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Spencer Shay groaned as he looked into his mail slot. Inside was the letter he had been wishing would never come. On a small parchment envelope was written:
Ms. Carly Annabelle Shay
Bushwell Plaza, Seattle WA
Room Under the Attic

He slowly tread up the stairs, dreading what would come. As he got up to the door leading to his sister's bedroom, he knocked softly. "Carls?" he asked.

She opened the door, "Yeah?"

"We need to talk," Spencer said, sighing, gesturing for Carly to walk downstairs.

Obliging, she walked downstairs and sat on the couch in their living room. "What?" she asked him when he joined her.

"Carly, well, remember when you were 7 and you jumped off that swing?" Spencer asked tentatively.

"Yeah..." she said slowly.

"Well, you flew for a split second," he told her shortly.

"Come on Spence, that was the WIND," Carly said laughing.

"Carly, we're magic," Spencer said bluntly.

"What do you MEAN by 'magic' Spencer?" Carly asked, a faint smile on her face.

"As in witches and warlocks," Spencer said shortly.

"Hahaha, very funny Spencer, nice try," Carly says laughing.

"Stay here," Spencer said, running out of the room.

As he ran into his room, he rummaged under his mattress, his fingers closing on a wooden dowel he hadn't touched for ages.

"Carly, this is my wand," he told the girl.

"Prove you can do magic," she told him defiantly.

Spencer closed his eyes and pictured the happiest moment possible. "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" he bellowed.

A silvery ostrich burst from the tip of his wand. It emitted a creepy glow before fading leaving a silver wisp.

Carly looked shocked. "Why are you telling me now?" she asked him suspiciously.

"Because, you have to go to wizarding school," Spencer said.

Without another word he handed her the envolope. As she read, her eyes grew wider and wider. "No, I can't! I canNOT leave Sam and Freddie!" she yelled, throwing the parchment down.

"No problem, they're going with," Spencer said nonchalantly.

"What? How?" Carly asked incredulously.

"Sit down kiddo, it's a long story," Spencer sighed.

Carly sat down, an unsure expression etched on her face. "Ok, around the time I was at Hogwarts- the school you're going to be attending- there was a boy named Harry Potter."

Carly nearly burst into laughter at the name. "It's not funny," Spencer said, slightly affronted. "Anyways, there was a dark, evil wizard on the loose, and on the run. His name was Lord Voldemort. He had one ultimatum. Killing Harry. One October, when Harry was 1, Voldemort tried to kill Harry. His mother sacrificed herself for him, pleading Voldemort, but it was no use. However, when the Dark Lord turned his wand on Harry, he tried to do away with the boy. But it was no good. The power of love destroyed the infamous wizard. So, one night, I was in my 6th year, Lord Voldemort attacked the school, he had returned. Harry was searching for something no one was sure of. His best friends; Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger. Harry ended up sacrificing himself."

Carly gasped. "But it wasn't for the bad side. Harry was protected by his mom's love. When he died for the rest of the people fighting, he gave them the same protection. He came back, surprisingly and fought. And he won. He lived his life, and he has children, a bit younger than yourself. However, you are distantly related to him."


"He is your, uncle and Freddie's cousin twice removed," Spencer replied.

Carly gaped at her brother. "So now Freddie CAN'T have a crush on me!" she cried joyously.

Spencer grinned. "Freddie must have gotten his letter today as well," he said as an afterthought.

"What about Sam?" Carly inquired.

"She is distantly related the the Malfoy's, who were previous Death Eaters, well, Lord Voldemort followers."

At the look of shock on his sister's face, he was quick to add, "But they're not anymore, he is dead, gone, vamoose."

"Does she have her letter yet?" Carly asked.

"Most likely."

Carly sunk to the couch. "This going to take some getting used to," she muttered.

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