A/N: MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR APOLOGIES! I do realize it has been over a YEAR since I've updated this! I am sincerely sorry, but life kept getting in the way! Please, enjoy this extra long chapter of iHogwarts. I know I've skipped over a few months but I'll try to fill in the plot gaps

iChristmas Part I

Carly, Freddie and Sam quickly became adjusted to Hogwarts, and spent the next months focusing on school work and social interaction. Surprisingly, Sam was doing exceptionally well in all her classes and only received detention a total of eight times, mainly for missing assignments. Carly, however, was thriving well, making new ones and still keeping her old. Freddie was faring quite well, but kept to himself a bit more than he used to. It was unlike him, however, to neglect his friends. Sam noticed a few weeks into October that the tech geek started to drift off. Brushing it off as nothing, she continued her life.

Before they knew it, it was Christmas.

Seeing as going ALL the way to America for Christmas holidays would be rather difficult, as some of the old friends they had left behind would have many questions, the clan was welcomed into the Potter household with warmth and grace. However, Sam was invited to spend the hols with her 'father.' She eliminated an obvious dilemma by splitting her break. One week with Draco, and the with her friends. Freddie was reluctant to go to the Potter's, but after a few days, caved. The three were all extremely excited, especially Carly. She missed her old friends like crazy and couldn't wait to spend an entire week together, just like old times.

Or so she thought.

The train ride that took them back to King's Cross was painfully awkward as Carly sat across from Sam and Freddie. It wasn't in the beginning, as Sam and Carly spent much time chit chatting and gossiping lightly. However, after an hour, it got quiet, and Freddie had hardly said a single word. "Freddie," Carly said in her sickly sweet voice.

Freddie lifted his head. His brown hair grew out unruly. Peering at her from beneath her fringe, his eyes were questioning. She took this as a sign to continue. Clearing her throat, she asked him a question that's been on ALL of their minds. "Freddie...are you alright?"

He cracked a tiny smile, " 'm fine Carls, don't worry," he said, sitting up to prove his point.

Carly looked at him suspiciously, but he kept his chin high. "Okay..." she said, believing him at last.

During that time, Sam slouched down and started playing with the hem of her t-shirt. Carly, resigned, chose to look out the window.

The ride was spent in absolute silence. Sam remained in her daydream trance, and Freddie remained broody and mysterious. Carly just didn't know why everything had changed.

They arrived at King's Cross precisely on time. They met Harry in a secluded corner where no one could tell. Each gave Harry a half-hearted smile. He took it without question, and they all held hands before Harry turned on the spot.

The group appeared in front of a decently sized building. Harry led them through the front door, revealing a normal, modern styled house. "Ginny," he called loudly.

Within seconds, a woman with red hair appeared in the front hall. She smiled at the sight of the three teens. "Hello!" she exclaimed, ushering them into the spacious front room.

Standing awkwardly, Sam, Carly, and Freddie watched interestedly as a small enchanted butterfly fluttered around them. Lily, who they just noticed, piped up. "Her name is Charlotte."

Sam smiled, surprising the other two. "How old is she?" she asked.

Lily beamed. "Three years," she answered proudly.

Freddie was astonished. This was the girl who has been giving him wedgies for the past nine years? He shook his head, amazed at the sudden change. Suddenly, a throat was cleared, causing the three of them to look up. Harry stoop before them, a grin plastered across his face. "Guys, we're spending Christmas at the Weasley's," he announced happily.

Lily shrieked with joy, and Sam and Carly tried to smile. Freddie kept his indifferent face.

Sam noticed Freddie, of course. She wondered why on earth he was becoming so melancholic. Unlike Carly, she saw Freddie daily, and noticed the gradual change. She didn't know how to react, of course, so she chose to ignore it until the most urgent moment possible.

Which turned out to be when Carly went to take a bathroom break.

Freddie slouched lower into the couch cushions, looking despondent. Sam warily approached him, sitting by his side. "Freddork..uhm...are you okay?" she asked hesitantly.

He glared at her, astonishing her as well. "Why would you care?" he snarled.

Sam rolled her eyes, biting her lip. Sighing, she said "Because I care about you."

Freddie looked shocked and slightly angry. "Oh sure, after a good five or six years of abuse, you FINALLY care?" he asked, smiling in a sadistic manner.

Sam was actually frightened at this point. Freddie had never been so uncouth and... expression-able before. She slid away slightly before starting her next attempt to crack her friend. "Look, Fredwa-Freddie, I KNOW there's something up, and I KNOW there's something wrong, so unless you want me to talk to Carly about it...you better spill," she threatened lightly, but in all seriousness.

Freddie's scowl got darker. "Sam, it's not even any of your business, so I wouldn't worry. Just keep flirting with Potter and you'll forget about me in no time," he said, gritting his teeth together.

Sam stared at him, mouth agape. "You think I like Albus?" she asked incredulously.

Freddie didn't reply but merely turned his glare elsewhere. The two sat in silence for a good twenty minutes before the entire Potter clan clambered into the front room. Harry, taking the lead, scooped up some Floo powder and stepped into the fireplace. "Weasley Residence," he said clearly, before dispersing in a green flame.

Everyone followed suit, even Lily, clinging to Ginny's cloak. Freddie was the last one in, and with one last dark look, he was headed in the same direction as everyone else.

Falling sloppily onto the Weasley carpet, he noticed everyone else already joining in the festive. Sam donned a pair of reindeer ears and Carly had a Santa hat. Grudgingly, Freddie took the elf hat from Hugo Weasley and placed it on his head. Freddie never hated Christmas before, but this time was different.

He didn't even know why he changed so suddenly. Was it the nightmares he suffered? or the haunting voices echoing of his mother's disappointment. He was clueless.

Carly was a bit worried. She was scared being in a different house than her friends would make them grow apart, and only part of her suspicions were confirmed. Sam was happier than ever, and actually managed not to get a detention yet. She knew her friend was merely plotting, but she couldn't help but laugh. It wasn't Sam unless something blew up.

Freddie, however, was the worry. Distant and withdrawn, he had hardly spoke four sentences to her.

Four whole sentences at least.

As Carly glanced at him from the corner, she continued her animated conversation with Teddy Lupin, vowing to get to the bottom of Freddie's problem before the end of break.