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I woke in a cell. Waking up in Wraith prison cells was a habit I wished to break. My head was still pounding and my thoughts were disorganized. The Wraith was still toying with me. There was a particularly hard tug and I slipped unconscious once more.

My mind was clearer when I woke again. Shockingly clear actually. I pulled myself up off of the floor and fell as if I was suddenly dunked in ice. I was at the foot of what could only be described as the Wraith's throne.

"Teyla," he greeted me. I glared up at him. "Not feeling very friendly?" He tickled my mind and I shuddered. "Let me show you something I witnessed earlier today." With that, he slammed into me. I tried not to scream, but to fight, but I was already consumed.

I was standing on the bridge of a Wraith ship, staring down at Atlantis. Missiles were raining down on the city. Within seconds, Atlantis was nothing but a cloud of black smoke.

I came back to myself on the floor of the throne room. I screamed, "NO!"

Ronon, Ronon, Ronon…

"I'll give you time to mourn," he said cruelly and his guards came in, and dragged me back to the cell. I sat in the corner, back defiantly straight. I didn't want to believe that Atlantis was gone, that Ronon was gone. If this Wraith could venture into my mind, it was possible that he could project things, was it not? Still, there was this horrible feeling that he might have been showing me the truth. I clenched my teeth and refused to let myself cry. I had to escape and find out for sure.

I tried a day to keep my mind pleasantly clear in case the Wraith was poking around. When the guard opened the door to bring me food, I threw myself through. I was lucky, he didn't have time to respond before I broke his neck. Grabbing his gun, I took off down the hall. Miraculously, the Wraith hadn't yet touched my mind again.

I made it to a control panel. We were too far from Atlantis for me to know if they were alive, but I could send a message their way. I quickly included the course the ship was on, and told them I was all right for the moment.

After some searching, I found a small storage room to hide in. I knew I wouldn't have long until they noticed I was gone, so I worked on my meditation. I cleared my mind, hoping it would be harder for him to find me. I also worked on creating a shield of sorts. I wasn't powerful enough to keep him totally out, but I could slow him down.

Luckily, it was six hours until the alarms went off, letting me know that they had discovered I was not in my cell. It was only a few minutes until I felt the Wraith sweep over me, and press at me with his mind. But I was ready this time. It was like flexing a muscle, somehow I managed to keep him at bay.

I began to push back harder and surprisingly, we moved to his mind. He was too shocked to fight at first. I caught glimpses of his twisted soul and desires, perverse even to other Wraith. He struggled against me but I still saw. He was part of an offshoot group intent on reaching Earth. He had been sent to learn about us so we could be incapacitated, but he became intrigued with me and my abilities, so he deviated from his assignment. Horror coursed through me. They already had a timeline, they knew where Earth was.

He thrashed at me, but he could not take away what I'd learned. My focus was falling against his assault, and when a soldier grabbed me from behind it shattered entirely. I couldn't help but scream. He poured all the rage he felt into me, willing pain into me. I was falling unconscious in seconds.

Once again, I woke in front of the Wraith. I had no idea how long I had been out for, but it felt like a long time. He was very angry. It was like a haze of white hot energy, just his rage at my insolence to believe I had the right to escape.

A surge of pain hit me and I fell forward. He pulled it back, he was toying with me. I glared and refused to scream again. His rage built and it was difficult to breathe.

"I spared your life and this is how you repay me?" I remained silent. "But you want revenge? Angry that I killed your friends…and your love?" He grinned and I was on the floor, twisting in pain. I bit my tongue until there was the taste of blood in my mouth. I was slipping. My mind, my body, I was nearly touching death. When I was finally ready to die, it suddenly stopped. I was too weak, I could barely lift my head to look at him.

Where the Wraith had been sitting now was a slumped, decapitated body. The severed head lay feet away, and Ronon was putting his sword back into his sheath.

"Ronon," I croaked. He ran over and gently pulled me up. "Ronon, you're alive, you're alive…"

"Shh," he whispered. His voice was gruff, more than normal. "It's okay, we're here to get you out, you're safe."

My body did not want to cooperate, so Ronon had to halfway carry me through the halls. I started to lose time, and black out for minutes at a time. Between black outs, Ronon managed to get me to a jumper, and the team flew off. That was when I passed out, safely held by Ronon.

I woke in the infirmary of the Daedalus. "Ronon…"

"I'm here," came his immediate reply from next to me.

"Ronon listen, there are four other ships. I do not know how, but they know where Earth is. They are gathering to go to Earth."

"Where?" Ronon asked. He didn't ask how I knew or if I was sure, he trusted my judgment. He called John on the radio and told him the coordinated I had gleaned from the Wraith. "The Daedalus is going to drop us at Atlantis on the way to the Wraith's rally point. They're gonna meet up with the Orion and Apollo, should make it right in time." I nodded ,too tired to discuss it. "Sleep Teyla, I'll be here when you wake up." I fell asleep with his hand clutched in mine.

Under normal circumstances, I would have insisted that Ronon and I be present at the battle against the Wraith, but I was too weak to demand anything. I slept most of the next two days, and when I woke up John had joined Ronon at my bedside to tell me that the fight was over. They'd destroyed the four ships and hopefully the knowledge of Earth's location. They put out sensors to let them know if any ships passed a certain point toward Earth.

Elizabeth unofficially had me take time off, time that Ronon just happened to spend with me. We were spending an evening meditating in my room when Ronon leaned over and kissed me. I was so shocked that it actually took me a second to kiss him back. After that, it took him only a week to tell me he loved me.

It was actually surprisingly easy to hide our relationship from Elizabeth and the rest of Atlantis. Many of them already believed we were a couple, so we just continued to deny the existing rumors. However, when I became pregnant with our daughter a year later, denying became impossible. I took time off from fieldwork and prepared for her birth. Elizabeth said that since Ronon and I weren't technically military personnel, she didn't have to reprimand or punish us, she merely would reassign me to another team after the birth.

When Calla Dex was brought into the world, I saw Ronon cry for only the second time. He held our beautiful daughter while he sat next to me and told me that his life was complete.

"I love you," he whispered to me, as he did every night before we fell asleep.

"I love you, too," I answered, like I would every night for the rest of our lifetimes.