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2: Promotion

The sun shone down on Soul Society and everyone seemed at peace. Shinigami happily chatted and patrolled, making sure the city was safe and everyone seemed at ease. For the captains, however, there was no peaceful relaxing, for they had to be getting ready for the promotion ceremony.

Almost every captain was prepared when Captain-General Yamamoto called them. The room was filling up with captains and lieutenants alike. The first to arrive was Byakuya Kuchiki with his lieutenant Renji Abarai, shortly followed by Jushiro Ukitake and his lieutenant Shuhei Hisagi, who had been promoted to the 13th Division.

One by one the captains and lieutenants filled the room. Almost everyone was there, until Captain of the 5th Division Ichigo Kurosaki entered with his lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki. Captain Ukitake saw him and walked over to him.

"Kurosaki-kun, how are you doing?" the white-haired captain asked.

"Same as usual I suppose," Ichigo said scratching the back of his head. "Still haven't completely got the hang of this captain thing yet."

Ukitake couldn't help but laugh at Ichigo's last comment. "How could you not be used to it yet? You were promoted to captain right after Aizen was defeated."

"You use the word 'promoted', but I think of the word 'forced'," Ichigo said with a slightly-joking tone.

"Why do you have to be like that?" Rukia asked kicking him in the legs. "You know full well you could have refused if you wanted to."

Ichigo winced in pain at Rukia's blow, and angrily responded, "Shut up! Shouldn't you be more grateful to me since it was my suggestion to make you my lieutenant?"

"The only reason they took your request seriously was because Hinamori was transferred as the lieutenant of the 3rd Division," Rukia said with anger in her voice.

"I hear Hinamori-kun is doing quite well in her new division," Ukitake said with a smile.

"That's good to know," Rukia said to her former captain.

All the captains were there, with the exception of two. Everyone was starting to get impatient. "Who the hell's keeping us?" Ichigo asked.

"Who else?" replied Rukia with a sigh, "it's always those two."

"I swear those two's laziness is a disgrace to the Gotei 13," Soi Fon said impatiently.

"Who's a disgrace?" a voice asked entering the room.

It belonged to 8th Division Captain Shunsui Kyoraku. He and his lieutenant Nanao Ise walked into the room alongside 9th Division Captain and former Espada Stark, his lieutenant Tia Harribel, and his third seat Lilynette. All three arrancars shed their former white clothing for traditional shinigami apparel. Stark had his captain's haori loosely draped over his shoulder. Harribel had her shinigami outfit modified so that it extended to cover her mouth, while Lilynette just wore a standard uniform.

"About time you waltzed in," Ukitake said with a smile.

"It's called being fashionably late, something me and Stark are best at, right?" he said looking towards the former Primera.

Stark sighed and replied, "Don't look at me, I just overslept."

"Enough," Hitsugaya said to the four talking captains. "Hurry and line up; we're starting."

The four captains quickly got in line and the Captain-General began speaking. "We are here today to promote a new captain." He turned to the double doors and continued, "You may enter now, newly promoted 3rd Division Captain Izuru Kira."

The doors swung open to reveal former 3rd Division Lieutenant Izuru Kira, wearing his new captain's haori with his typical gloomy look on his face. He managed a smile on his face and finally managed to say, "Hi, everyone…how's it goin'?"

Kira walked further into the middle of the room. It was then that Yamamoto began his usual speech for the promotion.

"It was six days ago that I let the captains know of the need for a new captain. Two days later I received a recommendation from Lieutenants Renji Abarai and Shuhei Hisagi that fellow Lieutenant Izuru Kira is suitable for this new position. I then summoned Kira, and with the help of three other captains, we tested his qualities with the captain's test and found that his abilities and personality were acceptable. Therefore, the former Lieutenant of the 3rd Division Izuru Kira, who is standing before us today, is the newly appointed Captain of the 3rd Division." He turned to Kira. "Have you anything to say?"

Kira looked at the crowd with his typical gloomy look and scratched the back of his head, remained silent for a while then finally saying, "Thanks, I guess…"

"This guy doesn't seem too motivated to be a captain," Lilynette said to Stark. "Not unlike you…"

"Be quiet Lilynette," Stark said, not even bothering to look at her.

"If that is all you have to say," Yamamoto said, "Then this meeting is adjourned."

The Captains and Lieutenants began to leave, while some went to congratulate the new captain. Ichigo stretched and yawned, saying, "About time that position was filled. It's been near three years since the last 3rd Division Captain met his untimely demise." He turned to Harribel and asked, "Why didn't you try and become captain? With your skills you could have easily done it?"

"We arrancar like to stick together," Harribel said. "I wouldn't feel comfortable becoming a captain anyway, seeing what Stark has to do."

"Is that so?" Ichigo said. He then turned to Rukia and said, "Come on, let's go, you've got a lot of paperwork to catch up on."

"Don't you mean you do?" Rukia asked, slightly annoyed. "It's the Captain's job after all."

"Nonsense," Ichigo said with a smile poking Rukia's forehead. "It's the Lieutenant's job to help out the Captain whenever necessary right?"

Kyoraku heard their arguing and sighed, saying to Stark, "Those two always argue like that. Oh well, wanna go get a drink to celebrate?"

"Isn't it normal to invite the person who got promoted when you celebrate a promotion?" Stark asked inquisitively.

"That Kira character is too much of a downer to share a drink with us," Kyoraku said with a smile on his face.

"Whatever you say…" Stark said yawning.

"I wanna go too!" Lilynette intervened.

"Don't be ridiculous," Stark said with indifference. He then turned to Harribel and said, "Make sure Lilynette gets back to the Division Barracks."

"Of course," the former Tercera Espada said putting her hands on Lilynette's shoulders, leading her out of the room.

Lilynette was yelling at her Captain while being led out saying, "You stupid long-haired lazy freak! You will let me go this time! You hear me?"

Stark scratched the back of his head and said, "God she's annoying." He then turned to Kyoraku and said, "Now, about that drink…"

"Of course," Kyoraku said leading Stark out of the building and onto the streets. "Let's go to our usual place."

"Yeah, yeah…" Stark said walking down the street with fellow captain, conversing in simple things, as they always do. Stark himself was too distracted by the conversation to notice the air behind them was starting to split, with two figures behind it.

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