A/N So I was writing my piece for SAWS (Spanky-A-Week-Summer!) but this became entirely too dark for what I wanted to do with that, so I'm posting it now instead and using something else for later. Enjoy.

I screamed, one long, ragged sound after another. I'd screamed in pain before, but nothing like this. This was fiery, searing agony, as if my skin was being shredded. Muscle melting, bone shrinking agony. I could hear the voices around me, but I didn't have the presence of mind to be able to differentiate one from the other. I only knew the voice belonging to the person I needed was absent. I shrieked, thrashing on the gurney, unable to keep still.

"Hold her down!"

"Blood pressure is way too high!"

"Brain waves erratic!"

There were way too many people around me, too many doctors. That was not good. The pain had finally reached the level where it consumed all of my energy, there was nothing left in me to even scream. I just lay there and waited for it to take me, I was ready. Anything to stop the pure pain rushing through me.

I felt the Wraith inside my mind. At first it had been gentle, trying to coax me with gentle lies and promises. I had seen past the lies and tried to force him out, like I had to the other Wraith who had tried to posses me. If I had thought that those victories meant I was strong, I had been a fool.

This Wraith crashed into me, into my mind with an unbelievable strength. His ship has only been relatively near our puddle jumper but he had felt me and for some reason, tried to take me. His assault into my very core had thrown me to the ground, spasming. The team I'd been loaned to brought me back to Atlantis but the space didn't seem to matter. He was inside me now. Toying with me at first. Not now. Now he was burning me alive, willing me to die. And I wholeheartedly agreed. I should die. Anything to make this stop. I felt myself slipping slowly away, felt the peace.

"Teyla!" a gruff voice broke through the white noise flowing around me, the static created by the Wraith. It was the voice of the man I loved. I needed to not slip. It took me three times to sat his name, as if my throat was not working anymore.

"Ronon," I rasped out.

"Teyla," he said my name again desperately, grabbing my hand. His touch helped me push back the Wraith and cleared my head slightly. I did not want to die anymore.

The Wraith collected his strength and slammed into me again. It arched my back as I convulsed. Of course I wanted to die, what was the point of being alive if this was all there was? There seemed like there should be something else here, besides this pain…something…

"Teyla!" Ronon's frantic voice punctured the Wraith's haze again. Ronon was the solution, he could help me push back the Wraith. I did not understand why he effected me that way, but I wanted to use it.

"Help me," I whispered, drawing him closer. He leaned over me, his hands on my forearms. The physical contact helped ground me in my skin, remember I am real. I found where the Wraith was latched on in my mind. I felt his frantic desperation to cling inside of me. He screamed "NO!" and thrust more power into me.

There was nothing left. Nothing but the white noise and white abyss. Nothing mattered, because nothing else was real. I wasn't real. I was just here. He coaxed me to let go, to die. I said yes. Death had to be better than this. I started to slowly let go readying myself for the end.

Ronon's lips on mine jerked me back to my body. He pressed his mouth to mine so fiercely, everything froze. I felt the Wraith hesitate, confused. I used that moment of hesitation and thrust down that invisible line connecting us, thrust all the power and energy I had into him. I had a confused image of his flying back in the cockpit of a ship and crumpling to the ground before the connection severed and he was gone.

Ronon's mouth left mine as I fought to relearn how to breathe. He leaned closer and wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face in his neck and inhaled the smell of him. The sent was pure Ronon, the scent that to me, now meant home. I wrapped myself in that, basked in the safety. I do not know why the Wraith was unable to take me when Ronon was there, but it didn't matter why. It had happened, and even if I had been willing to part with Ronon, I knew no forced, not even the ancestors, could make him leave my side now.

"Ronon," I muttered, fighting against the sleep trying to drag me under.

"I know," he said, taking my face in both of his hands. "You're exhausted. Sleep, I'll be here."

"I know," I said as I drifted into sleep. "I love you."

"You know I love you, too."

I woke many hours later to the darkened infirmary, Ronon laying against me on the small hospital bed. As if he'd heard the change in my breathing, his arms wrapped around me tighter.

"Hey," he said.

"Ronon," I answered, my voice still raspy.

"Have some water," he said, handing me a little plastic cup.

"Don't do that to me again," he demanded. He stroked my hair and leaned until his forehead touched mine.

"I will do my best," I whispered back. My voice was slightly clearer.

"The doc said your vitals are strong and you'll be fine as long as he doesn't try again. They think he doesn't need proximity to retain the connection, but he has to be close to start it," he said, still stroking my hair.

"So as long as he doesn't come here, I should be safe?" I asked. Ronon nodded. My eyes closed slowly and I forced them open.

"Sleep, Teyla," he said. "Just sleep, get your strength back."

I drifted to sleep, held by Ronon. Right before I was unconscious, I heard Ronon speak. "I'll take his heart for you. I will make you safe."

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