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Runaway by Cascada

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Chapter Two

[Kaoru POV | First period class.]

I was staring out the window nonstop, and that includes the few moments when Momoko and Miyako went to go flirt with some new boys. I didn't pay attention, though I should have. I heard the conversation, however. Apparently, there were three brothers who were new to the school. I could tell Momoko was careful around them, so maybe they were the RowdyRuff Boys in disguise. Whatever. The teacher just came in, so I had to face the front of the class.

Momoko passed me a note.

I think those boys look familiar, but I'm not sure… Taiku is sitting with Miyako in front of us. Behind us are Takeo and Takai. Takai is raven-haired with dark green eyes and Takeo is a redhead with scarlet, melting eyes… Um… Well, Taiku is a blonde with blue eyes. They look like the RRB sorta, but WAAY older! The RRB were, like, three years younger than us! It might not be them, but be SUPER careful, BC.

I responded to that note.

I haven't even seen them, so chill out. If it's Brick, Boomer, and…Butch…then I'll know. I'm not a wimp; I can handle them, so don't worry about me. Tell Miyako to lighten up. Even if she doesn't think that Taiku is Boomer, she's definitely letting her guard down. Also, don't call me 'BC', just to be safe.

I passed her the note, and, silly me, I thought nothing would go wrong. Well, Takeo interrupted the passing. "Hey, what do you have there?" He probably thinks it's about him, which is kinda true. Idiot.

"Give it back," I whispered. "Trust me, you won't like what you find!"

"Oh, then I have to read it. I need to know what rumors are being said so I can prove them wrong."

I rolled my eyes and pinched him. It hurt more than he expected so I was able to get the letter back. "Momoko, read the stupid note and get rid of it, already."

She glanced at me apologetically. "Sorry," she whispered.

Then I realized something. Someone was looking at me. I hadn't noticed him before, being so focused on making sure Takeo didn't read that note. I glanced at him now with what I hope was an innocently curious look. It probably worked.

"Hey," the boy said. "I'm Takai. I guess you're Kaoru, right? It's nice to meet you."

I sat there staring at him. It wasn't because he was attractive or because of any particular reason. Well, except that, there was something familiar about him, something strange.

[Butch POV]

She finally turned around, and it was to retrieve a note Takeo had intercepted.

She was beautiful, and, more than that, she was familiar. Way too familiar. Was this Buttercup? Could be. Definitely could be. She noticed me staring at her and glanced at me with an curious look.

"Hey," I said. "I'm Takai. I guess you're Kaoru, right? It's nice to meet you."

Only, there was a huge problem. She didn't respond. It wasn't as if she'd ignored me, but as if she was trying to figure something out. She was analyzing me, just like the other girls had analyzed my brothers and I. She blinked and snapped out of it, with a confused, yet tough, expression on her face.

"Hi," she said flatly. Her expression showed that she was a bit worried, angry, and confused. But the overall emotion, I couldn't describe.

Did she know who I really was? Was she Buttercup? If she was, the way I felt would make a lot more sense. But right now, I just stared at her, trying to understand. She turned around slowly, looking out the window.

[Miyako POV]

Taiku's really nice.

"So, where did you guys come from before? What school?" I asked.

"We were home schooled before this," Taiku replied.

"That doesn't sound like fun…But then again, neither is school."

He smiled. I felt my face getting red hot. Blushing? In front of a guy? Not good!

I smiled back. Taiku was nice. Nice. Nice…

[Boomer/Taiku POV]

Miyako-chan was smiling at me. Not only that, but she was blushing, too! Does that means she likes me?

Wait. Did I like Bubbles first? I liked Bubbles from the PPGZ. But… It feels like Bubbles is here… Does that mean Miyako is Bubbles? No… I hope not… But I hope so… If she was, then I could tell her that I did like her. The only problem's that I'm a coward…If she was Bubbles, then we'd have to be enemies…

But I wanna enjoy this moment now… Miyako is nice…

[Brick/Takeo POV]

Momoko's really nice, I guess. I'm waiting for Blossom, though… But…Momoko seems familiar…

No. I won't be like Boomer, or, I guess, Taiku, and go after that girl. I'll wait…

Oh, who am I kidding? Momoko feels too familiar! She even has the same shade of red hair and the same pink eyes!

Wait… Could Momoko possibly be Blossom?

"Takeo, you okay?" asked Momoko. "You're pale."

"I'm fine," I said coolly. And when that wasn't taken as a response, I said, "Really, I'm okay. It's just that I remembered something…"

"Oh. What did you remember?" Crap. Should've known she was gonna ask that. My fault.

"Oh, er…Nothing. It's just that…I-I just remembered someone from my past. That's all." Please buy it.

"Oh…Er…Kay…" She turned back around. Was she hurt? Why do I care? Why am I such a wimp that I won't ask if she's okay?!

