Cheerleaders Are Evil

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Kris POV

Lizzy and I we making great progress in robbing the cheerleaders of their stuff, so of course Stacy McGee had to enter the locker room.

"What are you two, like, doing with my stuff?!" She squeaked. We scared the crap outta her. She had her stupid very short uniform on to "encourage school spirit before the game," but Liz and I agree that she does it so every male on campus looks at her with big googly eyes. Her hand was pointing towards her open locker.

"Like, I, like, don't, like, know, like." I mocked her. Mocking cheerleaders is so much fun! Her brown eyes gave us a look so cold it should have turned us to stone, but it just made me laugh. I went back to work searching through a locker, how many shades of pink lip gloss do these girls need?

"I'm so, like, getting you two suspended. This is the last, like, straw, that's my strawberry scented hairspray!" She was pissed, her blond Barbie style ponytail bounced as she ran towards us. Her skinny little arms swinging furiously, was this supposed to be intimidating? She started to veer towards me. Yes! I was going to get to fight a cheerleader.

"You have got to be kidding me." Lizzy said as she looked up from a locker. Her sky blue eyes were practically on fire from the look she gave Stacy. Her body was braced for a fight. Her left hand was in a tight fist, while her left cradled her pocket knife. "Back away from my best friend."

"What are you going to do about it?" She snarled at Liz. I straightened up and glared. Lizzy and I stood side by side and just starred at her. Then she made a HUGE mistake, she tried to punch me. I side stepped her and grabbed her arms; Liz went to her locker and pulled out her neon green duct tape that she uses to "fix" her backpack. She cut a little piece off and covered Barbie's screaming mouth.

"Which locker?" Liz asked as I held onto the squirming cheerleader. I nodded to the one with all the pink in it. Lizzy shuddered as she opened the pink lock, holding the door wide open. I started to guide Stacy in the direction of the open door when she stomped her foot on mine real hard, so I did what any sane person in the universe would do. I kicked her leg, tightened my grip, and called her every name under the sun and then some.

By the time we got Barbie to the locker we had lost 5 minutes of precious time while the stupid jock still banged on the door. I watched as Liz sealed the locker (which had those little holes in it) with her duct tape leaving the lock off.

"I hate taking captives, it takes too much time. Why did you use duct tape to close the locker anyway?" I was looking at all the lockers we still had to search. I pouted a little bit.

"Duct tape makes anything better." She said it like it was the most obvious thing in the universe as she did her famous eye roll. "But now, thanks to our fugitive we have to ditch school." She punched the locker closest to her out of frustration. Today we were going to do basketball in gym.

"So let's take care of Mr. Jock Strap and leave, I'm not ready for the algebra test anyway." I smirked as I gathered up a tube of pink lip gloss and a tub of expensive looking perfume. "Ok let's go." Liz followed me out of the back door of the locker room, and into the dim hallway. Liz did a very neat tuck and roll into the hallway and looked in the direction of the banging noise.

"Hey, Brad, over here!" Lizzy shouted and we ran into the equipment room. The door slammed shut and you could hear Brad's heavy footsteps. Liz and I went to the baseball section and found the pitching machine was ever so perfectly placed by a bag 'o balls. I sat behind that without making a noise. I signaled Lizzy to do the same, but when she was coming over she tripped on air. She made a thud as she hit the floor, just loud enough to fill the room.

"You two are so dead." Brad shouted from over the wrestling mats, he headed toward our general direction as Liz scrambled over to sit by me. His popular head stuck out from the wall of mats and laughed. It wasn't a normal laugh though; this laugh was full of hate. Liz wasted no time plugging in the machine. I got out a baseball from the sack.

"What the hell are you two gonna do? Throw a few balls at me? Oh, you guys have lost your touch." He was giggling. (A/N: KG: Guys giggle, girls laugh. Usually.) I felt my face stiffen, I was pissed. There are just some things you just don't do if you want to live. I peered sideways Liz was oddly relaxed, and then I saw her face. Her eyes were giving him the most intense death glare I've seen from her yet, her short sunny blond hair hung over the left side of her face and most of the right. Her hands were closed into fists, and they were shaking. Jock boy looked petrified by Liz's one eyed death glare.

"Big mistake." I stated as I dropped the baseball, it zoomed and hit him in a place I'm sure is not suppose to get hit. We smirked out of satisfaction as we went over to him. I squeezed the tube of lip gloss on his head and Liz squirted him with the perfume.

"Is any one in there?" The principal's voice carried over the equipment and the soft hum of the pitching machine. We wasted no time getting out of the room; luckily for us the gym is close to the gate. So the escape part didn't take to long. There was a silhouette about 20 feet from us out side of the school. I couldn't see its face it was snowing to hard. I stood there starring until I felt a tug on my arm.

"We need to get away from the school we just escaped, remember?" Liz was pulling me away from the building. I shook my head and started to run in the general direction of our apartment building. My pants were starting to get soaked from the snow, and I heard something make a thud behind me. Great Liz fell, again.

"You ok back there Liz?" I shouted coming to a stop.

"Yeah, I'm standing right next to you." Liz was looking at me as though I'd gone mad.

"But you just fell."

"Three blocks ago, yeah. Just now, no." Liz looked behind her, she heard the thump to. All I could see was a blurry mound. "Some snow probably fell from a roof or something. Let's go you're turning blue."

"No, really? I thought I'd be purple. It's frikin' cold out here." Liz just stuck her tong out at me. Then her face went still with shock. "What's wrong?" Liz never looks like that.

"The mound is moving." Her eyes widened. She lifted her hand to point at the moving pile of snow.

"Is that supposed to be possible?" I inquired as the snow pile came closer to us. It was BIG.


"I thought so." Just then a jumbo sized Mastiff pounced, landing roughly ten feet away from us. We walked quickly backwards.

"Good Puppy, don't eat us. We come in peace." Liz was trying to calm the giant dog down, but he got mad instead. The doggy started too bound toward her.

"Yeah, well we're gonna come in pieces soon!" I shouted as the beast creped closer.


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