Disclaimer: I do not own iCarly, just my ideas. Also, in the idea post, I named Sam and Melanie's mom Sarah, but since then iCarly revealed the mom. From this point on she will have the correct name of Pam Puckett and the personality described on the Wikia (like an adult Sam, bad at planning).

Sisterly Love: The Puckett Files

Hello reader, you are about to explore a 10-part biography of the mysterious Puckett sisters. We know Samantha due to her involvement with the iCarly podcast series. Her twin sister Melanie, however, is much more mysterious, as is their relationship with each other. How can two people look so much alike and be so completely different? Why are they barely ever seen together? Did they enjoy each other's company when the were growing up? Knowing the trouble that Samantha gets into and gets her friends into, what kind of hijinks did they get into together? You are about to dive into 10 childhood memories from the sisters themselves.

P.S. The interviews are very candid, and accurately portray the conversations that were had before creating this biography. I will remain anonymous throughout the biography series so that you can read the information objectively.

"So, Samantha…." The author began

"That's where I stop you, my name is Sam!" Sam stated angrily

"Well technically your birth name is Samantha." Melanie pointed out with a smirk

"Well technically your birth name is GO AWAY!" Sam seethed

"Ladies, ladies…we're here to talk about your favorite memories. Sam, why don't you go first." The author placated

"Well I guess there was that time that mom let that jerk guy put us in matching outfits…she learned not to make that mistake twice." Sam laughed

"We also learned about our family." Melanie added

"It started one entirely too sunny morning when we were 10." Sam began


"Good morning my little loves!" Pam stated sweetly walking into the room the twins shared

"Morning mommy!" Melanie answered sweetly

"Who are you? Where's our mom?" Sam jumped up and directed a finger at Pam

"Why I'm your mom, sugarplum." Pam continued giving Sam a tap on the nose

"Sam, mom's just in a good mood because her new boyfriend took her out." Melanie stated simply

"New boyfriend making mom sweet? That seems a little too good to be true." Sam rolled her eyes

"As Melanie so kindly stated, my new boyfriend Rob, took me out yesterday and we had a great time!" Pam explained smiling at the memory

"So why are you calling us loves and sugarplums? No boyfriend has made you do that before." Sam asked curiously

"Well, I wanted to make a good impression on Rob, so I may have embellished our close relationship." Pam explained sheepishly

"How close?" Sam asked hesitantly

"I may have told him that you two are sugary sweet identical twins and I'm the ringleader of this candy corral." Pam continued

"What does that even mean?" Sam asked turning to Melanie

"It means that if this Rob ever comes over, we need to be perfect little angels." Melanie answered

"Again, my smart girl states the truth. I am a loving, devoted, single mom with two identical twin angels who adore me and each other! No big deal!" Pam nervously explained as there was a knock at the door

"Who could that be this early?" Melanie asked

"I'll find out, you two stay here." Pam stated seriously before heading to answer the door

"Hello Pamela, my sweet!" a tall man stated with a peck on the cheek and a pair of dresses in his hand.

"Oh, Rob…darling what are you doing here…at this hour? We were supposed to meet this afternoon." Pam questioned

Once the girls heard their mother's flirty voice, they tip-toed over to the hallway to get a peek at the guy who had their mother smitten.

"After you left, I got to thinking and I'm so sorry." Rob began

"Wh..why are you sorry?" Pam stuttered

Rob put the dresses down and took her hands in his.

"I'm so sorry for not appreciating all of you. A huge part of your life is raising those little angels and here I was taking you away without giving them a chance to be involved. I wanted to meet the two biggest parts of your life and invite them to join us for lunch. I know money must be tight being a single mom, so I bought them Spring dresses to wear." Rob explained dropping her hands and showing her the dresses

Pam took the identical white with red polka dotted dresses and thought about how she would talk her way out of this situation. Sam would never wear this dress unless something was in it for her. Pam thought quickly.

"Rob, darling, for lunch could we go somewhere that they have ham? Samantha very much enjoys ham." Pam asked sweetly

"But of course, my dear, and what does Melanie like?" Rob asked thoughtfully

"Samantha is a bit of a picky eater; Melanie is more easygoing when it comes to food. She will find something to eat no matter where we go." Pam explained

"I guess that's how it goes with twins." Rob laughed

"So, I'll go get the girls ready and we'll meet you in 3 hours?" Pam asked hopefully

"Of course, my sweet. Go enjoy the morning with your girls. I'm sorry for interrupting and I can't wait until this afternoon." Rob explained before giving her a kiss on the cheek and leaving the apartment

Pam headed for the twins' room and held out the dresses, bracing for outrage from her strong-willed daughter.

