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Chapter Seventeen

[Kaoru POV]

"Hurry up, Momoko," I exclaimed. "Miyako! No!" Momoko was in the candy shop, probably making the shop rich. Miyako had just joined her, to a lesser extent.

I sighed and sat down on a bench nearby.

Hurry up, I silently pleaded. I wanted to get the Butch's house as soon as possible. Candy was worthless to me.

The thoughts running through my mind were all memories from the last time I slept over at Butch's house. It was, to say the least, enjoyable. Pizza, movies, and bickering brothers. What's not to love?

I started swinging my legs on the bench, waiting impatiently. I couldn't wait for long.

It happened too fast.

A hand caught my ankle; another caught my other ankle. A hand caught my wrist; another with the other. A hand covered my mouth so I couldn't be heard. A hand dragged me into the shadows and I saw the needle before I felt it pierce my skin.

Everything turned foggy and I closed my eyes to drift away.

My final thoughts echoed through my head as I drifted away. Butch…please…come…

[Butch POV]

I was flying above the streets, trying to find Kaoru.

Momoko and Miyako called to say that they lost Kaoru, and that something might've happened to her. Boomer and Brick went to go get them, while I went crazy.

I went to the candy shop and the alley next to it. There was a needle on the floor, empty.

I growled and examined it. It definitely had a drug in it before. Kaoru was drugged.

I closed my eyes in fury, trying to calm myself.

I suddenly felt something large and heavy thrown against the back of my head. It wasn't enough to kill me, but it was enough to make me black out.

[Kaoru POV]

I woke up on the floor with my arms tied behind me. I opened my eyes and looked around. I still felt numb, but pain was coming fast. I was in a room, probably a basement, with concrete floors and walls. I saw a dark figure in one corner of the room, and, when my eyes adjusted, I saw who it was.

"Butch!" He was tied, too.

I heard him groan in pain as he shifted to look at me. "Kaoru? Are you okay? What happened?"

"I don't know. Someone-" I was interrupted by someone shoving me down on the floor. The concrete hurt my face.

"Shut up!" I was shoved down again, more forcefully. My face had scratches on it now.

"Don't hurt her!" Butch yelled.

"Quiet, you! You're not in a position to talk back to me!"

I wanted to kill this guy. The voice sounded familiar, though, so I might be in for it. "Get away from her, Ace!" Butch hissed.

Ace sauntered over to Butch from behind me and taunted him. "Oh, really?"

Butch let out a feral growl. "You will get away from her right now unless you want to die," Butch spat, low and dangerous. Even I shivered from the ferocity of his tone, and he was arguing for me!

Ace tried to keep his cool, though he was a bit shaken. He shrugged it off and walked in front of me. He held a strand of my hair in between two of his fingers and pulled. I winced at the pain. He was pulling much harder than I expected.

Butch was watching me, his eyes apologetic, and he grimaced, watching me wince. He growled again and glared at Ace. "You will die," he said simply.

Ace let go of the strand of hair and stood near me, daring Butch to come closer. "Try, and she'll be dead. Your precious little girl will be hurt far more than you could ever fix," he spat, his hands flashing out to enclose around my throat.

My air. It left. I couldn't breathe. I winced, trying to hold my breath. I couldn't breathe! He was suffocating me!

"Stop!" Butch pleaded, the agony showing in his eyes. He couldn't take his eyes off of me. "Please, I'll do anything!" He wasn't one to say 'please', let alone to Ace, but it was for my life.

The hands around my throat disappeared and I breathed in quickly. The air was beautiful and delicious. "Butch…!" I called. I almost cried. Almost.

He glared at Ace. "What will it take for you to let her go?" he asked harshly.

"Oh, her?" Ace asked smugly. "She's not leaving alive. You're not leaving at all. I just wanted to see you beg."

Butch looked positively fearsome. I could not even describe the angry that probably flowed through his veins. His eyes were cloudy, and he was twitching a bit. He looked even more dangerous than that night he saved me from Ace. However, this time, I wasn't too sure we'd get out of here.

[Butch POV]

I glanced at Kaoru, though my eyes were clouded in rage. She looked sad, or worried. I felt myself calm down a little bit because of her. Maybe she was a good asset in that way. But my temper flared when I glared back at Ace. I snarled at him.

I tried to extend my arms with strength, even though the ropes were binding me tightly. My anger fueled me. That, and the fact that Kaoru was depending on me. Also the fact that I wanted to kill Ace.

I gave my super strength a try and forced the ropes to tear. It happened in seconds.

I lunged at Ace, fist aimed at his face. I shoved him against the wall and pummeled him, leaving more bruises and blood. Even when he was unconscious, I kept on. That is, until two firm, but gentle, hands gripped my arms and pulled me back. My vision was still clouded, but, once I saw her, it left.

Kaoru was silent, and she turned me around to face her. "Butch, calm down," she said.

"I want to kill him," I said, harsher than intended. "Is that so wrong?!"

She placed a hand on my shoulder and another on my cheek. "Calm down, Butch," she said, her voice monotonous.

I took her hands in mine, making sure to be careful. "How can you say that?! He wanted to kill us!" I was outraged, but that didn't mean I didn't love her. I wanted to kill Ace, though.

Kaoru tugged her hands back, out of my grasp. "Butch, you have to control yourself," she said. "We can't kill him, even if we want to. I've always been the type to do that-keep going until I get to the point where they're almost dead-but, now that I've seen someone else do it, I think it's insane.

"Butch, we have to control ourselves. Having self-control is important, and it makes us stronger." I looked away from her. It made me feel ashamed to hear what she was saying. "Look at me, dammit!" She held my face in her hand and forced me to face her. "Butch, you control yourself. We're stronger, remember? We do that much more damage. Sure, it's fun, but I'm trying. You better try, or…" She hesitated.

"Or what?" I asked, not sure I wanted to know.

"Or we're over."

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****UPDATE: Since I heard that Kaoru was being rational (which, believe me, I never wanted to happen), I decided to edit the scene a little. The original is still up there, but here's the new one.

[Butch POV]

Kaoru was silent, and she turned me around to face her. "Butch, stop acting like an idiot," she said. "Cool it."

"I want to kill him," I said, harsher than intended. "Is that so wrong?!"

She placed a hand on my shoulder and shook me back and forth. "CHILL OUT!" she screamed. "You're a hero, may I remind you, and you're not supposed to kill!"

"Then why are you allowed to punch someone till they almost die, huh?!"

She glared at me, and answered harshly and lowly. "Because Blossom and Bubbles always hold me back...and because I know they won't really die. It's just fun," she spat.

"I can't hold myself back. I want to kill him," I repeated. I was fighting for her! Why isn't that enough?!

Kaoru raised an eyebrow. "Don't." She looked serious, but hesitant at the same time. "I'm not dating a killer, as ironic as that is."

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