I sighed, hoping she didn't hear.

Too bad.

[Momoko POV]

I turned around to ask Takeo for a pencil, but then I saw him staring at nothing in particular, very pale.

"Takeo, you okay?" I asked. "You're pale."

"I'm fine," he said, covering whatever it was up. I didn't buy it. I raised an eyebrow at him. "Really, I'm okay, it's just that I remembered something…"

"Oh. What did you remember?"

"Oh, er…Nothing," he stammered. "It's just that…I-I just remembered someone from my past. That's all."

"Oh…Er…Kay…" That was stupid! Why did I say that? I turned back around.

I was still kinda sad… Takeo said he was remembering "someone".

Wait! Why did I care about Takeo?! I don't! He's just a friend I met.

I heard him sigh.

I flinched.

I could sense he was about to say something, but the bell rang for the next period. I picked up my stuff and exited as soon as I could without looking back at Takeo.

[Brick/Takeo POV]

What? Momoko just left? She was the first one to leave the classroom. It looked like she was in a hurry or was upset.

I hope I didn't make her upset… But I probably did. Oh, well.

It was free period, so there was a lot of time to do a lot of things… I could go apologize soon…Maybe I should wait until I know for certain that she's not Blossom…

But if she's not Blossom, then will I still like her? And if I know she's not Blossom, then will the beautiful mystery be gone and I won't like her? And if she is Blossom, she's my enemy, then. And if she doesn't like me, then it won't work out. If she doesn't like me and she's Blossom, then it's gonna be hell everyday at school.

[Butch/Takai POV]

I just glance at Takeo for a minute and I see him grinding his teeth in frustration. He must be thinking again.

I look back at Kaoru. She could be Buttercup… No…I'm still going on about that?!

Takeo is probably going through something similar in his mind…

Ugh! Get it out of my head! OUT! Ugh! I felt like bashing my head against the desk or just fighting something or someone! To have someone to fight, to blame your troubles on, to take your anger out on…that's great. But when what you're fighting is yourself, your mind, or the possible outcomes, how do you fight that?!

[Boomer/Taiku POV]

Wow…Miyako's so down to Earth and cool…

Miyako gets millions of love letters and fan letters every day, from what I've heard, so she doesn't need me. I don't have much of a chance…

The bell rings. It's time for free period.

"B-Taiku, I'm gonna go after Momoko. I'll talk to later," said Miyako, before turning to her friend. "Come on, Kaoru!"

Miyako was almost gonna say…Boomer? Was she? No… She couldn't have. She doesn't know that I'm a RowdyRuff Boy… Unless she's a PowerPuff… No… She couldn't be Bubbles, could she? More evidence she might be Bubbles!

I sighed. Miyako and her friend, Kaoru, had already left. I turned back to see both my brothers grinding their teeth and look pretty frustrated. They were probably dealing with the PowerPuff situation in their minds, too. I laughed at them, knowing their pain but knowing how ironic it was.

They both stopped grinding their teeth and glared at me.

[Butch/Takai POV]

Still thinking and fighting with my mind about the entire Buttercup vs. Kaoru deal, I heard Taiku laughing.

I glared at him, and I'm pretty sure Takeo did, too.

"What? You aren't having any problem with Miyako? No frustrations?" I asked teasingly, but actually wanted to know.

"Of course I am! It was just funny seeing both of you look the same and do the same things. I knew what you guys must've been thinking. It was funny! Both of you were frustrated and pale, and grinding your teeth," he replies with a smirk.

"Whatever. Let's just go find the girls now," says Takeo. "I can tell we all like them, at least a little bit, so let's go have some fun…" At the last part, Takeo smiles deviously. He's hatching up a plan… Taiku and I follow him out of the classroom.

[Brick/Takeo POV]

I want to find out if those girls are the PowerPuff Girls. If they are or aren't, it makes a huge difference in everything we do.

Taiku and Takai follow me as I lead them to the rooftop. With any luck, no one's there.

We arrived at the rooftop, but luck wasn't with us today, or, at least, not in the way we wanted.

They didn't see us when we arrived because they were talking and had their backs turned. I had no intentions of eavesdropping, that is, until I heard a couple of unique words…

"…Not sure…RowdyRuff Boys…"

I motioned for my brothers to be quiet and try not to be seen.

This was the proof we were waiting for.

[Kaoru POV]

"Okay, okay, wait, so, you're saying that the RowdyRuff Boys are here?" Miyako asked.

"Yes!" I answered. "That was Butch! I know it was! At least, I think so…"

"And that was Brick…At least, it seemed like him…" said Momoko. "But he's not childish and immature anymore…"

It was quiet for a few moments.

Miyako broke the silence. "But, are you sure that was them? Are you sure that was Boomer I was talking to? He seemed a lot nicer than he would've normally acted to any girl…" Miyako was worried. I can tell she liked "Taiku". Yuck.

