We Fit Together(title pending, if you come up with a better one, please let me know!)

Disclaimer: I don't own the Wheel of Time or the characters in it. Robert Jordan does. And Randi is a character of my own creation. I own the rights to her, but practically nothing else in this story. The plot's all mine, though!

Notes: This is another weird little WoT idea that popped into my head as I was reading The Shadow Rising. Some of the characters may be a bit OOC, or some of their traits may be over exaggerated. Just read it and see.

She was sleeping peacefully, an uncommon thing for her. Randi rolled over in her sleep, the covers bunching and twisting around her legs. Her shoulder length red hair was mussed from her constant tossing and turning, she was an active sleeper. Her arm was folded under her feather pillow, elevating her head to a comfortable height.

In another world and a different time line entirely, he was sleeping in a similar manner. Only his red hair showing above the thick coverlet that lay on top of his body.

Unbeknownst to either of them, they were twin souls, bound by the Pattern. The Wheel of Time spun on, causing the Pattern to weave ever more strands between the two. As the threads thickened, their destinies were about to collide.

A final thread was woven between them and a strange light engulfed the twin souls.

Rand moved in his state of slumber, his position the mirror image of hers. A violent shift in the Pattern made Randi disappear from her bed in a flash. The rest of the night went on as though nothing had ever happened.