Lucius Malfoy grumbled to himself as he sat at the dining table. He hated mornings. Suddenly,

Bellatrix…skipped in? He rubbed his eyes. Yes, she was skipping, as well as whistling cheerfully. "Hello,

Lucius!" she exclaimed happily. "Isn't it just a lovely day? Would you help me distribute candy to the

poor, muggle orphans?"

The thud of him fainting in shock made her suspect that he would have to pass up this delightful opportunity. "Oh, no, the Nargles must have gotten him." She left and went to find the Dark Lord.

He was busy practicing making scary faces in the mirror(obviously, this wasn't a difficult feat). "Hello," Bella said in a dreamy voice. Voldemort jumped at the sight of her. "Bella, are those…radish earrings?"

"Yes, do you like them?" "Uh…" Snape burst into the room. "My Lord, I…" he trailed off when he saw Bellatrix." Oh, good," she said, "you're just in time to come Nargle-hunting with us."

Voldemort would have raised an eyebrow at this, but, seeing as he didn't have any, he contented himself with asking, "Nargle-hunting? Bella, we don't have time for…" She pulled out a copy of the Quibbler. "But they make your brain go all fuzzy. We should find a lot of them around Potter."

"Hmm…she might have a point," Snape muttered to Voldemort. "Are you insane? There's obviously something wrong with her head!" he replied. "My Lord, there's always been something wrong with Bella's head." He started to argue then stopped. "You're right."

"Alright Bella, we'll come with you."