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Ch. 1 - A flying Miko

Kagome plummeted back towards the earth at high speed, her long midnight tresses streaming against her face blocking her view of the white thin cotton clouds that passed by her at an amazing speed. The decent so rapid and the gravity so strong that her body ached with the force, tears streaming down the corners of her eyes, as her breathing shortened into rapid breaths her lungs begging for the precious life oxygen.

'Whoever said that you saw your life flash before your eyes before death must have been hallucinating,' she thought bitterly.

The only thought she could focus on was the saving her life and finding a way to survive her fall.

She knew she was free falling back toward earth from an incredible height meant more for birds than a miko.

'How was she going to survive this and actually be able to save herself?' She thought frantically thinking and searching for every possibility.

Thoughts continued to come unbidden into her mind. 'As far as I can remember Inuyasha can't fly so he can't save me now, and he's probably not even looking for me right now anyway. That jerk is probably out looking for Kikyo. What was Kikyo doing by the well anyway, and why would she try to stab me and then shove me into the well? Why would she try to kill me? I've never done anything to her save be her reincarnation and then have a crush on her old flame. Do I deserve death because of that?

Well if I ever see her again no more miss nice reincarnation, I'll make sure I shove her back so hard she'll land into next week! Well if I ever see her again which I doubt very much since I'm about to die right now….I'll probably not be recognized after my body hit's the floor of the forest….I'll be splattered everywhere….I'll never see my family in the future and in the Sengoku Jedai….I..I'll…never…..!

Her frenzied thoughts were interrupted with an ear piercing scream. Was that her? She wondered. Did that scream come from her throat? Was she already having an out of body experience?

With a renewed strength to survive she twisted her body until she was facing her doom. She did not want to be a coward. Kagome Higurashi had faced countless ferocious man eating youkai in battle and survived against all odds time after time. She was the Shikon miko, the protector of the jewel she carried in her body, she was a friend to a temperamental hanyou, a beautiful taijya, a hentai houshi, an orphaned kitsune, and a neko youkai. She was a time traveler and an untrained warrior albeit she was still learning how to stay alive even with Inuyasha's constant protection. She was definitely going to make sure she faced her death head on; she was no coward.

She turned her small body toward the earth to watch her fate and life come to an end while she quickly said her goodbyes to her friends and family.

Kagome was expecting to see the view of the trees and forest looming before her, perhaps even the sight of a lake or a cool winding river to calm her frantic nerves.

What she was not expecting to see was the face of a young man, a beautiful man who oddly resembles someone she knows, someone close to her. His face of curiosity and shock at seeing her eyes pierce his own in confusion and alarm made it all seem a bit comical really.

Perhaps now after trying so hard to win Inuyashas affections and compete with his dead love, fate was finally lending a hand right before her death.

Perhaps he is the messenger of death come to claim her and bring her to her final resting place on a different plane of existence. He must be some apparition of her imagination conjured up in her final moments of life, someone who is far too perfect to be real, someone who resembles Inuysasha's boyish charm and Sesshoumaru's stunning and surreal beauty.

Who would have thought she would conjure up an inuyoukai though? With a violet stripe running across his smooth porcelain cheeks and those pointed elfin ears it was not a difficult conclusion to say the least. His long moon colored hair and bangs high up in a ponytail somehow added to his otherworldliness.

Not a mortal being of her own race but one who was just as mythical and magical as her friends in the warring states era.

He reached out his arms towards her, somehow managing to wrap them around her slim body and bring her closer toward his own in an attempt to seemingly shield her from the oncoming impact.

'Was he trying to console her to her death?' Wondered Kagome. 'Or perhaps just give her a wonderful hug to ease her loneliness and sorrow as she perished from this earth?'

Whatever the reason she welcomed his strong arms around her frantic body, finally bringing her peace and resignation. She placed her own arms around his body bringing herself closer towards his warm embrace. She felt so safe and warm and such a tranquility that she had only felt in her own mothers arms.

Everything was going to be alright. Her family would mourn her, her friends would miss her but Kagome was certain that this angel would walk her to the next world. Her guardian would assuredly be by her side through out it all.

She closed her eyes and sighed in his protective embrace as they plunged straight into the waiting depths of the serene lake below as a mother embracing its child.


The couple plunged head on into the magnificent crystalline azure lake below. The inuyoukai wrapped the small slender body of the women as best he could trying to shield her with his own.

He knew that from the height they were falling from she could not possibly survive, but a dive in the lake for an inuyoukai such as himself would yield nothing more than a few hurt body parts and really wet clothing.

