The lab had been caught up in a major case, a serial killer was after women.

Catherine was in her office, her lights off, and her head in her hands.

Gil came in, and she squinted at the light, flooding in from the well lit hallway, "You okay Cath?"

She groaned, "Shut the damn door"

Gil shut the door and moved closer to her, "What's wrong?"

She looked up at him, then laid her head back down, "I have a headache"

He moved behind her, making her look confused, but not move, "what are you doing Gil?"

He smiled, and put his hands on her shoulders, "helping you relax"

She moaned softly as he massaged her shoulders, making him grin.

She smiled as she leant into his touch, "Your good"

He kept massaging her shoulders, and his hands travelled up her neck, and massaged her head, "Is this working?"

She smiled, "Yeah, its really nice" she sighed as she relaxed into his touch, "Gill?"

"Yes?" he continued to massage her head, as she relaxed

"Why are you doing this?" she asked confused, cause they hadnt spoken much lately, and it seemed like they were drifting apart

"Because we're friends and thats what friends do, help eachother out" he stated, wondering what had brought this on

She sighed and moved forward and out of his reach, "Then please leave"

He looked confused and hurt, "What do you mean?"

Her voice got slightly louder, "Please leave Gil"

"I will leave when you tell me how I've upset you" He stood infront of her desk now, leaning over her

"Like you dont already know" She rolled her eyes dramatically

"No, I dont know"

"I love you Gil, I have always loved you, yet all you say is were friends, why don't you love me? Why cant we be more than friends?..." Her rant was cut off by his lips pressing against hers, in a searing and passionate kiss

"I love you too Cath", he said and smiled as she smiled and kissed him again