"Nope…nope…nope…not happening…I am NOT wearing that polka dotted pile of puke!" Sam shouted

"I got this mom." Melanie stated looking right at Pam

"Come on Sam, this is for mom! This will make her happy. Mom happy is always good news for us." Melanie urged her sister

"Ugh…fine...stop nagging." Sam rolled her eyes grabbing a dress and stomping over to the bathroom

Pam and Melanie shared a look at Sam's antics and started to get ready themselves. 3 Hours later the three Pucketts made their way to the area where the restaurant Rob had told them about was.

"Mom, mom, mom, can we please go into the movie store? Please, please, please?" Sam begged after spotting the store two doors away from the restaurant

"Why not, we have a bit of time." Pam agreed

"Thanks mom! Love you!" Sam stated and ran into the store

"Melanie, please go keep track of your sister. I don't want any mishaps before lunch. And tell her she has 10 minutes, only!" Pam explained

"No problem, mommy." Melanie answered sweetly before skipping off into the store

Pam stayed outside getting herself ready for Rob to show up and the girls to return. Inside the store, Melanie caught up with Sam who was watching a violent movie trailer.

"Must you like fighting movies?" Melanie asked while crossing her arms

"Must you be such a goodie goodie?" Sam countered while crossing her own arms

The pair glared at each other when something behind Melanie caught Sam's eye.

"Don't look now, but doesn't that guy kinda look like Rob?" Sam asked cautiously

Melanie turned carefully to peek, "Yeah, it does look like him. Who's that he's with?" she asked

Rob had his arms around a young redhead who was smiling at the attention.

"Is he cheating on mom? Already?" Sam asked angrily

"Let's keep an open mind, he's been nothing but nice to mom, and thoughtful with us. Maybe that's his daughter or niece?" Melanie tried to explain

"Let's get closer to see if we can find out for sure." Sam suggested

The pair sneakily moved towards the horror movie section the couple was looking at. From their hiding spot they could overhear the adults talking.

"Come on dear, let's find a movie to watch later tonight after your meeting." The redhead asked pulling Rob further into the row

"Why do you want to find a horror movie anyway?" Rob asked nervously looking around

"Because, silly, if I get scared, you can snuggle me really close and protect me, so I'm not scared." The redhead explained before giving him a peck on the lips

"Fine, pick one. But not too scary please. And quickly, I'm going to be late." Rob spoke as he checked his watch and looked around again

"What about this one?" the redhead asked excitedly picking up a movie about evil twins

"No way! Never again am I watching a scary movie with twins in it. Nothing good ever comes from evil twins! It's like they look into your soul…they separate and pop up out of nowhere right when you think you are comfortable. They say things at the same time and do creepy things together like sharing secret messages. Way too creepy." Rob explained shaking out shivers at the thought

The redhead went to put her arm on his shoulder, and he jumped aside.

"Are you alright honey? You seem a bit jumpy." She asked this time placing her arm on his shoulder carefully

"I'm…I'm fine." Rob spoke before looking at his watch

"Oh my oh my oh my, I'm late for lunch with that family I was telling you about." Rob stammered

"The poor lady with the children?" the redhead asked

"Yes, the mother is a poor thing with terrible hygiene and abandonment issues. Those girls seem like a bother too. The apartment was trashed when I showed up! Those poor girls must not help." Rob explained

"Why do you need to get cozy and be so nice to them? Can't you just be a nice lawyer or something instead?" the redhead asked curiously

"Matilda, darling, you know how this works. She will never reveal the treasure location without being comfortable with me. She needs to believe that our relationship is worth the risk. But you know you are my one true love." Rob explained ending with taking Matilda's head in his hands and placing a sweet kiss to her lips

"I know honey bear, I know. I trust you. You better get going before she worries." Matilda answered pushing him towards the door

The girls looked at each other with disbelief. Melanie wanted to run straight to Pam and tell her, but Sam wouldn't have it.

"Mom will never believe us, Mel, we're just kids. We we're just surprised with this guy and these dresses. You know how she is, without solid proof, she'll just think we're trying to get attention." Sam explained

"You're probably right, so what do we do?" Melanie asked quietly

"Simple my dear sister, we get revenge!" Sam smiled an evil smile

"You really need to stop watching those violent and scary movies." Melanie admonished

"Eh…I'm fine." Sam brushed off the statement. "I have an idea…follow my lead!" she stated excitedly

The girls quietly made their way to the front of the store where Pam was waiting but stayed off to the side. They watched as Rob walked over and greeted Pam with a kiss on the cheek. Sam mouthed for Melanie to follow her lead.

