A/N Hey it's another poem dedicated to Troy. This one is for all the lover's of Achilles.

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Nobody understands him

Nobody chooses to listen

All they do is overestimate him.

They don't know of the quilt that consumes him

Nor of the pain that he's caused.

They just make him fight their battles.

He wants to be remembered

But not as a cold, ruthless killer.

He regrets some of his actions

And knows he'll never be forgiven.

He's angry at his cousin and himself

Because of both of them, he hurt the one held most dear to him.

They'll never know how much he wishes

He could die.

Maybe then, he will find peace again.

For the only time he's found peace is with her,

Now she's gone and he'll probably

Never see her again.

He feels a searing pain in his heart and

Knows that he can now find peace.

With her and in a lifetime of war.

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