Spock, as all those around him knew, was nothing, if not a man of logic. So, none of Spock's crewmates were surprised as they, one-by-one, discovered his unspoken feelings for their captain, James T. Kirk. After all, Kirk was a well-desired man; attractive, intelligent, charming, witty, courageous, outgoing, and a full-fledged hero. To love James Kirk was… logical.

"Why do you suppose Spock doesn't tell the captain how he feels?" Sulu leaned over his station in order to talk to his friend. "Perhaps he ees just too shy to say anything," Chekov said, leaning over as well. "That's no excuse," Sulu replied. "If I liked someone I'd go straight up and tell them right to their face." Chekov rolled his eyes. "Sure you vould, Hikaru." Sulu jerked his head up to look at the navigator. "What's that supposed to mean, Pavol?" Sulu questioned, just a little louder than he intended.

"Lt. Sulu, Ensign Chekov. If you two are quite finished, you both have jobs to do." Mr. Spock suddenly appeared behind the pair as they blush from being caught. "Yes, Mr. Spock," said Sulu. "Sorry, sir," said Chekov.

The hearty laughter of Captain Kirk could soon be heard throughout the bridge. "There's no need to embarrass the poor guys, Spock. I'm sure with brains like theirs they are perfectly capable of multitasking. There's nothing wrong with a little gossip now and then. Although, next time you two should try and keep it to your own station. What were you guys going on about anyway?"

Chekov and Sulu exchanged glances before looking over at Spock. If looks could kill, the two yellow-shirted officers would most certainly be dead; apparently, he had heard everything. Sulu tried to explain. "Well sir," he started. "We uhh…" Chekov came to the rescue, "Ve vere just discussing Lt. Uhura and Meester Scott! Ve had heard zat zey had started a romantic relationship!" "Sulu mental thanked god for Chekov's quick thinking. If such things weren't so illogical, Spock would have done the same.

"Scotty and Uhura, no way!" Jim bought the lie with no problem. "Uhura, is that true? You're with Scotty? Man, you sure got over Spock pretty fast, didn't you. He not satisfying enough?" Uhura and Spock simultaneously flushed; Spock's was unnoticeable, of course. "That is none of your business, Captain!"

Once again, the bridge rung with the sound of Jim's laughter. "If that's not an admission, I don't know what is."

"Captain, I request that you cease your attempts to pry into the personal lives of those under your command." Worried that Jim's attention might soon shift onto him, Spock decided that it was time to put an end to all of the frivolous conversation.

Jim's smile faltered for a second as he looked back over to his first officer. "Of course, Mr. Spock," he said, as his radiating grin reappeared. "Anything for you."

Spock could hardly contain his blush. His emotions displayed themselves for all on the bridge to see. Jim was the only one that seemed to be blind.