"Hello Pamela, my sweet! I hope you haven't been waiting long. The meeting I was in before this ran a little long, apologies." Rob explained

"Not at all, the girls found ways to keep busy. Speaking of which, where are they? Girls?" Pam asked looking around

"Yes mom!" Sam stated sweetly suddenly appearing on one side of Rob causing him to jump

"Here I am!" Melanie stated also sweetly suddenly appearing on the other side of Rob causing him to jump again

"Are you alright? You're awfully jumpy today." Pam asked with her eyebrow raised

"Ju…just…a…a…long day. Let's get inside, shall we? Rob stammered leading Pam to a secluded table

"Hello Samantha, Melanie. Tell me how are you doing this afternoon? Is mom taking good care of you?" Rob asked cheekily smirking at Pam who just blushed back

"Pretty good so far. Mom takes very good care of us." Both girls answered at once wiping the smirk away

"Do they always do that?" Rob asked nervously

"Occasionally, I'm told it's a twin thing." Pam answered smiling at Rob

"Oookay, so Pam, tell me more about your life? Has Puckett always been your name?" Rob asked curiously

"Well actually, it used to be…" Pam started before being interrupted

"Mom, could you please pass the salt." Sam asked as if she was in a daze

Sam poured some salt on the table between her and Melanie and started running her finger through the pile, making lines. She gave Melanie a look and she did the same. When Rob noticed what was going on, his eyes bugged out and he started coughing.

"Here, let us get you some water." Both girls stopped playing with the salt and each handed him a glass

"I…I…I…excuse me, I have to go to the men's room." Rob stated before dashing away from the table

"What is going on girls? You're acting weirder than normal." Pam asked, looking between her two daughters suspiciously

"Nothing much mother, just acting like perfect, identical twins to show Rob what we're like." Melanie surprisingly answered

"He seems to be off this afternoon, did you notice anything?" Pam asked shyly

"Not really, but we could wait for him by the bathrooms and escort him back, try to figure out what's going on?" Sam offered sneakily

"Oh, would you? Thank you loves." Pam genuinely smiled at each of her daughters before sending them off in the direction Rob went

The girls got to the bathroom area and stood one on each side of the doorway. Rob walked out feeling much better after splashing water on his face. "Two little girls can't rattle me and derail my mission. Ask about the treasure, no matter what weird things those girls do." He said to himself while he was walking out of the bathroom but was overheard by the girls.

"Hello, Rob." Melanie stated sweetly locking arms with him on one side

"Hello, Rob." Sam stated also sweetly, doing the same on the other side

"Ah! I..I…I mean hello girls. What are you doing over here?" Rob asked once his heart rate returned

"Our mother is wondering why you seem off." Melanie began

"It could be because you're nervous." Sam stated

"But why would you be nervous? We're just little girls." Melanie continued

"Maybe it's this mission that we might derail?" Sam asked

"I don't know, have we been to creepy for you, Rob?" Melanie teased

"Maybe it's because we're evil twins!" Sam explained

"E…ev…evil twins? That's not real." Rob stammered

"Are you sure? Keep trying to steal our treasure and find out for yourself." Sam whispered in his ear since they had just gotten back to the table

"How goes it people?" Pam asked oblivious to the tension around the table

"It's going wonderfully, mom, Rob was just telling us what his plans were for this mission he's on." Sam smiled a big smile as she looked at the now sweating man

"Rob, darling, what are they talking about?" Pam asked with caution

"How am I supposed to know what your creepy, little girl dolls are talking about! They barely make sense!" Rob exclaimed curling himself into a ball

"Girls, what is he talking about? Rob, what are they talking about? Someone tell me what is going on here!" Pam exclaimed getting angry

"I think I can explain." Matilda suddenly appeared at the table looking sullen and sad

"And just who are you?" Pam demanded with her hands on her hips

"I am Matilda, Rob's wife." Matilda began

"WIFE!?" Pam, Melanie, and Sam screeched

"Yes, Rob is my husband and he is deathly scared of evil twins taking over the world, we saw a horror movie the other day." Matilda explained

"How can you be his wife when he is my boyfriend?" Pam questioned

"He is not your boyfriend; he never was; he was trying to get close to you and your creepy twins to learn the whereabouts of the treasure." Matilda explained