He really was not expecting a women to fall from the sky. He was too busy minding his own business running a patrol that his father requested of him earlier, much to his delight. He never enjoyed being holed up in the castle all day long, with no adventure and no freedom and much tireless training.

He had unexpectedly felt a hint of magic in the air and wondered at the sudden shift in the atmosphere. He glanced at the sky questioning if he should even proceed to investigate the disturbance or continue on when he spotted what looked like a very strange looking bird….or perhaps a bird youkai?

As the bird continued its impending decent toward certain death he began to take notice of the strange revealing clothing, of the dark locks that surrounded its face and the slim shapely figure of its body.

This was no bird or youkai! This, he realized, was a ningen female. How could that be? What was she doing falling from the sky? Who dropped her from such a height? And more importantly should he even bother to deter from his original destination?

There was only solution of course. His curiosity eventually won out, there were just too many unanswered questions. He decided he would save this ningen woman's life until she answered his inquiries with satisfaction. Should she prove to be uninteresting or difficult he would simply eliminate her though he was certain there had to be some interesting tale to tell as he had never seen one quite like her before; not to mention the fact that she was inexplicably falling from the sky.

His family had never interacted with any ningen yet he knew that his father tolerated their race and never attacked them intentionally as well as never seeming to distinguish between races when protecting his lands. He protected all of his subjects equally whether ningen or youkai. Though, he knew for certain that ningen were lesser beings with very limited intelligence not really worth a youkais attention let alone a great taiyoukai such as his father.

Mind made up he gathered his reiki around him and lifted off towards the girl. Immediately he noticed that she was going to plummet into the lake below if he did not gather her to him and shield her with his own body. Save for a few bruises he would not be harmed but the girls frail ningen body would not survive the impact. That he would not allow seeing as he was a demon with very many questions needing an immediate satisfactory answer.

He tried to maneuver himself behind her so that he would take the brunt of the collision yet when she turned her body towards him he found himself taken aback with her eyes. He had never seen a human that possessed such color of eyes before. Most were an earth brown or black yet, this onnas eyes were a deep azure that reminded him of a calm ocean on a peaceful spring day.

Her eyes widened noticeably as she saw him underneath her trying to reach for her. He had seen so many emotions run through her gaze that it was not difficult to discern what was going through her mind. She seemed stunned and dazed, then appeared to take in his face with fascination. She even seemed pleased and finally peaceful and resigned. Resigned? To what, he thought? Perhaps her death?

He noted with interest that fear was not one the emotions that passed through her deep cerulean eyes. This woman seemed to be out of the ordinary indeed for by now most ningens would have been screaming or crying out in fear of him or at least of the death that was eminent. Their lives, afterall, were nothing but a hands breath compared to the life of an inuyoukai, which transcended the time barrier and made years seem but only a day.

This creature was doing neither as she stared at him. What was the most surprising and shocking perhaps was the fact that though he was able to wrap his arms around her she did not struggle but contradicted what he thought she would do. No this ningen did not fear him nor did she did not fight him as he had presumed. Unpredictably, she wrapped her arms around him bringing herself closer and layed her head upon his chest and embraced him.

Out of all the possibilities he had prepared for and predicted that certainly was not one of them.

'Yes', he thought as his body hit the wall of water below them with such force that the neighboring village was soon startled with the sudden noise of thunder on a perfectly beautiful spring day, 'perhaps she is worth saving indeed.' The inuyoukai smiled.

The wall of water that was produced with the contact of his youki was seen high above the forest of trees.

Unbeknownst to the pair, the villagers feared for their lives running and scattering in all directions trying to outrun the barrier of water that was heading their way like a predator chasing its prey.

Fortune was on their side this day. The water ebbed before reaching the fringes of their small community with only the outskirts of the abruptly still forest being completely and utterly waterlogged.

Yet they had survived. No one spoke. No one moved. All seemed to be under a spell.

Then, a quiet reverent whisper soon broke through the haze that had settled over them like fog high above the mountain tops.

"I….I …just saw a god rescue a maiden. Sh…she.. must of fallen from his home in the sky and h…he came down from his throne to save his beloved. He…he…embraced her and she him before they plummeted to their death in the lake."

The town broke from their reverie. Everyone spoke to the young man who had witnessed this wonder at the same time trying to out shout the other for their question to be answered. The young man stepped away from the gathering crowd and instead decided they should all be witnesses to this marvel.

He made his way through the trees his feet sloshing the sodden ground as he backtracked toward the water he had just come from, the rest of the village following closely behind not wanting to miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience.

They all seemed to reach the edge of the water at the same moment. Yet nothing could have prepared them for what they were about to witness.


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