"Hmm…I knew it!" Bella cried as they entered the Department of Mysteries.

"What?" Voldemort asked sharply.

She turned to face him, smiling triumphantly. "You see all of these crystal balls?"

"Yessss," he said slowly.

"If the Minister had taken the time to research, he would have learned from one of these that Luke isn't the chosen one, Anakin is."

"What…?" Snape asked in a rare moment of confusion.

"Bella," Voldemort said in an obvious attempt not to lose his temper, "do you know where the prof…I mean, the Nargles are?"

"This way," she led them down several rows until Snape cried, "Master, there it is!"

"Stop!" Voldemort commanded.

They stopped. A moment passed.

"Now what?" Snape asked.

"Potter should be arriving any minute now."

"Forgive me," Bella said dreamily, wtihout taking her gaze from the shelves of prophecies, "but, if we're trying to surprise Potter, then why are we standing in plain sight?"
"Ummm…." Voldemort trailed off.

"Harry!" a voice exclaimed, "it's him!"

"Oh great," Snape muttered.

A clumsy looking boy stepped forward. "Bellatrix Lestrange!"

"Hello Neville," Bella replied dreamily, "how's your year been?"

His mouth opened and closed several times, "What…?"

"That's what I said," Snape told him.

Everyone stood for a moment without saying anything.

"Yeah…" Harry broke the silence, "so…where's Sirius?"

"He's not here," Voldemort laughed evilly, "I tricked you!"

"Duh," Luna said boredly, "of course you did. It is Potter we're dealing with, remember?"

"I think we should start trying to kill each other now," Harry said slowly.

"Yes," the dark lord agreed, "a bit of a return to the usual would be nice."
"What do you mean?"

Voldemort sighed, "You have no idea how weird of a day we've all been having. I mean one minute my best follower goes insane, you know, more so than she already was, and then I find myself on a Nargle-hunt. I mean…what is a Nargle, anyway?"

Harry's mouth dropped, "I've had a weird day too! My friend Luna has been acting like a Death Eater. She jinxed some of our teachers!"

"Wait," Voldemort said slowly, "acting like a death eater?"

"Maybe they switched brains," Hermione suggested.

"That depends, did she crucio anyone yet?"

"Yes," they answered taking a simultaneous step back.

"Yep," Voldemort smiled happily, "that's Bella!"

"But," Harry asked, "who could have done this?"

At that exact time, in a galaxy far, far…ahh! The author exclaimed, "I'm turning into Luna, er,Bella, um…"

At that moment in a castle many miles away, Albus Dumbledore smiled to himself as he watched the encounter over the ministry's new muggle security cameras. Arthur Weasly, you truly are a genius. And, Dumbledore laughed, it really was quite clever to switch their brains. Quite tricky too, but worth it.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Albus," the recovering McGonagall said.

"Don't worry, Minerva, it's all for their own good. Voldemort would have killed them all by now if I hadn't stumped him with this one. Ah, Tom," he chuckled, "truly there are things worse than death. Lemon drop?" he offered McGonagall.