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Chapter Two

[Kaoru POV]

Is it wrong for me to say that I almost puked? Because I almost did. It wasn't that I was disgusted, or anything, but I just felt queasy…

A few days before, Butch had admitted he liked me! As an eight-year-old. Now, well, now he was ripped and handsome, with chiseled features and… What on Earth am I thinking? He was just eight a few days ago!

But now he's fourteen, a full year older than me. I feel weird, as if I lost a bet or paid too much for something I didn't get. What are the words? Cheated out of.

Why did I feel cheated out of?! Because Butch had had a little teeny crush on me when he was little and now he was older and I feared he didn't like me?


Still… I didn't want to complain.

I still remember how everything had gone when we first saw the RowdyRuff Boys Z…


"Hey, Buttercup," Butch said. He was fourteen now… He was wearing a sleeveless shirt and black jeans… He was ripped for a fourteen-year-old…

"H-hey, Butch," I said. I stuttered?! Why did I stutter?!

He smirked. "Nice to see you again," he said.

His eyes were dark green and so…deep. They were emeralds… His hair was perfectly spiked… Probably with electricity, Frankenstein. I was glad to know my old side was still there.

Why wouldn't it be? Oh, right, because fourteen-year-old Butch had hypnotized me.

Actually, that doesn't sound so farfetched. It makes better sense than to say that Kaoru, me, was checking him out. I'm just not willing to believe that.

"I'll let you girls show the RowdyRuff Boys Z around," the Professor said. "Oh, another thing; the RowdyRuff Boys Z are just like you, the PowerPuff Girls Z, in that they have to transform. I captured their powers in wristwatches they each now have. Right now they aren't transformed-as much. See, they just finished being rid of the black light that made them evil, so they're still…untransforming. By tomorrow, they'll be average boys. They'll need to use the wristwatches to transform."


"Good luck, girls! Have fun," he said, and left. I could tell that Blossom and Bubbles felt almost as awkward as I did.

"Well…" I said. "Blossom, Bubbles, why don't we transform back? I'd rather not wear this skirt longer than I have to." Wimpier excuse than it was before, but good enough.

We transformed back in front of the guys. They didn't mind, and, in fact, they didn't pay attention.

"Right…" said Momoko. "Well, has the Professor told you guys our secret identities? Like, our real names?"

"Not really," said Brick. "He just mentioned that we'd be going to your school and be in your classes, so we'd find out."

"Well, I'm Momoko," she said. "Bubbles is Miyako, and Buttercup is Kaoru."

"Are you guys going to change your names and use aliases?" I asked.

"It's a given. Now that we have to be, quote on quote, 'superheroes', we shouldn't really have the same names as our 'hero' selves," answered Boomer.

"What are your names going to be?" I asked.

"We'll think of that later…" said Butch. "Or you girls can come up with names for us."

"Yeah, that's a good idea," said Brick. "Okay, you girls come up with names for us. Make sure they're good names, and have 'em for us by tomorrow. You can come by and tell us then."

[End - Flashback]

We had thought of names for them alright.

Momoko chose "Akane" for Brick, meaning "deep red."

I chose "Kiyoshi", meaning "pure," for Butch. I'm not sure why I chose it… It just came to me, I guess.

Miyako chose "Haruki" for Boomer. It means "radiance," "shine," or "life."

When we told the boys their names, they thought they were very fitting.

"Kiyoshi, huh?" said Butch. "I like it. Thanks, BC." I almost blushed when he said that, but, thank goodness, I didn't.

"Akane seems fitting," Brick told Momoko. "It matches me, I guess." He laughed, and so did Momoko.

"So, Miyako-chan," said Boomer. "what did you pick for me?"

"I chose 'Haruki' as your name," she said.

"Not bad," he said. "I certainly think it matches me. I am radiant, after all," he joked. Everyone laughed at that.

It felt so wrong, yet, at the same time, so right.

We shouldn't have been talking to our former enemies as if they were our best friends. We shouldn't have to pick our former enemies' names. We also shouldn't have to have our former enemies come to school with us. We shouldn't be talking to them and joking with them like we've known them for years and been close confidents for years. We shouldn't have talked to them and acted around them as if we were all best friends since we were little, when, in fact, it wasn't entirely true.

But we did. I didn't like it. It was changing me. But I did like it because I was changing to like it. I'm so confused…

I certainly didn't want to start liking Butch, but I couldn't help it. If we were the same age, it was almost impossible not to, and for many good reasons.

First of all, he was my counterpart. We were two halves of a whole. That whole was once only one, but it was split in half when Butch and the other RowdyRuff Boys were created. The same goes for Momoko and Miyako. Second of all, he-

I can't think of any other reasons. They all flew out of my head. I know I should be tough and fight the fact that I like him, but there are some things you just can't fight. This was one of them. If I did fight it, I'd destroy myself. I might be the strongest, toughest, and least girly out of the PowerPuff Girls Z, but I still have feelings, and feelings are hard to change…

I guess I have to go with it… I don't like the fact that I like him, but I don't mind for the most part.

I just can't get my mind off of what happened three days ago…

I still remember the alley, the buttercup, the hug, and little Butch. It seems too familiar. I miss that scene. But that was when they were our enemies… I miss little eight-year-old Butch so much for some reason. Maybe I'm just not ready to handle a fourteen-year-old Butch.

What am I saying? I have to stop this. I'm getting so quiet inside my head when I used to be so LOUD! And ambitious. Now I'm just… pathetic.

Or maybe I'm just pensive. I don't think I've ever thought so much, before.

"Kaoru! Snap out of it!" Butch called. He was shaking me.

"Huh? What? I'm sorry, what?" I said.

"What happened, Kaoru?" asked Miyako.

"You just zoned out," added Momoko.

"Oh, sorry. I was just thinking," I answered.

"That's the most you've ever thought about anything," said Momoko. "What were you thinking about?"

"Um…" I looked around the room at Momoko and Miyako, and then looked around at the RowdyRuff Boys, also looking for an answer. "I'll tell you two later…"

I must have looked worried, because Miyako had a panicky look on her face. "Kaoru, w-what's wrong?"

"Don't worry. I have to tell you two something else anyways, so I'll say it all at once, later."

That calmed her down. Momoko still had questions, though. "But, Kaoru!"

"Not. Now," I said, trying to give her the message without giving the guys the message.

The boys didn't get it yet, but, thankfully, Momoko did. "Oh, got it. Later, then."


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Butch: ... It better not be something that makes me look bad. I just turned fourteen! Geez.

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