"One of those marks you have should get you whatever you want," Perrin told her.


The tailor was a short man with glasses, his hair was disheveled as though he were constantly running his fingers through it.

He looked Randi and the others over. "How may I help you today?"

"I'm looking for a good cloak," Randi began. "One that will keep out the weather."

He nodded and motioned for her to follow him. "I have just the thing." He pulled a deep crimson cloak from a shelf and handed it to her. "The perfect mix, miss. It can keep you warm or cool, and it keeps the rain off."

Randi smiled sweetly. "Do you have it in black?"

He beamed in return. "Of course, miss." He pulled a black duplicate from the shelf and replaced the crimson one.

"Mind if I try it on?" she asked.

"Be my guest, miss."

Randi unfolded the cloak and pulled it around herself, letting the material settle on her shoulders. She drew up the hood and looked at her reflection. She grinned. "It's very me."

She threw the hood back and turned to the man once more. "Would you happen to have any gloves to go with this marvelous cloak, good sir?"

The tailor grinned. "Right this way, miss." He led her to a pile of leather gloves of all sizes, lengths, and colors.

She smirked as she sifted through the selection. "I think I've died and gone to Heaven." She smiled as she picked up a pair of black gloves that would go past her elbows. She pulled them on and flexed her fingers experimentally, hearing the leather creak as she did so. "Perfect fit." The tailor smiled widely as she said this.

She took them off and found another pair that would only come to her wrists. She held on to them and looked back to the tailor again. "What other things do you have here, good sir?"

He led her on a tour of the store and she finally had all she needed an hour later. Well, almost all. Randi now had four pairs of pants, three of which were black tanned cowhide. Seven shirts were added to her wardrobe, all but one of them black, and five of them leather. She decided to get the crimson cloak, as well. She added a haversack to her purchases to put everything in.

"Now," she said, "all I need is a good pair of boots..."

"I have the perfect thing for you, miss. We just got a delivery from the cobbler, yesterday."

Looking through the variety of boots, she decided on two pairs: one of them black and the other tanned.

"Will that be all, miss?"

She grinned. "Absolutely. How much is that going to be?"

He named a price and she took two of the gold marks from her wallet. His eyes widened and she smiled as he gave her an extremely large amount of change. Looking about, she grabbed a small purse and dropped it on top of the pile and paying for it. Randi placed nearly all of the remaining money into the purse and put a regular gold coin in front of him. She winked and said, "Consider that your payment for being so helpful.

The tailor bowed his head. "Thank you very much, miss."

She smiled, "Thank you, sir." She put all of her purchases into the haversack, save one. She now wore her black cloak, hoping to avoid unwanted attention.

The trio she was traveling with was stunned. "Where did you learn to heckle like that?"

"Heckle? I was simply being charming." Randi grinned.

"All that money and she didn't even buy a single dress." Mat shook his head sadly.

"Oh, that's right. People in this time thought that ankles were sexy, didn't they?" Randi smirked. "I think you'll find my new ensemble more... alluring than any dress. And besides, isn't it easier for me to hide when I'm dressed as a man? There's not many women around who are this tall."

Perrin nodded. "Good point. But the clothes you're wearing now are still uncommon."

Randi sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "I plan on changing as soon as we get back to the inn."

When they did arrive back at the inn, Randi changed into her "men's clothing." She smirked as she looked herself over in the mirror. There wasn't much that was masculine about what she was wearing. She wore the wrist length gloves, to go with the whole outfit.

She put her normal clothes in the bottom of her pack, along with the purse of smaller coins. She wore the black cloak over everything and emerged from Rand's room, smiling at the slight color in the top of her companions' cheeks. "Not bad, eh?"

They were silent and went off to gather their belongings. The quartet went out to the stables. Rand looked over to her and asked, "Do you know how to ride?" It was hard for her to keep a straight face, but she nodded.

"It might not be wise for her to flash any more money around here. Buying another horse takes a lot of it, and we don't want to get robbed." Mat interjected.

"I suppose you're right," Rand said.

The three young men mounted their horses and Rand held his hand out to her. They grasped each other's forearms and he pulled her up into the saddle behind him. The horses took off at a brisk canter, soon leaving the city behind and entering the peace and serenity of the country.

It was sometime around noon when they finally stopped, allowing the horses to rest. The quartet took the opportunity to relax in the shade of the trees.

The Dragon Reborns sat together under an oak tree, idly chatting about nothing in particular. Mat dragged Perrin out of earshot of the other two.

"What are you doing?" the yellow eyed youth asked.

"What do you make of those two?" Mat pointed at the smiling pair sitting in the shade.

"What do you mean?" Perrin felt like there was something he wasn't seeing that he should have been.

"There's something more to this than both of them being the Dragon Reborn. Look at them!" Randi and Rand were laughing at something they were discussing. "Rand hasn't been this happy in ages!"

Perrin raised an eyebrow. "Is it wrong for him to laugh once in awhile? The man has a lot on his mind, Mat. If she makes him smile, then we should be glad that he's not as depressed anymore, right?"

Mat sighed and reluctantly agreed. He glanced in the direction of the oak tree and blinked. "Where did they go?"