This was a persuasive essay for English. I decided to post it here on fanfiction. ^^ Tell me what you think!

Dear Sora,

Nobodies like me just wish to be whole; we're collecting hearts to be accumulated in Kingdom Hearts, but we aren't a group of bad people. After all, how could we be evil if we merely have a half-existence? Kingdom Hearts is not a world you should destroy. We don't mean to imply that we're your number one enemy. Organization XIII is not maleficent.

We are tired of not being fully existing. The reason for this is because we do not have hearts, yet we long for one. Since we don't have hearts, we cannot feel any type of emotion. We were turned away by both light and darkness, so we teeter on the edge of nothing. Give us a chance to fulfill our desires.

Kingdom Hearts helps us meet our appetence. It allows us to be whole. Heartless are consisted of the darkness in people's hearts, and every time one is killed with the Keyblade, their "hearts" go to Kingdom Hearts. This will create a new world, which I believe isn't a horrible thing. You have your own worlds; can't we have our own?

Sora, you assume the Organization is evil, but you are horribly mistaken. You may think you are destroying evil, but we mean no harm. We truly do not intend on getting in your way; nor do we want to fight you. Of course, it's only evident to figure that the worlds shall be at peace once more as soon as you wipe us from our existence. We only require a strong heart from each significant person in every world. After that is accomplished, we leave the world as it was. Organization XIII does not plan on demolishing humankind.

We aren't trying to terminate the worlds or the peace; we only long for meaning. Our incomplete life does not make us content, and thus Kingdom Hearts will let us live to our full potential, but you blame us for the evils occurring when we did not do a thing. I hope with my non-existent heart that you will see our side of this whole controversy.


The Superior

Xemnas, leader of Organization XIII.