Momoko probably liked Brick-I mean, Takeo-but wouldn't admit it. Yuck, again. I'm glad I don't like Butch, or else I'd be like them, worrying.

"Miyako!" I said. "Look, I know you probably think he's being a great friend and all, but remember what we talked about this morning?" She nodded.

"I know, Kaoru. How we all had the same feeling that something was gonna happen to day, something unusual."

"And," broke in Momoko, "how we all dreamed…maybe not on purpose…of RowdyRuff? I don't remember the dream, but I remember that it was about them. And, not to mention, how they wouldn't stop popping up in our minds? We didn't think of them much for the past three years, and today, it's RowdyRuff Day, practically." Momoko had tears in her eyes.

"Momoko…" I said. I wasn't any good at this. "Look, don't cry over spilled milk. By the way, why aren't you floating by some guy today? You're completely boy-crazy and spend around ninety percent of the time admiring them."

Her eyes widened. "I don't know…That's weird…You're right, and why aren't you training right now? Why is Miyako digging up fashion magazines? Something weird's going on."

Miyako was looking worried. I hate to say it, but Momoko was right. I didn't feel like training or playing sports. I didn't know what I felt like doing.

"Stupid…" I said.

"…RowdyRuff…" said Momoko.

"…Boys…" sighed Miyako.

We all sighed.

[Momoko POV]

Why aren't I boy-crazy by now? I used to it. Now it just feels weird not being boy-crazy. Why? Does it have something to do with the RowdyRuff Boys…

No. If I'm not boy-crazy, that could mean that I've fallen for one of the RowdyRuff Boys! The only sane choice would be Brick, but, why me?!

No. I'm not going to listen to myself. I do NOT like Brick. No. No. And no. He's…him!

Aaaaah! I can't think of a good enough excuse!

I sighed. "Girls, are you two as confused as I am?"

"Yup," they sighed.

"Momoko," said Kaoru, "maybe you're not boy-crazy because you're finally mature enough to realize it's immature?" She was trying to say it gently. I frowned and shook my head. No…

"Well, then," added Miyako, "you must like someone already! You just probably don't know it!"

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I-I don't! At least, I don't think so…"

Not know who I liked was bugging me. If I liked anyone at all. I hoped I did, but I was afraid of who it might be.

"What about you, Miyako?" I asked. "You get tons of love letters from boys at this school. Do you like any guys yet? I know it's the first day and all, but still…"

Miyako's only response was to blush furiously. I took that as a yes. "Who, who?"

"Momoko," started Kaoru, "who do you think it is? Don't say it out. I just sensed that we have some visitors, somewhere nearby."

[Brick/Takeo POV]

Oh, great! Now Kaoru can sense that we're here… Good thing she hasn't looked up yet…

Yep. We were flying above them, being super careful not to make a sound. If they see us, it's all over.

But I'm still kinda bothered by their conversation.

First: They're talking about us! As in, the RowdyRuff Boys, and using our real names! That made us all freak out. We're lucky we didn't lose focus and crash land on the rooftop… That would've made it so much worse.

Second: They all dreamed about us?! They knew something was going to happen today? They dreamed about us?! I can't get that last part out of my head. Seriously. They dreamed about us. That's something… It could also be nothing if those are the PowerPuff Girls.

Third: Momoko thought I wasn't childish and immature anymore? Does that means she likes me? Not that I care.

[Butch/Takai POV]

Whoa. That was some weird stuff we heard… Especially when I heard that they dreamed about us. Aren't we supposed to be a nightmare? We're evil! I wonder if Kaoru dreamed about me…

Kaoru said she knew it was me.

How could she know that it was me, Butch the RowdyRuff Boy? There's only two explanations, the first being that she's Buttercup. The second explanation is that she was one of the few people who were there and saw us when we almost helped Mojo destroy the city three years ago. I don't know which to believe, or which I'd prefer, or even which is better.

[Boomer/Taiku POV]

Miyako likes someone? It isn't me…Is it? I want to know so bad!

I was right. She was about to say my name, Boomer, in class. Even if she's Bubbles, I don't care. It might make the situation worse, but, for me, it would be better.

I looked at my brothers and saw that they were thinking. They were wondering a lot, I could tell, and they also looked like they were dying to know a few things…

I looked down at the girls below us. They were looking around. I motioned to my brothers to get out of here before they spot us. Brick nodded and Butch followed.

We flew away to a discreet part of the school. No one was around

"I bet you two are wondering as much as I am," said Brick. "It's dangerous to spy on them like that, especially if they catch us, but we don't have too many choices."

"Well, I guess that, since they know us, they should be the PowerPuff Girls," I said.

"Yeah, they should. Doesn't mean they are," said Butch, but even he wanted to know.

"We should ask them," I offered. "I know it sounds stupid, but…"

"…it's worth a try," finished Brick.