Pranks And Snow Angels

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Fresh snow begun to fall adding yet another layer to the snow on the ground as Kris, Jessi, and I made snow angles in the courtyard instead of eating the mini-creature they call cafeteria food. We were the only ones who dared to be outside in the crisp winter air, and we enjoyed the privacy.

"So what exactly happened to your dads? You guys never talk about them." Jessi said as he stood up from his angle, dusting the snow off of himself.

"Well my dad was a mail man." Kris said as she and I went to stand by Jessi and pull the snow out of his chocolate brown hair.

"And mine was a bus driver." I said as I got the last bit of snow out of his hair, we all took a step back to admire our work. My skinny jeans were damp from the snow but I didn't care, I had gym with Kris next anyway. Kris and I had been best friends ever since we could walk; we kinda adopted Jessi into our group when he moved into town this year. We had the most deformed snow angles on the planet.

"So what happened to them? You two said you had single moms." He was honestly curious; you could see that in his brown eyes.

"Bus accident." We said at the same time with completely straight faces, we get a lot of practice using straight faces. Jessi looked as though he expected that, weird. The sliding doors to the cafeteria opened and Alex Phoenix walked out, I felt the little stupid grin plaster itself to my face. He started grinning too as he did an awkward little half wave at me. The air went WOSH as a snowball flew across the courtyard and hit him directly in the face. Pieces stuck to his sandy blond hair and his face turned red from the impact. Kris couldn't breathe she was laughing so hard. I threw a snowball back at her, and it clung to her sandy blond hair. Her light blue eyes got a look in them that I knew all to well; I ducked right in time as a snowball flew over my head. The snowball wars had begun.

About ten minutes later we were all wet from the melting snow, we went back to the table that Kris, Jessi, and I had dumped our food on. We just sat there for a second, it felt just like second grade boys on one side tomboys on the other.

"So why do you guys always eat out here?" Alex asked us as Kris poked the mystery meat with a spork. I swear it growled.

"Well I'm not eating that." I said pushing my tray toward Jessi.

"I don't know." Jessi said as he shoveled my former food/creature into his mouth. It's just amazing how focused guys get when eating.

"You guys are new, we got banned." I said meeting his steely gray eyes with my own. He didn't get the information he wanted, it was practically tattooed across his forehead.

"I don't like being banned." Kris said with a look on her face that would make a puppy feel bad for blinking. She has the perfect puppy dog eyes.

"What did you guys do?" Jessi inquired, but his mouth was full so it sounded more like 'wha id oo eyes oo'.

"Uh, yeah our lawyer told us not to talk about it." I said.

"Yeah, somethin' about the fewer people who know the better, I guess fewer witnesses. I don't get why it was such a big deal, no one got hurt... much." Kris said remembering the really old bald guy who told her about the law's many loopholes.

"Uh, I don't wanna know any more."

"Ditto." Alex looked as though someone taped his eyes open and forced him to watch Barney.

"Hey, Liz is it time yet?" Kris asked no longer agitating her food. She was pulling the laces on her star speckled Converse tighter and zipping up her black hoodie. I took out my cell phone it was 12:12.

"Yep." I said from under the table as I tightened my red Converse's laces and zipped up my favorite gray hoodie. We got up and started walking at the same time the Boys' Basketball Team Captain, Brad Walker, stormed into the courtyard. Food was all over him.

"Brad I thought you were suppose to eat food, not wear it." I smirked, shaking with the effort keeping silent and my straight face in place. Kris was having a harder time then I was. The jock moved forward slowly giving us an I'm-So-Gonna-Kill-You look. Kris and I took carefully calculated steps back. The guys were laughing so hard I thought it was a miracle they could still breathe.

"It exploded. Now which one of you did this to me?" His face was turning cherry red, and his voice was grave.

"I don't know what you mean. We've been out here the whole time. Do you think we would do such a thing to a fellow basketball player?" I said sarcastically, he is too easy to prank.

"Besides big guy, wouldn't making that require being in the building? We're kinda banned, remember? I wish we thought of that, don't you Lizzy?" The poor sap didn't even realize Kris was using sarcasm.

"Oh most definitely." I chimed. He started to charge, he looked so much like a pissed bull it was a-friken-mazing. Kris and I back peddled into the hall way.

"Toro! Toro!" Kris called to bull boy. I pressed the Close button on the sliding door as Kris made monkey faces to entice Brad. The mechanical metal doors slided shut just in time for bull boy to face plant into them. We took off before Brad even had a chance to pull himself together from the serious face smash, we moved at an unbelievable pace down the hall, past pretty much every person who tried to hide in the halls during lunch hour. Kris and I kept running until we reached the girl's locker room, a place no male would willingly go.

BANG. BANG. The dude was trying to scare us. Like that would work, Kris is barley 5 feet tall and she can make him shiver.

"So what can we do to make this his worst day yet?" Kris asked me as she pulled out her Swiss Army Knife and looking around the empty locker room.

"Check the cheerleaders' lockers." I said as I pulled my pocket knife from my back pocket. Kris and I started picking the locks and soon we found enough perfume to explode the Empire State Building, but that would be illegal. We made a pile of potential supplies in the center of the room, so naturally the head cheerleader had to walk in that very moment.


KG: End of chapter.

Shorty: No Duh!

Jessi: What Liz the x's weren't enough you had to point out the obvious.

KG: Neh!

Percy: What did you guys do to Brad?

Shorty: You'll see.

Annabeth: What did you guys do to get banned from a cafeteria?

KG: Our lawyer says we aren't allowed to talk about it.

Shorty: Bye people!