. Damn it! Nothing was working. The only way he could think of that would really work was if him rescuing her had not scarred her like he thought he had and that she would come over and knock on his door asking if she could speak with him.

Wait. Someone really was knocking on his door right now. Kyle walked over to the door and looked though the peep hole.

"Speak of the Devil," he said, opening the door. There was Sara, holding an overnight bag and gawking at Kyle's bare upper body.

"Hey," she said, "can I come in?"

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