"What treasure?" Pam asked

"Have you been holding out on us?" Sam asked giving her mom a look of betrayal

"The treasure left to you by Sir Cadogan, the knight." Matilda continued

"Who's that?" Sam asked confused

"Mom, what is she talking about?" Melanie asked also confused

"Your great-grandfather was Sir Cadogan, a knight for the royal guard in Italy. When he knew he was getting old, he turned over his properties and plans to his son, who handed it his son, who will someday hand it to you two to split." Pam explained

"Whoa, are we rich?" Sam asked

"No. The story didn't end well." Pam continued

"What do you mean?" Matilda asked with everyone listening in

"Well…you see…what had happened was…it disappeared." Pam stalled stating the fact that would get a big reaction

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DISAPPEARED!?" Matilda and Rob shouted at the same time

"I mean it disappeared, the properties and plans are not in my control. They haven't been for a very long time. Thanks a lot for making me relive that terrible memory. So, if that was all this was about, then we are leaving." Pam explained standing up

"Sam, dear, take all the ham you want, these lovely people will pay for it as an apology for all the trouble they put us through. Melanie, take whatever looks good to you sweetheart. Meet me in the car in 5 minutes." Pam directed as she stormed off, her eyes welling up with tears

"What were you guys gonna do if she had them? Steal the plans? You two are despicable!" Melanie stated angrily stomping her foot and walking away

"Go away, evil twins! We have no use for you anymore." Rob stated turning to Matilda for comfort

"Just leave us be, he has been tracking your family for years trying to get to the bottom of the mysterious treasure. This is all very disappointing." Matilda explained shaking her head

"Some mysterious treasure matters more than our mother. Then our family? You guys really are despicable!" Sam exclaimed taking off after her sister

"Melanie, hang on! Wanna get back at them for mom?" Sam asked mischievously

"I'm listening…" Melanie stated leaning in to hear Sam's plan

The pair rushed up to the restaurant manager out of breath.

"What's wrong ladies? Where is your adult?" the manager asked

"Our mom got away thankfully, but the adults who brought us here are at table 10 over there. The redhead tried to kidnap us using the older man to distract our mom. Thankfully we were able to distract them and sneak away. Can you please make sure they don't follow us out?" Sam and Melanie took turns explaining with scared and worried looks on their faces

"Oh, kidnapping and coercion are not allowed at my establishment. Could you go get your mom and bring her back in here? I'm sure she'll want to see justice get served to those despicable people." The manager explained

"She's very upset, but we can make sure to tell her with good detail!" Melanie stated smiling sweetly

The manager marched over to the table and started talking with a booming voice.

"You sir and madam are not welcome here any longer. Coercion? Kidnapping? These poor little girls are just scared! You will pay for these little ladies' lunches and their mother if she can manage to come back in here. And then you will leave the premises never to return. And if you give any trouble, I will be calling the police and having them put a restraining order on you both! Understand?" The manager explained seriously

Rob and Matilda were in shock and confused. All they could do was nod and take out their credit card to pay for the food.

"We'll take our food to go, so we don't keep our mom waiting anymore. She is probably worried sick it took us this long to leave, but we had to tell someone." Sam stated looking up at the manager with puppy dog eyes

As the girls walked out with their free lunches, they smiled at each other. Then Melanie had a thought.

"Wait, mom said the properties and plans disappeared, right? And it was handed down to a son. Dad has them! Maybe we can track him down?" Melanie figured out

"He did say he would come back someday. Maybe that's when we'll get it. I don't feel like tracking anything else today. Let's go home and eat!" Sam exclaimed

Pam caught up with the girls after hearing what they did for her. "I am never putting them in matching outfits again, too creepy." Pam said out loud to herself

End Flashback

"Well…. that was quite the story Sam. Why is that one of your favorite memories?" the author asked

"Because we got to get bad people in trouble, we got free food…" Sam started to explain

"What about Melanie? This is supposed to be memories about you two growing up together." The author urged

"Oh alright, I guess I liked how well we worked together to protect mom." Sam explained

"Aw, Sammy, that was too sweet!" Melanie gushed and threw her arms around her

"Whoa whoa there sister, just cuz I liked working together doesn't mean I want you all over me." Sam clarified pushing Melanie's arms off

"Sorry, lost control of myself for a moment there. These interviews are going to get emotional, huh?" Melanie asked the author

"That's the plan!" The author exclaimed "Hope you're thinking of one because it's your turn next week, Melanie."